How did Adam and Eve become muslim?

Muslims say that even Adam and eve was following Islam thus making Islam oldest religion.
My question is eve has never worn purdha, instead she was naked. So how will they become muslims?

Sanjay Chen
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Adem and Eve had Light as Cover that make ,, Impossible " to be seen their Sexual organs ... This was Heaven Cover ....

And this was for sometime .
And they lived in heaven, they eat and drink untill they make ,, first sin" .
Then they losed that Light and Adem run fast to find Blades and to cover His Body..
Directly He tryed to Cover His Body ..
Then Allah asked Him :,, Ja Adem. You run from Me ??
Adem: I feel shame ...

Just think He was just with His women and when He losed THE Light He run to cover His Body.
This was His Moral
This was His religion

That religion was Islam...

Memi Bravo

Pictures or it never happened ...

Dimitris Pruitt 3 years

But look Nomuslims today how they live ???

Just look !!

They went outside Naked without any Moral
Then they Drive Naked
And in their Bicycle are Naked
Then they make Beach to go out Naked
And then they Film Porn Movie Naked !!!

How far they went..
They losed Everything from Moral..

Adem was Muslim and He had moral and Religion

Nomuslims was No Moral and No religion ...
And they think They are Belivers !!!!!

Memi Bravo

You poor silly Bastard..... I bet you were taught this Crap from Birth, so sad.....

Jody Turner 3 years

Adam and eve were naked. Isnt it? Atleast they are better than muzzies


Khamkhah Tipton 3 years

Please stay away from the western world, it must be too much for you. I'm sorry we are so barbarian. I'm going to go home and beat my wife and put some bedsheets on her. Will that make you happy?

Austen Tilley 3 years

I bet that memi have never been outside his shithole of a Muslim country

Jim Ogden 3 years

Jim Ogden I lived in Europe for 30 years.. I study my high school as one of the Best But not running after Bitches, alcool or drogs. Not even cheating someone in this world .. I lived my life trying to help someone a d not just foe my self.. But i can't save the world. .. There is not to save so much Today...

Memi Bravo 3 years

There was no allah & never will

DrArpit Todd

Allah was delusion of sexually diseased person..

DrArpit Todd

And Adam was never circumcised. Oh may be rub his glans on stones. Never read it

Khamkhah Tipton


Natan Huynh

Free spirit muslims..

Mike Gould

Also adam listened to eve. And ate apple
.muslim men never do that.. Listen to women. Haa

Mike Gould

They covered himself in heaven's and first Adam and Eve was husband wife. Second they were just like a baby is born naked then they cover himself with cloths nobody is born with cloths. Allah teach him how to cover your self

Hazrat Drake

Its a jewish story.. Not muslim..

Mike Gould 3 years

Oh really I think you believe that and it's enough to accept

Hazrat Drake 3 years

It came from torah dummy.. Torah is jewish book.. Haa

Mike Gould 3 years

Muslims wrote nothing intil muhammed.. They were late.. Last actually.

Mike Gould 3 years

I know that

Mike Gould 3 years
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Was Lilith, Adam's first wife also naked ?

Soi Norris

Muslims are insane

Blackie Alfaro

Even hindu god krishna watch girls bathing naked

Michael Bowen

Bible says that you should be naked while reaching god. Understand it in proper sense

Sanjay Chen 3 years

michael. You do not know the real facts. king Kans was the enemy of Lord Krishna so his soldiers always there in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna was living with his parents. Some young ladies used to bath naked in Yamuna river early in the morning in darkness. Lord Krishna warned them as they can be abducted by those soldiers if they go to river early in the morning. Lord Krishna did so to give them a lesson to secure their safety. Second he was 10 years old at that time and he does not see them naked. He just stole their clothes which he return after their promise to not repeat the mistake. Read something before commenting.

Neeraj Funk 3 years

Krishna was sexy he took loors of wife...... He was also just a warrior and nothing more than that

Michael Bowen 3 years

Michael Bowen. You are stupid. I will Insert hot iron rod in your asshole if you are in front of me.

Neeraj Funk 3 years

And i will stay quite at that time?... Hahah i will make you to eat beef.. You fool

Michael Bowen 3 years
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Adam n Eve story is just a myth

Thang Crowell

They were naked before they ate from the tree
Then they discovered their lower self
They were operating as angelic beings
They had no shame guilt jealousy or bad thoughts
As soon as they ate from the tree, they discovered these
They began operating as animal beings
They felt shame
This is human being
Low state level animal being
High state level angelic being

This is our potential states

So they only were naked as angelic beings in paradise

Muath Mccarty

"These info were known before Muhammad in a location that had cultural, traveling or business relationship with Arabia, therefore we do not need to use non-human/supernatural sources to explain how Muhammad knew these infos.

Khamkhah Tipton

Lol thats lie

King Holley

How can you say that she was naked????????

Syed Snider

Adam and Eves are fake fairytale.
This story is having millions of loopholes.

Neeraj Funk

Ram and sita was just fairytale ... Krishna use to watch nakek girls taking bath

Michael Bowen

So Adam and his sex slave (in the tradition of Islam ) also had flying carpets as their prime mode of transport! After they sinned, the carpets wouldn't fly anymore - they have been praying for this since then... Ha!

Peter Cole