Does Rheumatoid Arthritis get inherited or develop? what causes it to develop?

Question: Are we born with RA, or does it develop? And if it develops, what causes it to develop?

Jessica Mason
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In my opinion, an underlying genetic disposition plus a poor diet over decades.

Suzie Dawkins

I wouldn’t say poor diet so much as decades of consuming foods you have a sensitivity to and the resulting leaky gut. These food sensitivities are quite likely passed on in utero, hence the increased occurrence in families. Once these conditions are set up, then an infection or virus can trigger the RA or a host of other auto immune diseases. My own came on overnight about a week after a deep cleaning at the dentist. I believe stirring up the oral bacteria was the final trigger.

Debbie Arredondo 3 years

Mine came after 4 decades of fussy eating and next to no fruit and veg

Suzie Dawkins 3 years

debbie In my case nobody passed it to me, I did it to myself eating lots of meats and sugary foods. I'm taking full responsibility!!!!! I wasn't born with any food sensitivity.

Mariana Grady 3 years

Mariana Grady have you ever tested to see if you have any? I have always eaten quite well but 4 of the foods I ate on a daily basis were contributing to my pain and inflammation.

Debbie Arredondo 3 years

Debbie Arredondo Yes, I tested for food sensitivity, and of course I have sensitivity to food and drink ingredients that got loose in the bloodstream when I had leaky gut. Since antibodies came to fight these food particles that weren't supposed to leak in the blood, those antibodies will stay with me for a while or forever... Now it looks some food sensitivities are still there, some disappeared with a healthy diet. Example of my body reaction: Wheat and dairy would give me fogginess and headache, cola nut will give me a bad flu, or cold if I'm fast enough and catch it before it gets worse.

Mariana Grady 3 years

I think undiagnosed autoimmune diseases such as celiac or thyroid can later lead to other autoimmune diseases such as RA, Lupus.

Kristen Boudreaux

I was diagnosed at age 1... And thought I was in remission but I think it’s back My mom was told I may not walk so I’m lucky. I agree, likely genetic

Sarah Park

What I have learned being in the group, reading everyone's experiences, plus my own experience and research: There are over 100 different kinds of arthritis, and even with rheumatoid arthritis, we are all different in the diagnosis. Some, like me, are sero-negative and was diagnosed based on my symptoms only, and not any real blood markers. The doctors had to classify me as something to treat me, but none of the meds have helped at all, and in fact, have almost killed me. Some people progress quickly, others slowly. Some are born with it, and some like me, who has always been fit and healthy, developed it, with no genetic factors in my family. With other people, it runs in their family and they have mothers, father, aunts and uncles with it, or other autoimmune disorders. That's also why some diets help some people with RA but not others, and other diets help other people. It's not a one-size-fits-all condition and that's why the doctors know so little, and prefer to prescribe drugs to help with symptoms, but never really helping with the underlying problem.
Anyway, this is what I have concluded, and why I am grateful to this group because it gives me hope, faith and options, plus a sense of belonging with others who understand what having RA is like.

Marlene Sykes

I was told I always had it. When I got Lyme's disease it made it 'active'.

Jenna Jarvis

mine too from Lyme disease. Progression of diagnoses: Lyme disease -> Bell's Palsy-> Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -> Fibromyalgia -> Stressors - divorce, bankruptcy, lost my father & trying to get on disability all within 3 months! ->Palindromic Rheumatism -> Rheumatoid Arthritis. Note the term changes but it's still stress = pain

Susan Carlson 3 years

Yes I have fibromylasia and hashimotos also. Oh and diverticulosis

Jenna Jarvis 3 years

Hope you find relief

Jenna Jarvis 3 years

Taking Sulfasalazine but reduced dosage due to mouth sores - terrible problem. Reduction induced a flare, just over prednisone so we'll see how it goes.

Susan Carlson 3 years

I got them also from sulfasalazine. I took folic acid and that helped.

Jenna Jarvis 3 years
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I think it's autoimmune underlying and something triggers it, at 19 I ended up being diagnosed with vitiligo (stress related) autoimmune as well and at 30 RA, which I think started when I fell from a ladder going up to the loft, no one in my family had either other then getting it with old age.

