Gait disorder and rheumatoid arthritis

Heya everybody. Does anyone else walk slow and funny? I have been walking crooked ever since I have been diagnosed with arthritis. Does this ever go away or am I stuck this way for the rest of my life? It makes me not want to go out in public because I do not like 'normal' people staring at me and asking questions

Christine Lay
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I walk weird when I’m in pain. Otherwise I can walk normally. But I agree. I am so self conscious about it and worry that people will stare. I often wear a knee brace to help with walking better.

Keely Jensen

How long have you had arthritis for? This all just sprung about on me after getting rid of a bacteria.. The long term affects were arthritis. It's been about a month for me and my knee is not cooperating with me. My orthopedic DR told me a knee brace was no good because it would cut off circulation.

Christine Lay 3 years

Christine Lay I was diagnosed at age 4 but they believed that I had had it since I was a year and a half. I’m almost 22 now. I use a very mellow knee wrap. Just to kind of give myself support. It’s like $5 from smiths and just helps me kind of keep my knee from being wobbly, if I don’t wear it I easily hyperextend my knees if I step wrong. But I’m working for a better solution. I quit meds about 5 months ago and decided to try using natural methods. I’m just waiting to see another specialist to recommend the next thing. After 20+ years I still haven’t found anything that works long term for me unfortunately

Keely Jensen 3 years

Sheeeesh. Good luck girl. Hope it gets better for all of us!

Christine Lay 3 years

Christine Lay thanks! I hope the best for you too! It’s a struggle but we got this

Keely Jensen 3 years

I have the same issue. Understand completely. I had both knees replaced, and they still aren't straight. Sometimes you have to just do what you got to do. So hold your head high and don't worry about what others think.

Traci Denton

Agreed! Just remember how strong you are every day for even getting out of the house while in pain. Some people will never understand and are quick to judge for any reason they can find. Keep your head up and remember that you are so strong

Keely Jensen 3 years

I’m 35 and been struggling a year now it’s annoying... My walking is so bad I can’t walk in stores and too far outdoors so I gotta be in a wheelchair

Cindy Talley

In the morning I use a walker to get around until my meds kick in and my bones loosen up and then I ditch that and then its a slow cautious walk.

Christine Lay 3 years

Definitely annoying.

Christine Lay 3 years

Christine Lay I can’t even do that because my hands don’t close and I have pain in my hands wrists elbows and shoulders that don’t allow me to use one so I depend on my husband and kids

Cindy Talley 3 years

It has definitely put a to on my very active lifestyle

Cindy Talley 3 years

I don't have arthritis but I do have Rheumatoid Disease(RA) and have been walking funny for a while bc of the damage to my body.

Annette Rangel

I walk funny, even when I think I am walking "normal". I use a wheelchair when I know I will be doing a lot of shopping because being on my feet for too long on hard floors is painful.

Nevan Sadler

u should see me when I get out of bed in the morning. Sooo stuff, legs can't even bend, walks then one foot. İn front of the other. İn malls I must lean on the trolleys otherwise I struggle. Walks like a duck

Maureza Roy

Getting out of bed in the morning has been the absolute worst for me ughh.

Christine Lay 3 years

I hold on too everything now a days too just to take some pressure off of my ankle and knee.

Christine Lay 3 years

Christine Lay so true. I'm in the same boat. Exercise is even strenuous on my ankles

Maureza Roy 3 years

I also have scoliosis .

LuAnn Woodard

I think I walk like a duck with a cane. But I think having the cane stops people from looking at me oddly or asking questions.

Bridget Snow

My boyfriend told me I should get a cane.. I think I may take his advice.

Christine Lay 3 years

Yeah, i don't walk very well. In fact, im 35 and a 70 year old once gave me her walking cane! She walked better than me.

Orena Fish

I look at the older folks walking fine, and I just lose all hope that one day I can walk like a 90 year old. I look ridicules limping along. My ankles look like basket balls. This disease is kicking my rear lately. And I'm in construction. On roofs and attic spaces, under houses, crouching and on ladders... Yea, I could use a mirricle right about now. I refuse to let this take me out though. Putting on my big boy pants and moving on through the pain! Warriors sometimes look like limpy gimpy walkers. Its cool.

Kevin Hunt

Man, my ankle looks like a softball I can't even imagine doing construction or climbing on a roof ever. This gives me motivation to keep on truckin' Thank you!

Christine Lay 3 years

I've totally stopped caring what anyone thinks. I'm just totally grateful that I am still walking and not in a wheelchair like my rheumatologist said I would be three years ago if I didn' take the meds. Many people are born not being able to walk well or at all; RA has opened my eyes to becoming more empathetic and grateful for all my healthy years. So ya, I walk funny and not the way I used to, but I am still walking on my own and hope to be for a long time. Totally med free, by the way.

Marlene Sykes

You go girl!

Christine Lay 3 years

I walk funny when I'm in pain. But if people look at me in a weird way then so be it shame on them. Who are they to judge.

Victoria Goldman

I actually got a cane from my dr. And it does help. It takes the pressure off my left that one is the worst.

Victoria Goldman 3 years

If I am in a flare, yeah I walk with a different gait. I just don't give a crap anymore, I couldn't care less how anybody walks or what they think about my walk.

Yoli Cisneros

I do walk a little different when I'm having a flare up. I used to walk normal when I wasn't in pain but now I'm pretty sure my knees are very damaged. The rheumatoid disease has gone untreated for 7 months now. I've been fighting pneumonia and all the lingering affects.

Linda Triplett

I love wearing toms shoes but unfortunately my right foot leans more towards the side making all my shoes crooked and very noticeable. I have to wear shoes with a lot of support. It’s really weird when I wear Sandles I don’t feel my foot going to the side. And I also have a small limp on my left foot. I’m also a very slow walker.

Paulina Larkin

I do when first standing sometimes... Stretching (yoga) helps, but I do not practice every day like my body would like.

L Kay Mims

it plays havoc with my coordination all the time

Helen David

I told my dad I felt like a baby deer learning to walk lol

Christine Lay