Has anyone with RA gone into remission and been able to go back to eating how they used to?

Has anyone gone into remission and been able to go back to eating how they used to? Will I ever be able to eat pizza again? Lol

Kathleen Oliver
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I am not in remission, but diet has let me get off meds. After elimination diet, I have gradually added foods back. I even had a gluten free, dairy free pizza, with no trigger effects from it. I should add that I will never go back to eating the way I used to, I would get very sick again. After I have something like the pizza, I will only eat clean the next days after. Rice, vegetables, fruit, sweet potatoes.

Kristen Boudreaux

Omg this is exactly how I feel right now! On day 5 of no dairy or gluten

Brittney Burns

Same here, I'm indulging my "Good behavior " with a margarita. Baby cakes wanted taco bell and when I said no he wanted to know why I always have to eat healthy

Rebecca Fish 3 years

Oh how I miss pizza. I've been in remission only a couple of months now but pizza is no longer possible. Not so much for the inflammation but bc my tummy just can't handle it anymore. Working on alternate crust versions like polenta or sweet potatoes or similar. For me the worst part is no bread and no more peanut butter I pnut butter but after reading an article about all the inflammation it triggers I've given it up. So sad...

Adrienne Delaney

Omg! Try sunflower seed butter, I swear it tastes exactly the same as peanut butter!!! I buy it st the health food shop

Kelly Farr 3 years

I have almond butter and it's not bad!

Janet Bird 3 years

I do like almond butter but it's not the same - I'm also in love w/the peanut FLAVOR!!! C'mon!! Bananas + pnut butter smoothie!! Chocolate + pnut butter!! Thanks for the sunflower alternative, I'll give it a try.

Adrienne Delaney 3 years

Try roasting a whole cauliflower then blend it to really tiny bits and squeeze out any remaining liquid, press onto a pizza tray lined with baking powder then cook in a low oven until it starts to crisp. Add topics and put in a hot oven for a grain free pizza...

Bee Welch 3 years

I had gluten free and dairy free pizza tonight and it was yummy


Janet Bird

What brand of cheese did you use?

Brittney Burns 3 years

I'm not a huge fan of this sort of product but when a girl needs pizza then I use sparingly and enjoy it


Janet Bird 3 years

Thanks I'll give ìt a try !

Brittney Burns 3 years

I have been making gluten free waffle pizzas since I have a sensitivity to yeast. I haven't tried dairy free cheese yet because someone told me it's not good. But waffle pizza with spinach olives mushrooms peppers and onions isn't too bad. I just miss going out to eat. That used to be my favorite thing to do.

Kathleen Oliver

WAFFLE PIZZA?!?!?!?! HOLY COW how come I've never heard those words put together before? Please share your technique/recipe.

Adrienne Delaney 3 years

https://delightfuladventures.com/easy-vegan-gluten-free-waffles/ I make these waffles. Just put the oven on 450 and put the toppings on and bake it. I tried using frozen waffles but I'm limited to which ones I can get because I can't have buckwheat or pineapple juice which is in a lot of the ones I saw. There is one kind I can get but they are too sweet for pizza so I've just been making my own.

Kathleen Oliver 3 years

YAY!!! Thank you!!

Adrienne Delaney 3 years

I go out to eat but only to those places that cook simply. I called around and found a Chinese buffet that uses tapioca starch to thicken sauces and I stay away from dishes that are breaded. I'm finding my way around these food restrictions.

Susan Kiser 3 years

what a great idea!!!

Hilary Hamm 3 years

U can have a cheat day

Kathryn Anderson

Sometimes a cheat day is worth the effects

Rebecca Fish 3 years

I feel this so much right now. I don't think I've had the conversation with myself about how this might be forever. My favorite food in the world is potatoes and sour cream. Just... Why...

Steph Sherman

I'm slowly having things like a slice of bread or cake and I'm fine, the occasional piece of meat or fish. I'd love some pizza but scared of the cheese!!

Karen Gross

Maybe try dairy free cheese, or cashew cheese.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Why would you want to go back to unhealthy eating? I make cauliflower pizza.

Diana Leon

I want to try that. I used a rice crust.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Try making Fathead pizza crust. It works for me.

Kate Barrera

pizza is good for you til you put bacon and processed meat

Craig Hendricks