For those with rheumatoid arthritis who cut out wheat and sugar, what are some good snacks?

For those who cut out wheat and sugar, what are some good snacks? Im used to grabbing chips, cookies, toast, etc, which is not an option anymore, so curious to know what on-the-go sacks you enjoy at work, at home etc.. Thanks

Fabiano Ruiz
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Cucumber w hummus, guacamole, fruit salad, are some of my favorites

Griselle Dupree

so chickpeas fall under the OK stuff?

Fabiano Ruiz 3 years

Fabiano Ruiz for me yes

Griselle Dupree 3 years

Hi Griselle Dupree!

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Kristen Boudreaux Hi!!

Griselle Dupree 3 years

I had not seen you for awhile here, so had to give you a hello!

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My appetite has gone way down since I only have no more than 20 carbs a day. I only eat two meals a day and so rarely eat anything in between. Sometimes I have pickle spears or some olives or a handful of nuts

Elissa Parks

I am not much of a snackers and don't care for sweets but I do like piece of fruit every now and then. Zucchini and kale chips are great!

Annette Rangel

I haven't gone wheat free but I have cut back a lot. I like using cucumber rounds as crackers.


Jessica Skinner

I like carrot chips fresh produce

Mary Sellers

Fruit, nuts, seeds

Julie Powell

Milton brand has gluten free chips that are delicious. I get them at local store, Sunflower Shoppe. I've heard that Costco has GF Milton brand pizza made with cauliflower crust. They may carry the chips. I don't have Costco membership

Molly Ramey

Tortilla chips are gluten free...

Marla Bullard

I usually have a handful of homemade granola, or nuts, or fruit.

Lisa Harrington

Roasted walnuts with avocado oil and spices

Marybeth Malone

These are super yummy and satisfy my sweet tooth. I don't add the cloves because I don't like the flavor. I make sure the oats are gluten free and I grind them up. I have other recipes for energy bites if you want more.

Kym Rosenberg

If you miss chips, these are fantastic.


Virginie Morgan

Cassava ones are more like a real chip, plantain can be more sweet.

Virginie Morgan 3 years

Nuts and raw carrots

Christy Jackson

mary’s Gone Crackers

Ann Swanson

Plantain chips were always a great snack. Almonds, pecans, any kind of veggies, guacamole on corn chips.

Traci Alston

Raw veggies, nuts, fruit. Make your own kale and sweet potato chips. Avacado.

Chris Tilley

Hard boiled eggs

Pilar Montgomery

Corn chips, nut and seed mix, nutella on gluten free bread, dairy free yogurt, gluten free muffins, rice chex, applesauce squeezes.

Julie Malone


Sue Lord

U can substitute refined sugar with maple syrup, honey or coconut palm sugar that's what I use.

Debra Flood

Made my sweet potatoes awesome

Debra Flood

I suppose that depends on if you're a sweet or savory person. I much prefer savory. I like nuts, veggies etc. I make my own crackers and tortillas from gluten free flour, I love avocados and guacamole with homemade tortilla chips, hummus dip. I try and avoid all sugars, but once in a great while I'll use honey or maple syrup to make a gluten free mug cake or oatmeal cookies. Love seeing what everyone else likes to snack on.

Ann Wolf

Thanks everyone. Lots of great suggestions

Fabiano Ruiz

i had dark chocolate and a cup of coffee for breakfast... That’s all the ‘fun’ i allow myself in a day. The rest of the day will be: Wild caught salmon, organic dark lettuce salad with olive oil and balsamic, an avocado, an orange, and maybe some steamed organic grass-fed half and half from an A2 cow with two shots of organic expresso. I of course drink reverse osmosis with magnesium and coral calcium added back in, sometimes a few other trace minerals such as boron. Sometimes I’ll make some organic spirulina tea with a dash of USA sourced honey (honey from abroad is cut with rice syrup).

Precious Lugo