Has anyone heard of or tried hot tub/jacuzzi for the stiffness and pain of Rheumatoid arthritis?

Has anyone heard of or tried hot tub/jacuzzi for stiffness and pain? My friend read it somewhere and is recommending it. If it could really help with my stiffness and pain, we would build one in our backyard. Thanks.

Shirley Alexander
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I find them to be very helpful. But they're no more helpful than your basic tub filled with hot water and Epsom salt.

Yoli Cisneros

heck yeah

Danielle Burgos

Wish I had one

Danielle Burgos

Every opportunity I get. Do you feel better if you put your hands under hot (very warm) running water? That’s sometimes how I know I’m hurting and just ignoring it; when I wash my hands and finally relax.

Dana Gonzalez

Every night I lie in a warm bath with Epsom a
salt and lavender oil. Recommended by my GP. But the water. Should not be too warm. İt's helps me alot

Maureza Roy

Wow. I see. Learning some new stuff here. I should try warm bath with epsom and lavender oil first before I fork out all that money. Thank you!

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Shirley Alexander Hope it's helps for u too

Maureza Roy 3 years

The only place on the planet that I’m not in pain is submerged in warm water.

Crystal Foster

Yes I bought one and I closed a porch around it for winter. It’s so much better than soaking in a bath because it’s deeper and you can soak everything. Also the keys help a lot. I go in nearly every night

Tamara Parr

I don't have a hot tub but I do have a bath mat which creates a whirlpool effect in tub.... Along with Epsom salt and lavender oil it's real good.

Michele Koehler

Where'd u get the mat?

Shelia Darnell 3 years

I got it at local store but Amazon sells them too. I think they are listed under bath spas. Not sure if Wal-Mart sells them.

Michele Koehler 3 years

Where do you buy the mat?

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Amazon sells them

Michele Koehler 3 years

Yes and soaking in Epsom salt helps as well

GingerMatt English

In the Summer I use my Daughters Outdoor Jacuzzi a Lot, I Sleep So Well afterwards, my knees feel wonderful too!!!

Patricia Lake

It’s such a huge help for me. I’ve almost gotten my husband talked into it

Cicely Godfrey

I go to the hotel in town that has both pool and hot tub. I pay them a fee like 8-10 and get to use theirs for the day without renting a room. I just spoke to the manager and since I live in town they are good people

GingerMatt English

Have one and it’s at 104 degrees year round. Purchased it on a plan and pay less than 75$ a month for it, $25 for electricity. Worth every penny!

Kimberley Nunez

Hot tub and also the sauna. Always felt the difference after. When I'm flaring, I go to the gym just for that and to stretch while I'm in the tub and sauna.... Since I hurt too much to actually exercise.

Rima Simmons

What do you mean by flare? I have major stiffness in my lower back. NSAIDs doesn’t even take of that stiffness. Is it considered flare?

Shirley Alexander 3 years

When I have a flare up, all my joints start hurting.. Sometimes it's so bad I can't walk but if I can make it to the gym hot tub or sauna I feel some relief.

Rima Simmons 3 years

I use it and it does help. So does the sauna.

Nancy Baldwin

My problem is dry skin! Hot water drys it out more. Along with R/A I have Sjogrens Syndrome!!! Otherwise a nice pool for aquatics at 98 degrees is perfect for me. It might work foru, without SS!

Carolyn Burris

My favorite spot in the whole house is under my electric blanket the heat relaxes me so much im actually able to sleep

Kamryn Mcdowell

My partner has one and it feels magnificent to sit and soak and float. I wouldn’t go so far as saying it was therapeutic but it’s wonderful

Lisa Miller

I’m only interested in therapeutic part. I used to have a jacuzzi but I hardly used it. I’m not a fan. But would use it if it helps w pain and stiffness. So not therapeutic?

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Shirley Alexander it definitely helps with pain for sure. I love being in water. The more I think of it the more I think yes it’s essential

Lisa Miller 3 years

We have a hot tub and my body is screaming for my husband to get it ready for Spring, it really helps especially the Fibromyalgia.

Jax Friedman

I live in Canada and when I went to my regular dr for a follow up he wrote me out a prescription for a hot tub AND it was a great tax write off that year!

Viesta Tipton

I wonder if that would fly in the US.

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Shirley Alexander I thought the same thing!

Michele Koehler 3 years

We have one in our home for our daughter (13) it’s been a wonderful go to for the past last few years ..

It’s nice to find something other than pills or an injection that can relieve any kind of pain:)

She also does Infrared saunas a few times a wk.. The dry heat makes her feel better and can relax a little

Blessings to everyone.. !

it’s been a long 3 yrs watching her struggle

Dancer and refuses to let this stop her ..

Any advice or wisdom is always appreciated


Jasmine Mcleod

I love a hot bath when I’m hurting. I think a hot tub would be awesome

Kim Marks

Heat is awful on my knee. Makes is more stiff and painful.

Jennifer Cordero

I use a hot tub. It’s very helpful

Maryann Schafer