How can I minimize the progression of rheumatoid arthritis naturally?

Hello every one! I was wondering if I can minimize the progression naturally. I am very afraid of the RA meds because the harmful effects. Thanks!

Alexandra Denny
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I think you can. When I started healing through foods/supplements I had constant pain where there was joint damage. If I stick to my diet, the pain has gone away.

Kristen Boudreaux

What diet specifically helped you.

Shelley Bassett

I followed a strict plant based diet, taken from McDougall, but eliminated all the usual inflammatory foods. Mostly rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruits (no citrus). After a month, I added foods back one at a time. I took a probiotic, magnesium, one a day, vitaminD. As I felt better, I now just take a one a day. What has helped me the most is a green smoothie daily (64 oz a day), and I aim for a gallon of water a day. I can have some meat, where some that I reintroduced made me flare. The simpler the diet, let my gut issues heal.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Thx! What exactly is in the Green Smoothie?

Shelley Bassett 3 years

Interested in the smoothie too. Most green smoothies I try make me gag.

Danielle Burgos 3 years

I use 3/4 a pound of kale, spinach, arugula, romaine, chard. Fill up the blender, push it down and add more greens. Then 1-2 bananas, mangos or blueberries. 2-2.5 T of flaxseed or chia. Two days off this smoothie, my finger froze up again. So as long as I have it everyday, I feel good.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Kristen Boudreaux how do you know the disease is not progressing? This is the part that I find so confusing. I'm not in a lot of pain and at the moment I'm not even getting much swelling. But when you talk with the Arthritis Society and drs they tell you that the disease is still progressing whether we feel the inflammation and pain or not. That is the part that scares me. I absolutely do not want to end up with gnarled hands as an old woman.

Laura Ponce 3 years
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I have been off my RA and pain meds since Dec. 7th, and I am feeling really great! Everybody body reacts to things differently so it is somewhat a trial and error until you figure out what works best for you. For me it is cashews, pistachios, and a banana for breakfast, this actually gives me energy throughout the day with no fatigue whatsoever. I eat a low fat diet for the other 2 meals.. I do eat a lot of organic baby spinach. I have no pain or swelling in any of my joints so far.

Mary Alvarez

Have you seen any physical advanced RA. I already have two disfigured fingers. I am hoping I can stop or greatly minimize RA.

Alexandra Denny 3 years

alexandra No I do not have advanced RA or know anyone that does have it.

Mary Alvarez 3 years

Alexandra Denny, you should be able to do that. I had some problem with disfigured joints, they have returned to almost normal (80-90% better).

Jim Boucher 3 years

Jim Boucher that’s fantastic! I never thought that could happen. Thank you so much for sharing!! I was told that only surgery could help and even with the surgery it would stay kind of disfigured. You have given me hope. Thanks!!

Alexandra Denny 3 years

Jim Boucher how did you manage to achieve that?

Laura Ponce 3 years

i strongly believe that what comes must go away. İ have been suffering for the last 7 yrs and last 3 years i had stopped all medication. Started dieting as i am obligatory vegetarian it was not difficult. I always believe that cure exists in our Indian ancient texts of Ayurveda. Started reading many manuscripts for years and i prepared a herbal preparation my self and consumed since last 3 months. Bingo now i am literally free from RA. I gave it to few more know RA sufferers, got amazing results. I want to spread this news not for commercial purpose but to assure people that we have hope to cure. If any body want this in India i can provide them with nominal cost but for abroad i dont know how to send this.

Venkateswarrao İrving

Agree that Ayurveda works best

Ritu Connell 3 years

Ayurveda addresses the root cause and fixes the gut and immune issues, addresses blood imbalances- and the medicines are natural so there are no side effects. After talking at length to several rheumatologists and Ayurveda doctors, the whole Ayurveda regimen which includes a restricted diet similar to McDuggal and AIP, makes the most logical sense to me....

Ritu Connell 3 years

please make combination of the following. 1.Commiphora Mukul-100mg, 2.alpinia galanga-50mg 3.Boswellia serrata-50mg 4.Zingiber officianale 5.Sida rhombifilia -50mg

Venkateswarrao İrving

6.Terminalia chebula-50mg 7.Embelica officinalis 8.Nordostacchys Jatamamsi-25mg 9.Tinospora Cordifoila-50mg and 10.Eclipta Alpa hassk-50mg. Mix these powders thoroughly and make a capsule. Take 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsule after dinner. Please report the result to me.

Venkateswarrao İrving

Ok.. I will see if I can obtain these ingredients in Canada

Jacqueline Lugo 3 years

these are available here in India easily

Venkateswarrao İrving 3 years

Venkateswarrao İrving thanks so much

Jacqueline Lugo 3 years


Venkateswarrao İrving 3 years

We all are! Welcome to our world.

Lina Major