Has anyone had success getting rid of a plantar wart? if so please provide protocol?

has anyone had success getting rid of a plantar wart? İf so please provide protocol

Luna Putnam
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Duct tape

Steven Lott

Tea tree

Monik Lovell

I used equal quantities of bicarbonate soda and coconut oil.. Mix into a paste and put on wart with a bandaid overnight.. After two or three nights it was gone! Never come back

Candy Patton

We use ac and duct tape together

Sabrina Egan

Vitamin e oil twice a day until its healed... Put it on the area and it'll be gone in a few days and it'll never return.

JaiDee Hebert

I have a cluster of stubborn ones I've been working on for months with every diy I can find. So far, Apple cider vinegar and dmso seem to be having the greatest effect.

Angela Oakes

Vit E and keep covered.

Kebby Thomas

Braggs vinegar. Apply 4 or 5 times a day. Everyday for 3 months. It will go away.

Athena Meza

Podiatrists - don't put it off. My son did and ended up having to get surgery because it got so deep.

Bianca Mclain

Colloidal silver

Kate Faulkner

Black salve

Ian Parker

duct tape some potato skin and change daily giving it a little time to dry out before reapplying

Taylor Collier

I had one on the bottom of each foot cut out of the.& or off of the bone it wraps around in the Army about 30 years ago & they’re just now trying to come back but not successfully thank god... Also had one cut off the same way on the top of my right little toe in the Army as well & ain’t had a problem since with that one ever ever...

Terence Barnes

I had one, the pain to walk on it hurt so bad i wore house shoes and it didnt help. Waited to long cause i thought it was a sticker, i did try to get out. Er even cut it out and cultured it. Padiatrist cost 100. Gave me a 40 cream that lasted forever. He said planters wart is punctured nerve ending that dirt got in and the wart grows to the nerve ending from a sticker i stepped on. He explained to use a thin layer of cream daily. Keep tape over it cause it lives on oxygen. He said as the outer skin dies and it grows out little by little to scrap the dead skin off with a practo knife. He said either i do it or pay him to. So it took like 6 months but it never came back. As time went on. I learned a shaving disposable razor worked good and was safer. He also said. Never cut them out cause they can spread. He diagnosed by cleaning area scraping dirty skin off and wiped it with alcohol. It showed up as white. Good luck

Jana Baker

“Again mine are gone & have been because they were surgical ripped-out by the roots just like you know a weed that’s pulled out of the yard manually by hand... But I immensely thank you for your reply/advice!!...”

Terence Barnes 3 years

A mix of colloidal silver, wild oil of oregano and DMSO. Works great for herpes to.

Jenny Schmidt

My cousin put a piece of duct tape on her wart every day and after a few months it dissappeared.

Stacey Massey

Try fig tree sap

Nadia İrvin

Yes, use Thuja oil on it externally and take the THUJA homeopathic internally but you must do both

Dixie Sosa

thin slice of garlic held in place with bandaid. Use for 15 min a day for a few days. May tingle.

Corins Joiner

Oregano oil and cover for several days. Put on a few times a day. Then cut around and pull out by the root

Karalyn Ayers

I had one on my heel. I took a small slice of fresh tumeric and taped it to it over night. It was gone the next morning.

Brenda Shapiro

are you sure it was a plantar wart and not a blister?

Luna Putnam 3 years

Treat internally and externally for virus.

Ginger Gold

Iodine tincture

Dawid Cordero


Lauren Brady

Salicylic acid and duct tape. Remove dead skin with tweezers, reapply. Let it rest for a day or two if needed, as the skin peels off and it gets sensitive. Keep it up and eventually it will be gone.

Chelsie Mccain

Electrical tape and wrap around foot, change every few days but don't go without it. Eventually, when you remove the tape it will come out at the root. It will be disgusting but so worth it

Reannon Saunders

I tried so many natural methods over a half a year span.. The most effective, mostly because of the bandage i believe, was the Dr. Scholl's plantar wart remover i got from Walmart. I'm sure there are a bunch of ways to get rid of it but their circle bandage with the medicated sticker worked and nothing else did. The acid they use originally came from willow bark so it's based on a natural treatment but i'm sure this version is synthetic which is not ideal. In my experience covered it with waterproof tape only made everything MUCH worse because that is exactly the moist environment that it prefers. I'm sure it has worked for people but i do not recommend it, my foot swelled up and looked it's worst when i had tape that did not breathe. It took about 2-3 weeks and turned white and fell off. I had used oregano oil, iodine, dmso, black salve, etc... Many others i can't remember
If you want to rid yourself of the warts in 2-3 days just go to the beach, the sand scrub combined with salt water that contains iodine will kill the warts. I read this online and went to gulf of mexico and they fell off in 2 days but came back because i left the beach. I just dealt with that this year.

NeilSuzi Babcock

Lavender and coconut oil. Was gone in 3 days

Cynthia Elkins

duct tape... Just leave it on for a couple of weeks and change it out when needed.

Brian Yazzie

Just cover it with duct tape for a week... Plantar warts die if they have no oxygen source!.... Very simple fix!

Dianna Aldrich