Healthy food for pancreatic cancer?

Hello everyone. I need some food ideas for my dad who is being treated for pancreatic cancer with Abraxane and Gemzar. He has absolutely no appetite and it’s really difficult to find things to feed him that he will enjoy. Should I start juicing carrots and giving him that?

Mike Calhoun
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Chili is good for him and flavorful

Richard Briggs

Try helping him get his appetite back with some marijuana edibles? Maybe some gummies or find a tincture with THC he could put under his tongue, it will definitely increase his appetite.

Ashley Denny

Milk shakes worked for me

John Rubin

A customer cured his with budwig protocol. Says took six, months.

Kim Richmond

Watermelon and chocolate milkshakes

Robert Griffin

Juiced cabbage is good for tummy

Barbara Dennis

Please watch The truth about cancer videos free on youtube. Lots of survivor stories and good advice on the diets they followed.
Cabbage made into sauerkraut is powerful medicine and delicious too! God bless you n your Dad. X

Caroline Chan

Food was tasting horribele, so my husband made me homemade vegitable soup and I was finally able to eat. Starting with the broth and crackers and now the veggies. Good luck and God Bless

Michelle Michael

Gerson therapy

Doreen Guthrie


Kamila Foster 3 years

Thanks everyone

Mike Calhoun

Yes juice carrots, beets, celery, ginger, lemon, greens like kale chard collard greens I like beet tops added in. I went through same treatment but luckily didn't have too much nausea after the 3-4 days after chemo. Ginger lemon tea helped. Simmer a 1-2 inch ginger piece in 2 cups water for about 15 minutes then squeeze 1/2 lemon to it. I would make some and have on the nightstand and drink when I woke up thirsty or needing the bathroom during the night. Black seed oil really helped 2 tsp in morning with a drop or two of honey on empty stomach. I also took milk thistle to support liver functions. Towards the end of treatments I found acupuncture. It was amazing and helped with pain and nausea. On those hard days I found rice cooked in homemade chicken or turkey broth was soothing. Barley grass powder in water helps overall. But I think juicing is what really helped me get through it. Also Frankincense and Lavender essential oils. Helichrysum essential oil helped with some of the nerve tingling numbness from the Abraxane. I used combo of Doterra and Ameo oils.

Elizabeth Pacheco

Do you use a juicer or do you just create smoothies with a blender or nutribullet?

Mike Calhoun 3 years

Mike Calhoun I use a juicer.

Elizabeth Pacheco 3 years

Thanks elizabeth.

Mike Calhoun 3 years

I use smoothes too but it's usually berries with moringa powder, pomegranate powder, handful of greens like spinach, half an avocado, bee pollen, liquid fulvic minerals when I remember. Sometimes I omit the berries.

Elizabeth Pacheco 3 years

macrobiotic diet...... Miso soups, brown rice porridge & kuzu cream

Greg Schaffer

has he been given digestive enzymes to help him digest food?

Elaine Kimble

Yes he takes creon

Mike Calhoun 3 years

Give him riovida juice together with all the core product of 4life transfer factor

Shirley Muller

Hello sir Terry Fred

Shirley Muller 3 years

Did you know 4life transfer factor?

Shirley Muller 3 years

Thanks all. My primary concern is the lack of calorie intake. He weighs 133 pounds now and it dropped from 150 last month. He used to weigh 190 a year ago

Mike Calhoun

Coconut milk, nuts seeds as tolerated, almond butter with fruit put in smoothies. I struggle and still do with calorie intake. Best days are when I can have two snacks between meals. But when I have appointments, running errands etc I struggle to get those in. I think I expend as much calories as I take in or more. I did find granola helped too in upping calories compared to fruit veggies. I love the purely elizabeth Granola and Navitas probiotic granola. Cook as much as you can like rice noodles etc in bone broth, chicken stock in place of water. It'll add more nutrients and some calories.

Elizabeth Pacheco 3 years

I know you asked food but try using Marshmallow Root capsules, doctor should be ok with it but will probably tell you it won't do anything. I have been giving it to my cat who has pancreatitis and it has helped her tremendously in her appetite and gaining weight. It is better than the slippery elm others may recommend because that makes a lot of mucus which can then get rebound nausea.

Pam Zamora

Kold jello molds, creamy peanut butter that has honey in it, mint chocolate chip ice cream .... Fun things to eat, he's a kid at heart, treat him as such ....

Richard Alvarado

Yes, juice all vegetables, you can add some fruits for sweetness. Raw vegetables and fruits have their own enzymes so it will be easy for pancreas. Helping it to heal by not producing enzymes to digest cooked food.

Dorota Mcelroy

Yes juice.. But take no vitamins unless they are whole food source vitamins... Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C for example... Vitamin C is a complex when you take a piece of the complex away from the whole it's useless and bad for liver and kidneys.
Please read the article and watching short video also read about the frankincense

Moni Valle

Is Cachexia reversible?

Mike Calhoun

My dad is 82 and dealing with multiple myeloma from the chemo that they gave him for prostate. He did so poorly on chemo that he has quit that and is taking natural supplements that have reduced his pain, helped his sleep, helped his stomach and gain weight. He has not stopped smoking or eating a bad diet so I am certain that it is from the supplements. As two of them are a multi level marketing product I won’t mention them but if you are interested pm me and I will forward to you. Good luck.

Robin Farmer

My mum had no appetite after getting chemo but CBD oil helped with that a lot.

Agnieszka Mobley