Fresh juices recommendations which are good for inflammation of arthritis

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to know about carrot n orange fresh juice in Arthritis, I took it last night n now my whole body is in pain..
Can anyone please guide me about fresh juices, which are good for inflammation. Thanks in advance

Rabia Christiansen
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Citrus is often inflammatory for those of us with RA. I doubt it was the carrot. Celery and cucumber is my personal favorite for reducing inflammation.

Caprice Meier

I see. Thanks

Rabia Christiansen 3 years

Oooh lots of sugar. Water is best

Cindy Butcher

You mean it's because of natural sugar??

Rabia Christiansen 3 years

Lots of sugar!

Kim Yarbrough


Damaris Chatman


Deborah Colbert

Pineapple is good for inflammation too!

Yazmin Hammond

Too much sugar

Mel Miller

You mean it's because of natural sugar?

Rabia Christiansen 3 years

Sugar is inflammatory. Natural sugars are better than processed but by drinking only tbe juice it is a LOT of sugar.

Mel Miller 3 years

Try juicing using less starchy things. Try cucumber and celery with maybe one orange or one carrot.

Mel Miller 3 years

I make a kale smoothie each day for lunch with a slice of pineapple and banana and flax seeds, if I'm having a lot of inflammation, I add celery,. Cucumber and ginger

Lisa Harrington

I used to juice a lot. Right now I'm addicted to real fruit smoothies but would like to juice again. The carrot shouldn't bother, but what fruit would be better than orange? Would Apple have less sugar?

Melissa Ham

Green apples would be good

Caprice Meier 3 years

Caprice Meier thank you!

Melissa Ham 3 years

Pineapples are anti inflammatory

Lisa Harrington 3 years

Lisa Harrington that is fabulous news!

Melissa Ham 3 years

Citrus is not good

Ritu Connell

Yes. Agree..... İt naturally acidifying. Alkalizing foods are much better for you.

Cindy Butcher 3 years

Cindy Butcher Actually no, lemon is alkalizing.

Alienadin Zamora 3 years

Alienadin Lead yes lemon is - however in general most citrus and sour foods are bad for inflammation and joint pain - I’ve been told to avoid tomatoes, oranges, green limes, tamarind, grapefruit etc Can eat lemons (yellow ones) and sweet limes (called ‘musambi’ in India)

Ritu Connell 3 years

Ritu Connell I drink a glass with the juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning to alkalize my body. You might be right about the rest, as I have been juicing lots of carrot and orange as well, and have a pretty bad case of morning stiffness. I was perfectly fine before. I am going to stop doing that and see what happens. Thx, mate.

Alienadin Zamora 3 years

Lemon juice with water first thing in the morning is v v good for health

Ritu Connell 3 years

Every time I try to drink orange juice I regret the decision the next day. I am sorry it hurts you too.

Susan Benitez

Also it is better juice the whole fruit/vegetable in a blender not a juicer that seperates the juice from the starch/fiber. This way you are getting the "whole" fruit/vegetable.

Amy Gutierrez

Good idea

Rabia Christiansen 3 years

Try cherry juice holland and barrat do a good super strength one x

Janet Hammond

Herb affair online can buy turmeric, make your own pills, take 3 daily. Inflammation gone.
Cheaper to make own. 7$ VS 38$.

Pam Jacobson

Organic green juice

Susan Kiser

Carrot is meant to be the best, except it causes my RA. Maybe try single juices until you figure out what works.

Selina Newman

I've never heard of Carrot juice causing RA. Orange, tomato, pineapple and carrot juices are all high in vitaminC, which means they have antioxidant properties, which can neutralize free radicals that lead to inflammation.

Sunny Hatch 3 years

Yeah I know, mine is carrot. It's in remission and no inflammation unless I eat it.

Selina Newman 3 years