Has anyone with rheumatoid arthritis tried CBD oil? Has it helped?

Taylor Goldman
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I've tried it, it didn't help me. Go for it though. Maybe it'll work for you !

Ruth Sylvester

What kind did you use?

Taylor Goldman 3 years

I don't remember, I'm sorry! It was a few years back.

Ruth Sylvester 3 years

If your state does medical marijuana then get your license go to the dispensary and try CBD with THC oil and see if that helps

Karla Campbell

My state does not have medical marijuana unfortunately. I'm hoping that it becomes legal in the next few years so I can try to get off all my medications.

Taylor Goldman 3 years

Well let me say that the benefit to oil is it comes from the whole plant... However it is manufactured (cooked) down into oil and you must be careful what is used with to do this... So be sure you research and ask questions as a lot of people do not know facts and will tell you anything without knowing... If it becomes legal in your state as medicinal that helps more than just being legal period but it too has become all about money and less about the benefits I used to smoke and I still went through pain Since I haven't smoked I have more pain... I'm am thinking about the oil but really frustrated how it has become more about then compassionate care for the ill Regardless do your homework for your knowkedge... Lifting your health to Jesus

Karla Campbell 3 years

I have. 19% cbd 2% thc i took 0.30 ml every 12 hours. However, im not much help because I live in Canada and have my medicinal license

Jessica Heller

Currently pregnant and taking nothing but prenatals

Jessica Heller 3 years

Jessica Heller if you are employed and if it is legal and have your medical card, can you take CBD with THC and be employed??

Nathan Tovar 3 years

Yes Nathan Tovar. As long as my employeer doesnt drug test (which is only for some government jobs) i am encouraged by my doctor to take my cbd oil in order to work, live, and drive

Jessica Heller 3 years

*** when im not pregnant, of course

Jessica Heller 3 years

Jessica Heller of course

Nathan Tovar 3 years

I order mine online, the lowest price tincture on there runs $35 a bottle. I've been using it for about a year and a half and it's helped immensely! It took me a few different brands to find one that worked for me

Macy Benton

What kind do you use?

Taylor Goldman


Macy Benton 3 years

These are all the details of what's in the tincture


Macy Benton 3 years

Thank you so much!

Taylor Goldman 3 years

No problem! I hope you find some relief! And I must say with most cbd/hemp oils it usually takes a week or 2 to really settle in your system and feel the difference!

Macy Benton 3 years

I talked to my doctor today about trying to ween myself off some of my meds and try some cbd oil and she thought it was a good idea, thank you for all of the advice.

Taylor Goldman 3 years
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I use charlottes web-from lucky vitamin. I think you have to use for a while to notice improvements. I've been using for one month, between that and anti inflame diet, I feel really good. Plus all my other supplements etc

Megan Holt

CBD is illegal in my country... İf i order it online.... Will i get into trouble???

Kathryn Anderson

It helps more if the THC, that everyone is so afraid of, is in it. People will down a fifth of vodka but turn their nose to a few drops of something under the tongue. Wake up people and get off the coma opiates and live your life again!!!! Game changer if you want back in!!!!

Tina Pina

Cbd doesn't do much but with thc helps quite a bit

Dee Jewell

This is why it's important to get it from the plant verse hemp. As I'm sure you know, small amounts of THC helps activate the CBD & depending on a persons tolerance will depend on how much

Zulema Rossi 3 years

Yes ~ everyday with other things as well


Zulema Rossi

Is this legal in Texas yet?

Delilah Belanger 3 years