Has anybody quit sulfasalazine cold turkey?

Amanda Osborne
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I did when I found out I was pregnant and I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms. Hope the same for you. Take care!

Brandi Ward

So do you have RA?

Amanda Osborne 3 years

Yes I do. I'm still having pain but pregnancy isn't helping any. The reason I stopped is bc I didn't want to take while being pregnant.

Brandi Ward 3 years

what was your severity of pain before you stopped?

Amanda Osborne 3 years

I would say a 5 but I still had good and bad days. Now that I've stopped I can tell that it was helping me

Brandi Ward 3 years

I did... About a month and a half ago after 7 years.. İt brought up my liver enzymes.. Back to normal now.

Lora Fritz

So do you have RA?

Amanda Osborne 3 years

Yes... And diabetic.

Lora Fritz 3 years

Lora Fritz oh jeez! Are you on any other meds?

Amanda Osborne 3 years

Lots... But for the RA.. Mainly just prednisone now. Low dose, just 8 mg and day. Lots of vitamins. Tried alot of different meds for the RA, nothing else has really worked.

Lora Fritz 3 years

I am on sulfasalazine. I quit cold turkey for 4 days but started flaring, so I've been back on it for 5 days now and I'm still not back to normal yet.

Rachel Burns

how much do u take?

Kira Hyde 3 years

500 mg twice a day

Rachel Burns 3 years

Me but my Doc told me to because if an allergic reaction

Sue Drummond

My new rheumy took me off it yesterday. Was on 2,000 mgs/day. Took dose yesterday morning, didn't take last night dose. Slept like a baby for the first time in months.

Kaye Marshall

did it affect your sleep? İve noticed ever since i startrd taking it my appetite is down and its hard for me to fall asleep

Kira Hyde 3 years

Kira Hyde no matter what time I went to bed, I only slept two hours. I had horrible indigestion, nausea and no energy.

Kaye Marshall 3 years

Mine didn't affect my sleep, but for the first few weeks it upset my stomach. I took probiotics and felt fine.

Rachel Burns 3 years

Yes. No effects.

Kristen Boudreaux

I've tried, but after skipping a few doses, I can really feel it. So, I'm back on. It's the only medication i take, and I take the highest dose.

MaryAnne Lin

Just curious, what is your dose?

Rachel Burns 3 years

Yes, threw the whole kit an baboodle away 2 weeks ago. Going to a Naturalpath next week, Was doing great on meds then really bad side effect started. Done with all the chemicals.

Michelle Corley

Yes I did but I quit to start on enbrel

Paulina Larkin


Kira Hyde 3 years

It wasn't helping me

Paulina Larkin 3 years

Yes & didn't notice anything different good or bad

Colette Stevens

Just started it for the jelling in my feet & ankles! I take Xeljanz for the RA.

Barbara Rogers

No, currently tapering with my rheumatologists supervision. (As much as I fantasize about just stopping I don't want to regret it or relive the pain I was in at my worst... Ever.)

Mo Morgan Nicholas

Yes cold turkey, if I had do do it over I would slowly do it. Was on 6 pills for 7 years. But now of for a month an blood pressure lots better and got off one of th BP meds.

Fran Fournier

I'm down to 1 pill 500ml and 400ml ibf. Been trying to get off of both the last 4 months. If I eat a plant based diet feel real good, as soon as I cheat a litlle pain & swelling come back real bad. Following Dr Robert Morse ND, program

Michelle Davies

where do you get that programm?

Kira Hyde 3 years

My Rheumy said it's dangerous and very important to taper off

Jana Capps

I agree .

Fran Fournier 3 years

I came off it for a month - just stopped taking it one day. Didn't notice any difference physically, but I didn't get to see the blood test results after the month to know whether it is doing something I cannot see.

Monica Lane