Does sitting in hot tubs help with rheumatoid arthritis? Or does it harm?

I have a question.
Does sitting in hot tubs help with RA? Or does it harm RA? #
Tricia Strickland
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I always feel better after a good hot detox bath ... Magnesium salts in the hot tub helps even more x

Donna Garland

I always have Epsom Salt

Zulema Rossi 3 years

If it feels good it is good & a hot tube always feels phenomenal.

Zulema Rossi

Detox baths have been a huge help for my RA.

Stephanie Barrett

What do you put in them for detoxing?

Dee Cano 3 years

Dee Cano epsom salt.

Teresa Swanson 3 years

Teresa Swanson thank you. I use it too.

Dee Cano 3 years

Always helps me

Michele Cunningham

Helps a lot!

Victoria Kenney

Helps me a lot !!

Linda Mohr

Yes.. Anything hot.

Jessica Marcus

In Kenya its usually very hot... So even the sun can help me out?

Celine Drew 3 years

The sun is good for vitaminD. Sometimes a deficiency can cause pain. But i meant a heating pad, preferably far infrared, or hot bath shower. Celine Drew

Jessica Marcus 3 years

Love epsom salt baths.

Jennifer Cordero

Hot/Heat Always helps me. But when my hips are hurting me very bad from the RA my rtub is low so I need help getting up but other than that I love hot showers and baths when I get up in the morning in pain and stiff I always jump in the hot shower to help me

Barbara Cormier

Make me swell. Jacuzzi too

John Ho

Makes me swell up too. I guess you and I are the odd ones. LOL

Teresa Zavala 3 years

Hot water and heat is not good for inflammation. It makes my joints achy.

Tiffany Coleman 3 years

Always helps me too
I just feel so light and relaxed when I come out after a good soak !!

Allison Petty

What about steam rooms and saunas?
I’ve just joined the gym. Wondering if it might also help?

Julie Carr

Yes yes yes!! Lucky you, I've considered joining a gym for this benefits alone. Anything hot eases my pain.

Cynthia Cornelius 3 years

Yes I’ve just come back 30 minute workout and 30 min steam and sauna feel wonderful. Does help detox I think as I’ve just drunk 2 litres of water in the hour!

Julie Carr 3 years

I take a hot bath every night, it helps a lot.

Lisa Harrington

I wish it helped me like it helps the other people who have commented but it Hurts me something awful. I think it just depends. Everybody is different but since getting this disease I have to take lukewarm showers and avoid hot tubs.

Teresa Zavala

OMG my tub is my saving grace!! I take a super hot bath as hot as I can stand it every single night. I say "When I am in my tub, I don't have RA" because it soothes my pain so much it takes it away.

Christina Quintero

My Rheumatologist says that therapy pools are not good for RA, but a hot tub would be okay. Not what the difference would be.

Robin Coker

I don't know the difference. My doctor told me if hot baths help keep doing it. She also signed me up for water therapy, due to its am losing alot of muscle and we pretty much have free motion in water.

Melissa Shoemaker 3 years

Hot water and heat is not good for inflammation. It makes my joints achy.

Tiffany Coleman

Depends on if heat helps or hurts you. Me heat is the enemy so, hot tubes are a no go, now a pool helps me a lot

Jennifer Burrell

Everynight before i sleep Epsom Bath helps me relax and sleep

Billie Barton

Yes it helps me

Mala Sandoval

It helps me. (With Epsom salt)

Yoli Cisneros

Helps me temporarily

Sheryl Hanley

yes i use daily its a must for me

Wilson Rock

It helps me temporarily I have one every night with 3 cups of Epsom salts and some lavender oil

Shelly Walter

Yes I have a bath every day.

Denise Herrington

Heat and hot baths feel so good for me BUT I am told by friends who are in the medical profession that if you are experiencing a flare and the area is red and swollen, not to apply heat as that is not good for inflammation. On those areas, ice is best. Use heat only when the area is not red and inflamed.

Maya Dickey

Yes! I wish I had a tub I could soak in.

Lyn Spivey