How can I deal with the side effects of methotrexate injections?

I'm miserable every time I take methotrexate injections. The side effects are 3x worse than morning sickness. If I move, my mouth gets watery and my head spins. I'm constantly drinking ginger, peppermint, turmeric and cinnamon tea, and sometimes I add garlic. I have tried charcoal tea also. Not a good taste. There has to be another way to deal with these damn side effects. Or a better way to manage RA.

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Marinemama Bernard
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Is it vertigo that's bothering you or nausea?

Yoli Cisneros


Marinemama Bernard 3 years

Cannabis can definitely help with nausea. Can you take Dramamine or something similar after your visit?

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

I do and it doesn't seem to help.

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

You do both?

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

I haven't tried cannabis in awhile. İ dont like the affects.

Marinemama Bernard 3 years
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I felt that way on Enbrel. The day after the injection I felt like I had the flu. It was like clock work every Tuesday. I stopped taking it a few weeks ago and feel so much better. How long have you been on it?

Tamara Parr

I've been on injections for almost 2 years. And it's the same symptoms every week.

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

Oh no. I had to stop taking them a few weeks ago because I had a cold and now I’m thinking I’m not going back on. I use Sativa drops when I’m feeling crappy

Tamara Parr 3 years

I never heard of Saliva drops. I'll have to look into it.

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

I meant Sativa

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

Did doc tell you to take folic acid? It helps some people. Hope you get some relief asap.

Baba Phelps

Yes. I'm taking folic acid and plaquenil

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

And nausea pills also

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

It affected me the same way... Had to get off it?

Cindy Seymour

Did your rheumy put you on something else?

Joseph Dean 3 years

That's exactly how I was when I was on the injection. I missed class every single day after I had to take my dose because I couldn't stand up from the nausea and dizziness. Did you already try the pills? I tried lots of meds and they all made me feel horrible so I stopped taking everything.

Julie Avila

I used to take Humors and was always sick. Now my Dr wants to increase my dose. Says when I take pills not enough of the medicine is getting in my system because my inflammation was not under control.

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

How have you been since stopping all meds?

Kathy Pettit 3 years

Kathy Pettit I feel much better so far. Still could use some improvement but much much better. I have been doing intermittent fasting and eliminated dairy, grains, sugar, and nightshades. I take lots of epson salt baths and have a heated blanket for the cold. If I'm feeling pain (which is not as severe or often as it used to be) i take some cbd products or some Tylenol. But overall, I've had to use way less pain meds and have been feeling a lot better.

Julie Avila 3 years

Ha! Exactly the same as what im doing - only im also using Frankincense oils in a diffuser

Kathy Pettit 3 years

What is that oil? What is it good for?

Julie Avila 3 years
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IDK. I moved out of a mold infested apt, stopped talking to my toxic family, and take CBD oil every day. I haven't used my methotrexate for a couple months. Fingers crossed I can stay off it.

Lyn Zuniga

Good job- go you.

Cynthia Cornelius 3 years

Yes!!!! I hate those injections!!!! They made me throw up and lose my hair

Emily Stovall

I thought my Fri was feeling thin

Marinemama Bernard 3 years


Marinemama Bernard 3 years

It's sad when meds are making you sick as well.

Susan Carlson

Have you noticed if any particular food makes symptoms better/worse? I was recently diagnosed with RA and just started methotrexate injections last week.

Keli Mccain

Ginger is good for nausea. In any form. Tea, ale, capsule! I think I had MXtx in pill form. No side affects.

Carolyn Burris

I have all of it. I use so much ginger, I need additional storage space. Lol

Marinemama Bernard 3 years

I take mtx pill form with 15 MG prescription folic acid 12 hours later. Been on mtx 5 months and fa for 3. I was finally doing well until a couple weeks ago. Last night took my mtx and was very sick all night with diarrhea, nausea and vertigo. I'm still recovering. I've decided I don't ever want to go through that again so stopping mtx. I'm back to exploring options. Going to eat even healthier and look into low dose naltrexone. I relate to what you feel and hope you find relief.

Leah Kidd