How can I get rid of cold sores permanently?

Has anyone gotten rid of cold sores permanently? I keep on getting them. Please help.

Edith Hale
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I don’t believe you can permanently get rid of them. It’s a virus that lives in your body. I would try some zinc and some L lysine.

Emily Calvert

I use coconut oil and castor to prevent them. If I get one, it's healed in less than a week.

Carmella Moseley

take L-Lysine. It kill s the virus growing on the end o the nerves, If you stay on it daily you will not break out again.

Karen Swain

I got 5 cold sores in a row while taking L-Lysine.

Carmella Moseley 3 years

Ong really?

Edith Hale 3 years

Yep! It didn't work at all.

Carmella Moseley 3 years

Carmella, might work better with some zinc? I’m sorry that happened to you.

Emily Calvert 3 years

Coconut oil and castor oil works every time. I use it every day to prevent outbreaks.

Carmella Moseley 3 years
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Tea tree works

Kathy Galloway

Im using it but its not working!

Edith Hale 3 years

Edith sorry to hear that it always works for me.

Kathy Galloway 3 years

What brand are you using? Some are not as good as other.

Melissa Webb 3 years

Edith Hale I always use tea tree too but it doesn’t work. Taking a l lysine supplement everyday is the only thing that has worked for me.

Jessica Orozco 3 years

L-lysine internally and colloidal silver topically.

Evie Ryan

This and silver I used to get them not anymore.


Tammy Marrero

I read something about Liquorice Balm helping a young girl earlier today. She used a lip balm everyday and the balm whenever there was a sign of a cold sore coming.

Heather Givens

I did too I took a screenshot

Joleena Ellison 3 years


Joleena Ellison 3 years

Thanks so much

Edith Hale 3 years

Wish I'd taken a screenshot of her before and after pics. You couldn't tell in the after pic that she had ever had a cold sore and she suffered for years with huge lesions on her mouth.

Joleena Ellison 3 years

Mine ate getting worst

Edith Hale 3 years
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Crushed garlic and honey. Apply on cold sore. Will be gone in two days or so.

Sergio Grove

There's a book, Never An Outrbreak, but it's out of print and expensive so I haven't bought it. But I haven't found a way. I would be great though! I hate them!

Jeremy Alvarado

It’s all about keeping your body in an alkaline state. When you eat right and supplements right, get enough rest, reduce stress and drink enough water (all the stuff we don’t do ) then our body can stay alkaline. Until then it’s in an acidic state and that’s when cold sores win. I’ve battled them my whole life. If I do feel one I use melissa as it’s a super strong anti viral oil. But it’s spendy! But it has stopped mine in their tracks which I can say most anything else has not.

Bria Feldman

I would try vitamin c which is great for all virus types and lysine.

Aneta Flint


Joleena Ellison

Yes, stopped getting them, build your immune system through nutrition and supplements and clean drinking water.

Lemona Lewis

Sounds weird! But moisture doesn't work in mine. I put my perfume and dab it. Dries it out! And poof gone! Berns like haties! But gone in 1-3 days depending.

Lita Allen

I had a doctor tell me to put fingernail polish remover on it when you feel the tingle and it won't come on anymore. I've had cold sores my whole life too

Emily Meeks 3 years

Sorry for the typos!

Lita Allen

Geranium EO helps heal quickly but having a good immune system and handling stress prevents outbreaks.

Isabella Stephens

Coconut oil with tea tree lavender and zinc work here. Keep applying for a wk or 2 after symptoms go to make sure it's gone. Reduce stress and eat well to boost ur immune system.

Elaine Post

L-lysine daily

Deirdre Carter

Oregano oil, colloidal silver

Laurie Hoyt

Lack of Vitamin C... I use to get them all the time, took vitamin C for a year and haven't got them for 10 years now maybe even longer

Angie Davies

Chiropractic care

Grace Schmitz

L-lysine! Take 500mg everyday if you don’t have one currently to prevent. Take 1000mg 3x a day if you do have one to get rid of it. Lysine looks similar to the viruses food source but with a higher affinity to bind so it blocks the food source allowing it not to grow

Michelle Fink

Lysine & stay away from chocolate.. The arginine in chocolate brings on a cold sore along with stress

Christal Noble

Cats claw (as a rescue at first tingle) 2 a day until cs gone. High vitamin c 6 doses a day till gone.

Stephanie Herron


Stanley Yang

Also black seed oil

Catherina Ferrell

Cbd oil from cbd brothers

Catherina Ferrell

Is this a good brand?

Edith Hale 3 years

Totally trustworthy and I use it

Catherina Ferrell 3 years

DMSO/ALOE a drop on the cold sore 4-5 X a day. Gone the same day or next.

Jim Mccarthy

Is there no way to kill the virus permanently

Michelle Carr

I would use lysine and oil of oregano

Amy Akins

Read the medical medium! He discusses how to rid yourself of all viruses like Epstein-Barr, which is also a herpes family virus!

Shawna Wise

I used to get them and haven't for at least 5 or 6 years. I'm NOT saying that I've cured it, but since I changed my diet and started taking probiotics daily I don't get them anymore.

Jordan Champagne

Lysine for sure!!! Also boost that immune system with lots of healthy food!!

Nicole Vazquez

lugols iodine it is atrue nutrient and anti viral

Michelle Painter


Edith Hale 3 years


Patricia Dickerson

Colidial Silver will stop them from coming. Apply when you feel one coming on.

Laura Morton

Lysine, an amino acid, usually you are low when coldsores appear, some good lysine immune boosting products out there

Tonya Benitez

I used to get them before flooding my body with ozone for a week. I haven't had one since and its been nearly a year!

Kara Barnes

Absolutely! See a local licensed acupuncturist.

Ronni Spence

Wow I didn't k ow that

Michelle Carr 3 years

I use vitamin c but it makes it worse. It's just me I think... It use too work

KC Johnson Clements