How can we define religion?

How may we best define Religion??

Hangpu Montano
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Kristian Thacker

Dont get it ya..

Hangpu Montano 3 years

Religion is a way of living your life. It is also a standard, or set of standards, an individual chooses to adopt as guidelines for how they will exist in and interact with the world around them. Some follow a religion as a way of appeasing or carrying on a relationship with a diety, others follow a religion as a way of making themselves feel more fulfilled. Religion does not require a diety, in fact, some follow religion based on their perception of a lack of a diety. Most follow a religion because, in their life experience, they have come to understand that following a particular religion is the right thing to do. In spite of the general desire to do right through religion, there are still those who use religion to subjugate others. Even though some would try to use religion to control or harm others, religion has caused and continues to generate more benefit than harm.

Anthony Schmitz

that's true.. Thank you Bro..

Hangpu Montano 3 years

how do we deal with these religious intolerance, religious exclusivism.. Etc.

Hangpu Montano 3 years

All religions have deities. There is no exceptions about this. Individualization of a God or Gods is the main difference but still a God.

Soi Norris 3 years

I will refer you to atheism as a religion which rejects the existence of a deity. Its foundational philosophy is humanism and it most definitely inspires and guides people to live their lives in a way based on their beliefs.

Anthony Schmitz 3 years

You just want someone to agree with

Kristian Thacker

it´s an augmenting reality game.

Erik Cummings

Islam is not just a Gift...
Bit is something more.

This is THE same as Someone put something in your pocket and He say to you: Don't look what it is now. Why you arrive in your land then open it ..
And Person walking away after some time He think: What He could give me in this handkerchiefs ?
And before He open it He throw it.
And He went att home..
After some time He meet His friend again and He ask Him How are you ?
Then: Did you used that ?
He: I throwed !

His friend: It was a Diamond, Rubin..
You could live very Reach all your Life ...

Then He understand what He losed...

Islam is Diamond, Rubin and Best Gold which can LEAD you from Darkness into THE Light...

Memi Bravo

^^ as I said a game..

Erik Cummings 3 years

Those WHO followed Islam was THE Best Generation in Earth in menkind History... Not a Game...


Memi Bravo 3 years

Religion make you thinking High and not standing in same Place THE Whole Life...


Memi Bravo 3 years

Memi Bravo best gamers do not make best mankind, they just make best gamers

Erik Cummings 3 years

Without Islam People could be in Darkness today too...


Memi Bravo 3 years
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Anything non Islamic that people follow as belief can be termed as religion

Jai Moser

anything islamic that people follow as belief can be termed as religion as well (it´s just one of many )

Erik Cummings 3 years

It can be termed as religion, but more importantly as theocracy that wants to rule the world.

Soi Norris 3 years

Soi Norris have you ever seen a theocracy?

Erik Cummings 3 years

Yes !! Iran is the most known by the US.

Soi Norris 3 years

soi and how does an ayatollah get his authority (by use of an army) so let's break it down, such religious leaders (even the pope) are but main game-moderators and at the same time the perfect excuse to keep a game related army in place which on its turn dominates people into that game (in short it´s a dictatorship where the (so-called ) leader hides behind some game-software written by a man now long death purely for entertainment purposes and to stay in power.

Erik Cummings 3 years

Excuse me


Memi Bravo

Memi Bravo are you atheophobe?

Erik Cummings 3 years

Clean your eyeglases....

Memi Bravo 3 years

Memi Bravo so you are?

Erik Cummings 3 years

Whats mean atheofob ??

Memi Bravo 3 years

Did you take it out from your Ass that Word ??

Memi Bravo 3 years
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Mind control.

Chris Gary


Gabriel Moore


Azhar Salazar

The origin of the word religion is not completely accepted as from one Latin word. Here are the three words I found most commonly tied to its origins. Religare: To bind ( as in bound, or tied to, God ) Re-eligere: To choose again ( as in returning to God ) Religio: To repeatedly read, or study, a text ( as in studying the scripture ) None of these words were used, at the time, with the intention to describe a method of control or subjugation by people of people through dogmatism. That is a more modern description of religion used by those who want to not only reject religion themselves but who want to convince others that they are foolish to 'remain under the mind bending influence of religion'. Good luck with that.

Anthony Schmitz 3 years

Society's accepted mental illness. (Oh, wait!?!! Just accepted? Nah! Many see it as a requirement)

Abhishek Aldrich

Drugs, goat fucker and delusion

Alson Vogt

Ha.. Good joke

Mike Gould

Religion is an opium to man- Karl Marx

Kelvin Butler

Dharam and Religion are different things...!!
Dharam us ur Duty according ur present condition...
For example.. If u r a Student ... Then ur dharam and duty is to.. Study and achive success

Religion is symbolised by ... Ur traditions and customs...
Everyone should follow Dharam ... Not Religion...!!

Likewise ... If u were born Human...

Ur Dharam is to ... Unfollow 10 Bad habits ... Like anger, lies, negative thinking, bad deeds etc...
And... Follow.. Good habits...
Nothings else is needed for Humanity..

And we dont need any... Religion to teach us... How to live life....
Reality is that ... We dont follow any book or scripture... Actully we follow.... People that belong to our caste and traditions... No matter if they are wrong... Or going to wrong path...

Tarsha Couch

the belief in the total submission to GOD

Muhammad Barber

That's called brainwashing dude

Kristian Thacker 3 years

Would like to take the liberty to answer the question by an analogy ....
If banana skin is the 'Religion' , then the pulp/'flesh' of the banana is 'Spirituality' ...

Let us bid more for Spirituality than Religion ..

Amitav Crocker