Herbal remedy for Osteoporosis?

An herbal remedy for Osteoporosis. I just started taking Ashwagandha for anxiety but... I just read an article online that it also helps Osteoporosis, so that would be a bonus for me since I have Osteoporosis in my spine and hips.

This is what the article said:

"Ashwagandha has been seen to increase bone mineral density which is often depleted in old age because of Osteoporosis. On the one hand, it increases the formation of cells that synthesize bones. On the other, it REDUCES the activity of the cells that break down old bones and releases the minerals back into the blood. Ashwagandha also increases the expression of the gene responsible for the mineralization of bones".

Key in the words (Ashwagandha Dosage: How much should you take Daily)? I think it is safe to take up to 6 weeks, I guess you need to take a break from it, then you can go back to it. Do not take with barbiturates. Consult a holistic doctor for more info.

Valerie England
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It can be helpful but some will need to know that this is a nightshade which creates inflammation. So some will need to be cautious, and some will need to avoid it if they have sensitivities to nightshades or have inflammatory issues. Here is more information on it: ASHWAGANDHA

Latin Name: Withania somnifera

Alternate Names: Winter Cherry, Withania, Indian Ginseng


Parts Used: Root, leaves, berries.

Properties: Adaptogen, Anabolic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Antitumor, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Hormonal Regulator, Hypotensive, Immune Stimulant, Nutritive, Pregnancy Tonic, Rejuvenative, Sedative, Tonic, Uterine Sedative.

Internal Uses: Anemia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bipolar Depression, Bronchitis, Cancer, Candida, Convalescence, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emaciation, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Forgetfulness, Gray Hair, Headache, Hypertension, Illness, Impotence, Infertility, Insomnia, Low Sperm-count, Lumbago, Memory Loss, Mental Fatigue, Neurosis, Overwork, Panic Attacks, Premature Aging, Pulmonary Edema, Rheumatism, Stress, Tremors, Wounds

Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules.

It is a pregnancy tonic for both the fetus and a weak mother. Ashwagandha relieves pain by lowering serotonin levels, which contribute to the sensitivity of pain receptors in the body. It is considered a good tonic for the mind and useful for those who have overindulged in work, drugs, or alcohol.

Topical Uses: Wounds

Topical Applications: Poultice for wounds.

Energetics: Bitter, Sweet, Warm.

Chemical Constituents: Alkaloids, steroidal lactones, iron.

Contraindications: Generally regarded as safe.

Comments: The name translates to 'Smells like a horse' which also alludes to the virility of a horse. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is said that when Ashwagandha is used with other substances for 15 days, it acts 'as rain does to the crops'.

(c)1997 Hale Software, Inc. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. Used by permission of Briggette Mars When using any herb, it is wise to know about the herb, its uses, and most especially its properties and any contraindications.

Douglas Crocker

Thank you, good to know.

Cari Hyde 3 years

What should we take for inflammation? I think if I have better control over inflammation that will be a good day!

Joanna Bacon 3 years

Look into cbd... İt’s done wonders for me

Margarita Vega 3 years

Joanna Bacon Turmeric and Ginger are good for inflammation. Turmeric being the preferred choice by most. In using this herb, it is important to remember that the whole herb is more effective than just Curcumin by itself. I have found Oregon's Wild Harvest brand to be the most potent and purest formula. Each 3 capsule dose provided 825 mg of extract (stronger than just rhizome (root)), 525 mg of rhizome powder, and 9 mg of Piper nigrum (black pepper) which increases bioavailability. I make my own now and with the same proportions of these two herbs but have used Oregon's Wild Harvest for decades. It is extremely effective and most have no side effects, which usually consist of an upset stomach if any. While this has been the most effective herb, I must say that for a long-term solution, a Ketogenic Paleo diet has proven to be MOST effective. It allowed me to heal from over 30 conditions which included four forms of Arthritis/RA.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

Between those two (diet/Turmeric) I have lived in optimal health for over 6 years with no inflammation and no pain. I previously had to take a minimum of 240 mg of morphine a day for pain.

Douglas Crocker 3 years
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I am with you Doug, up the vitamin C and boron. Ascorbyl palmitate is the best vitamin C.

Ellen Graham

Ellen Graham what is boron? Can Ascorbyl palmitate be found in health food store?

Laura Engel 3 years

I don't want to offend but I heartily disagree with you. Ascorbyl palmitate is a synthetic form of VitaminC. Synthetic C is not absorbed by the Granulocytes that use Vitamin C as fuel to engulf and flush toxins. "Ascorbyl palmitate is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid creating a fat-soluble form of vitaminC. In addition to its use as a source of vitaminC, it is also used as an antioxidant food additive." Wikipedia. You may want to read this article on VitaminC. The references are excellent. Two are scholarly studies but the video by Dr. Darren Schmidt is quite clear on this as well as the issue of avoiding sugar when taking VitaminC. This is critical. The best form of Vitamin C you can take is organic - only! It also allows for mega doses for treating Cancer, infection, etc.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

Laura Engel Boron is a mineral. Cheap forms are taken from marble or similar substances. It is also found in borax but both the ECA, and FDA have banned this form from food deeming it unsafe for human consumption. Some disagree with this but there are many forms and found in many foods.

Douglas Crocker 3 years

douglas can you recommend a brand that you like on the boron. So many to choose from. Thanks

Jessica Meadows 3 years

I use the NOW brand of boron. It is great for teeth as well.

Ellen Graham 3 years
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You are right Doug, it is a Nightshade, so if you have arthritis, you probably should not take it.

Valerie England


Douglas Crocker 3 years

I’m lost! I don’t know where to start

Gabriella Crain

Would love to try ashwaghanda however it doesn't agree if you have a thyroid issue.... Which I have... Not happy!

Sheron Willis

That’s what I thought. I’m extremely hypo. I took it for a while before I learned this. It was making me feel better in some ways and bad in others. Now I have about a 1/2 just sitting in the cupboard.

Leslie Quintero 3 years

Yes, sometimes you have to do a bit of research to find out the plus's and minus's of a thing... Knowledge is power!

Sheron Willis 3 years