Tasha Stovall

I've heard that, too. A traumatic event triggering RA that is...

Susan Carlson 3 years

thats what I think for mine

Tasha Stovall 3 years

I believe something triggers it. But that trigger could be something different for each of us. For me I believe it was a flu shot.

Jamie Enriquez

I was born with asthma which is an AI disease too. I read RA and other AI diseases could be triggered by trauma, as well as bad diet.

Jessica Heller

I think it's years of chemicals and eating processed foods

Ginger Dickens

My older sister had it from her thirties on. She died this year aged 70. It was from RA complications. I was diagnosed this year at age 63. I’ve always eaten pretty well but had huge amounts of stress in my body. I ended up with three viral lung infections and three UTIs in a row and lived on antibiotics. I believe the stress and the antibiotics triggered what became RA. However I change to a mainly plant based diet, leaving my job and changing my lifestyle has got me to a point where I’m pain free. I believe my gut was in a bad way and eating both prebiotic and probiotic foods and managing stress plus moderate exercise has really helped. I’m still on MTX but the dose is being lowered. You just need to find your own way. I firmly believe that if you eat a SAD diet then that will contribute. Run a car on the wrong fuel and it will clap out. Same with us.

Karen Gross

Sorry about your sister karen. My sister had Lupus and passed away at 48. Glad you are taking such good care of yourself!

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Kristen Boudreaux yes it was like when I got the diagnosis I could see her twisted hands and her in a wheelchair and I thought I’m going to fight this with all I have; and so I am. So far I’m winning.

Karen Gross 3 years

karen , can I know what is SAD diet?

Chitra Marino 3 years

Standard american Diet, processed foods, etc.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

I think there's def genetic factors. My mum likely has it (undiagnosed but deformed hands and feet, pain, redness etc) I have three cousins with it, and Aunty with it and my half brother has it !!

Debbie Person

Yeah i am still doubting how i gotR. A when i was on a diet and going to gym thats when i started feeling certain pains and then got dignosed withR. A
No one in my family has it as young as me, my grandma just has Arthritis but not as bad

America İngram

No one in my family has ever had RA or any other autoimmune disease. So mine is definitly not hereditary which leads me to think it was triggered by a stressful event. In my situation, a traumatic child birth during my husband's 5th deployment.

Amy Bruno

Mom has RA; I was diagnosed with MCTD, sle, sjogren’s, and now RA/fibromyalgia; 17-year-old daughter diagnosed this year with Hashimoto’s.

Heather Norton

Neither of my parents and none of my grandparents had RA. I was born with thrush and have continued to have candida issues... To the point that my blood tests positive for it and even diet hasn't gotten rid of it. I have 6 autoimmune diseases. I blame my parents for not being in great health (both heavy drinkers) when I was conceived. I honestly believe the candida has caused all of my autoimmune diseases and I believe that's a huge cause of most autoimmune disease.
Mine did begin showing up after a bad divorce. Stress... And bad gut health. I DO believe bad gut health is passed down... And when our grandparents and parents have that it just gets worse as it is passed down and combined.

Caprice Meier

In my case, rheumy said it had to do with pregnancy in my 40s. Hormonal imbalance? ?

Beth Childs

Yep that's what I believe from my research and learning. Estrogen dominance, low level of progesterone, can occur at any age. Environment related with all the xenoestrogens groom petrochemicals. I had horrible periods, migraines, etc... Was diagnosed at age 8, in remission during 7th and 8th grade, but came on hard during freshman year when I was 13. this was back in 1963. At diagnosis I had my tonsils out the year before. They thought I got a virus from that to initially set off the RA But from 13 on, it's been hormone related. I had partial hysterectomy in 1982, remaining ovary out in 2001. I found out about bio identical progesterone cream in 2002. Since 2003 I've never had a migraine since. And for most part, RA has been in remission. I can trigger it off too much bread, sugar, processed hit dogs, etc, but can calm it back down with extra progesterone cream and omega 3 supplements

Molly Ramey 3 years

It is caused by a trigger in your environment

Laurel Schaffer