Has anyone had success with essential oils Or Turmeric for inflammation of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Crystal Smart
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both can help as can a lot of people are getting relief by detoxing, 3 day apple and water diet, colonics, enemas, epsum salt baths 5lbs to 20lbs per bath, castor oil packs especialy with heat, diet changes, spinal adjustment, spiritual healing and reiki and it worked for me and is amazing, i did 3 day apple and water diet ,,pain went from 8 to 0 amazing and change of diet helped me most there is hope==, u may get some relief lots of people finding benefits from all in this book The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health through Drugless therapy by Hugh Lynn Cayce Harold Reilly and Ruth HagyBrod ISBN 0-02-601960-4 Harold reillys 43 years of experience of working with ra and many other complaints. Basically cleanse ur body internally.

Phill Maldonado

I use liquid tumeric and it helps. Have used the essential oil tumeric with same results.

Erika Diamond

I take a capsule with Frankincense and Copaiba essential oil to help with pain and inflammation. I also use turmeric powder topically made into a paste with honey.

Jennifer Chase

I also use both of those oils but topically. How many drops of each do you take?

Carmela Prince 3 years

Carmela Prince I make my own capsules and I always fill it half way with coconut oil or mct oil first and I do 2-3 drops of each.

Jennifer Chase 3 years

Jennifer Chase thank you!

Carmela Prince 3 years

I take turmeric capsules with piperine (black pepper). If you take the capsules, make sure it has the black pepper so your body will absorb the turmeric better.. I also use a topical that has turmeric, nutmeg, hemp oil, emu oil, etc that works really well.

Kevin Mccord

What’s the name of it and where do u get it?

Robyn Gardner 3 years

Robyn Gardner its Real Time Pain Relief Hemp Oil Plus. I have a coupon code worth $15 you can use at their site if you want it.

Kevin Mccord 3 years

You can get it at Amazon but I sent you a gift card code that you can use at their site to save more money. I have several gift cards, I know the owners of the company.

Kevin Mccord 3 years

They male a tumeric green tea at walmart it is supposed to help

Angel Abraham

Cherry extract

Susan Garrison

Turmeric is the best.

Nina Morton

I take Turmeric for inflammation and it is working for me.

Cammey Wells

My RA factor dropped from 247 to 226 in 3 weeks vegan and with essential oils + supplements.
Is it enough to help me, not sure, but at least dropped a little.

Dani Henley

I take turmeric twice a day for inflammation and it works wonders

Zully Messer

2 tsps total/day?

George Jones 3 years

Turmeric out of the spice jar? What do u mix it with?

Robyn Gardner 3 years

CBD oil for inflammation and pain

Alex Huggins

I just heard about CBD oil in a podcast and wondered if it would work. I've heard mixed reviews on whether it gives you a high or not. Some people say no, not at all. Others say they can feel it a little. I might have to try it. I live in Seattle, so I assume it should be easy enough to find.

Leslie Kauffman 3 years

Leslie Kauffman I have never got High off it. My 3 young kids also take it. No negative side effects

Alex Huggins 3 years

Alex Huggins good to know. I might have to check it out. I definitely don't like being "high." I tried pot once before and it was horrible for me. I got all paranoid and started panicking because I felt like I had lost control over my body. I already feel like I've lost enough control over my body with RA, I don't need to add that into the mix.

Leslie Kauffman 3 years

Sorry, haha is an accident, I am looking for what helps with the pain, Thank you.

Nancee Marsh 3 years


Jen Champagne

curcumin has not worked for me at all

Carol Pritchett

Yes turmeric is as effective as medicine

Michele Vogel

Yes both for me

Stephanie Jensen

Turmeric yes. I am interested in trying essential oils, but haven't yet.

Pamela Carmichael

Oregano oil

Marla Bullard

A combination of Standard Process Turmeric, Boswellia Complex, Black Currant Seed Oil, and Nervagesic has helped a lot!

Yvonne Cooper

I use turmeric, fish oil & cannabis for inflammation. I do NOT use pharmaceutical. I am in the process of getting essential oils too.

Zulema Rossi