Has anyone been cured despite it being diagnosed as terminal cancer?

I expect people ask this all the time. My dear friend has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is throughout his whole body. He will be having treatment to extend his life. But... Has anyone used alternative remedies? B17, laetrille for example... Has anyone been cured despite it being diagnosed as terminal?

Marie Capps
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These doctors don’t know. There are many who have been told terminal and they live a very long life. I would look into plant based foods, supplements, CBC with THC. Sending prayers.

Carmen Pierce

Dont recommend any alternative remedies because cancer is just a symptom. You cannot treat a symptom, you can only remove whats feeding it. Number one cause for all cancers is acidic body, so the logical solution would be alkalizing it back to normal. My friend did it by drinking a gallon a day of 11.5 pH water

Fred Swartz

Take a chemistry class

Meg Schulz 3 years

Stop dairy, sugar and gluten completely

Ami Jordan

I used bloodroot.

Darrell Buckner

Were you diagnosed as terminal? And thanks. Will look up bloodroot

Marie Capps 3 years

It is rare I post about it here because most people are here for support not for a cure, my brother in law had prostrate cancer and we used bloodroot only, it was still a worrying time, but it killed the cancer and he is clear now. I don't have serious cancer just plenty of BCC and SCC, all now removed with bloodroot

Darrell Buckner 3 years

Thanks darrell. X

Marie Capps 3 years

What is bloodroot

Kedibone Lacey 3 years

Google it... It's easier than getting people to write.

Marie Capps 3 years
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Stay away from B17. Its a Made up snake oil. It comes from pits of apricots. The proper name for it is Amygdalin. It essentially turns into cyanide once ingested. Research it!
CBD oil I take daily, not a cure though. Even after a year I still have CML. I think it helps with the symptoms, but that's about it.
Sorry, and prayers for your friend

Tonya Lott

I took B17 some years back after a cancer scare. But I don't know if it worked or not.

Marie Capps 3 years

Wow.! You were extremely lucky, or didn't get the "real stuff" to many scam artists prey upon us and our fears. I'm glad you didn't see any ill effects from it. To many have actually died from it. Being sick, and being told your terminal (for me I use the phrase incurable, terminal is to final docs don't know everything and I refuse to let them put an expiration date on me) I tended to research fully everything I've heard about. Now, there is another thing I've found out about in trying to find a all natural 1 ingredient weight loss supplement I use to take, and my hubby wanted to try it. It's been taken off the market in the US as it's weight loss supplement name. The fda has taken it over to add it to chemo drugs. You can only get it in raw form from China now. I've ordered a huge supply of it, for hubby for weight loss and well for me after reading all the studies from the fda on it saying it stops cancer cells from replicating. I can't say it'll actually do anything, but when you get to this point, I don't think it'll hurt. I've been. Making tea from it and drinking it a few times a day. It's called loranthus parasiticus also known as mulberry mistletoe, sang ji sheng (not to be confused for white mulberry or the other varities of mistletoe) I'm not advocating for it, as it's expensive and not sure it'll work for cancer, so just research it and make up your own mind

Tonya Lott 3 years

I don't think anyone has died of B17. And I bought the actual kernels so I know they were correct. Also used kernels from apricots that I bought... Took them for over six months. No side effects whatsoever. But I still the poison in the kernel that's supposed to kill the cancer..

Marie Capps 3 years

Do you have details of anyone dying from B17 please. I can't find anything apart from some years back a child in America that the doctors eventually said died of cancer but tried to say it's b17"... But that all came out in the wash in the end... So if you have the information on the many that have died from laetrille I would be glad to have that as I was going to suggest b17" to my friend

Marie Capps 3 years

My mom was terminal in three months she was gone

Maria Vinson

Doing alternative has worked for many but you need a complete change over: Diet, emotional tapping, juicing. Remember to treat the whole body.

Renita Stacy

I don't know if he would do that but I have certainly would. I will suggest it of course. Thank you. X

Marie Capps 3 years

Yes we used feco oil which had heal us completely

Aaron Norwood

Yes, a young woman was terminal change to organic diet, carrot juice, lots of church praying doctor was surprised

Oscar Lim

Immunotherapy might be next treatment option. It in some cases extend life a bit longer, and even might cure from cancer. What type of cancer your friend is suffering from?

Akash Hooks

I don't know the type of cancer. I will research immunotherapy. Thank you

Marie Capps 3 years

If prostate which has metastasized to bones and organs try zatiga but definately alkaline the body as well

Barbra Estrada 3 years

Thank you

Marie Capps 3 years

B17 is utter nonsense and is cyanide. Plain and simple.

Michael Brantley

Apparently it's the cyanide that kills the cancer. I can't find anything about people dying from it... But loads of people cured by it... So I really don't know. What information do you have to say it's nonsense?

Marie Capps 3 years