Home remedies for hypothyroidism and cholesterol?

Good afternoon mohanji, please could you suggest something for my hypothyroidism and cholesterol. I'm gaining weight and seem to be fighting a loosing battle.

Shaista Kerr
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Foods To Avoid: Alcohol, coffee, cabbage and cauliflower

Increase intake of rice, barley, Bengal gram, moong dal and cucumber.

Coconut oil helps in improving body metabolism in thyroid patients. Use it for cooking.

Avoid heavy and sour foods.

Mohan Cisneros

Thank you so much

Shaista Kerr 3 years

Hi shaista, hypothyroidism can cure with kelp and ashwagandha. Let je know if you want to say more. Normand


Chantal Maloney 3 years

Chantal thankyou so much

Shaista Kerr 3 years

Chantal Maloney how much to take

Trupti Hamlin 3 years

Trupti Hamlin Normally one capsule before bed only. No more. Namaste.

Chantal Maloney 3 years


Chantal Maloney

Walk every for half an hour. At same time everyday. Nd drink more water. 7to 8liters per day

Tanvi Hartman

I walk for 50 minutes every day and brisk walk.

Shaista Kerr 3 years

Hi tanvi, you say drinking more water! Hum! 7-8 liters/day. Wow! It is to much, really you are not a fish! If you want to take enought water in a day, eat more fruit and vege containing water, not just plain water. To much water put your kidneys all the time at work. Be carefull, with recommandation like this. Namaste. Normand

Chantal Maloney 3 years

Must consume Sit & Burn supplement introduce by Indian scientists in name of Elements it will solve your problems in just 3 month regular course.

Samir Cornell