Does rheumatoid arthritis cause flare in just one joint, multiple joints or whole body?

What exactly is flare for you all? It’s just one joint, multiple joints or whole body? Do u guys know when it’s going to flare and how long does it last ?

Hetal Sargent
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A flare for me would be inflammation in one or more joints and fibro usually accompanies it, so excruciating body pain.

Kristen Boudreaux

Yep, me too

Jo Mack Lutz 3 years

A flare for me is obvious as soon as I wake up in the morning. My whole body is in excruciating pain. Feel like I’ve been hit by a bus in ever joint and I’m sick at my stomach. I have no idea how long they will last or when they are coming on.

Katherine İnman

For me a flare has many levels. Minor is all over aches pain like flu and I feel like crap. Major feels like someone took a baseball bat and beat me from neck to toes.

Annette Rangel

Exactly A few days ago my toes felt like they had been bashed in with a hammer

Cicely Godfrey 3 years

Cicely Godfrey I feel your pain!! My toes are worse than my hands.

Annette Rangel 3 years

Flare to me is when I can’t use my hand at all because if I try i am in screaming pain.

Daisy Goldsmith

Same with me. My left wrist is the worst and the hand will swell sometime twice the normal size. No strength and pain beyond anything I can compare it to except child birth... BUT that does come to an end... This doesn't. My current flare is about 2 months with days I can't even cut my food.

Carolyn Kent 3 years

Carolyn Kent what are you taking for yours ?

Daisy Goldsmith 3 years

daisy I take 5 methotrexate once a week, but with little relief. It was suggested by one of the members to get compression gloves and they do help keep the swelling down. Aleve helps some, but the CBD oil a dear friend sent me from her home state works wonders for pain. I refuse to ever put another prednisone in my body~!! I have change my diet the best I can. It's hard when everyone around me wants the good stuff and I have to eliminate those same foods. This sure isn't the easiest thing to learn to live with... Oh, I also to a bunch of supplements and use sipping apple cider vinegar with the Mother, organic honey and turmeric.

Carolyn Kent 3 years

Carolyn Kent I know I tried mtx for 4 weeks but it made me so sick. I went and saw a natural path. Best thing I did. He put me in Ldn and a gluten free dairy free sugar free diet. Lots better

Daisy Goldsmith 3 years

Daisy Goldsmith That is pretty much the same thing I'm doing with my diet, but it sure isn't easy~!! All the foods I love; I can't eat.

Carolyn Kent 3 years

All over like I've been hit with a Mac Truck,,

Verna Winkler

same. All over and much like the flu in addition to the pain.

Rachel Mills 3 years

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is a flare for me, I always feel something different every day.

Melly Mendez

Me too. It’s like Forrest Gump says. Rheumatoid is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Lol

Suzette Britton 3 years

Lol! Yeah pretty much like a box of chocolates!

Melly Mendez 3 years

So, if your in a flare, does that mean the disease is progressing?

Beverly Fraser 3 years

Same here... I just don't know when is a flare

Jose Maxwell 3 years

Well, there's the Ole Authur flare, where you feel like you've worked two double shifts with no sleep going in for the next shift.. Then there's the Ole Ball Ping Hammer, where you can't say anything but #$%t... When you look at certain joints cause they look broke or sum.. Then there's the Hail mary... Where somebody threw you off the golden gate bridge, and you landed on one side of your body.. Abd can't get out of bed for days.

Catherine Hogan

What a great description....exactly how I feel !!!!

Shari Jacobson 3 years

Love the description! Very true!

Katherine İnman 3 years

Hit the nail on the head with these descriptions~!!

Carolyn Kent 3 years

Different body parts flare at different times for me. I consider it a flare when the pain and swelling is accompanied by fatigue. The pain is pretty constant, the fatigue isn't.

Penny Pena

I feel tired most of the time.

Carolyn Kent 3 years

Carolyn Kent I did before I changed my diet.

Penny Pena 3 years

Fatigue!!!! Flu like achy. Sometimes my knees feel like they were beaten with a baseball ball. Also nauseous. I can’t figure out why it upsets my stomach but it does.

Michelle Barnes

For me a flare is moving like a snake. It hits one joint and in a period of less than three hours it moves to another and another while the first one heals. I have palindromic they say... Pain that I can only describe as a nail going through the bone.

Dia Wilkins

I hate this disease

Sue Lord

Flare for me is stiffness in multiple joints and makes me feel very tired, mainly first thing in the morning does ease as day goes on, which I’m thankful for, but I try and push through some days I feel like just doing nothing, but I get up every day go to work, when I get home if possible I try to get a quick nap before cooking dinner it helps me.

Tasha Stovall

For me a flare is when my pain comes back like an angry wasp, stings me multiple times and my hands or feet swell. A flare is when it feels like every bone in my feet are broken and I can barely put them on the floor and hold my weight. A flare is when my wrists feel so stiff and frozen I can hardly move them. A flare is when I get chest bone pain, back pain, a tight skull and my jaw clicks and hurts. A flare is when I lie in bed with so much pain and lethargy that I want to die. Thankfully, in the last year, I have only felt like that when I reacted to a new food or I overdo it physically. After a couple of days, when the food leaves my body, or when I rest and relax, the flare goes away. I have only had maybe one or two flares such as described above in the last 12 months since I changed my diet and for that I am so very grateful. Before I changed my diet, I was always in flare-mode.

Marlene Sykes

I am always in pain and every some days have different random weird symptoms that comes and goes
Fatigue comes and goes but constant chronic pain but it depends on its severity

Huda Hughes

All over body pain for me. My feet are always deformed went but when I have a flare I can't walk on them

Marla Bullard

A flare for me is when i wake up in pain all over my body, hurts getting out of bed and hard time walking

Patti Starks

I was wondering same thing... İm very new to this but some days i hurt in only one joint, other days its 3 joints.... İs that considered a flare???

Mary Kerns

I think that sounds like the beginnings of RA, in one joint, then some more. I wouldn't consider that a flare, but instead, inflammation in your body that is starting to affect your joints. But I don't know the level of your pain or inflammation, If it only happens sometimes, and when it does the pain is unbearable and your joints are hot and red and swell like hotdogs, well then I would say it's a flare.

Marlene Sykes 3 years

Marlene Sykes ok thanks

Mary Kerns 3 years