Does Methotrexate cause severe fatigue?

Doee anyone know if Methotrexate causes severe fatigue. Ive been on it for about 7 weeks now but feel that my fatigue is getting worse. Y rheumatologist said that my iron levels were low but it could be because my inflammation ia hiding my iron stores. But dr said she didnt believe that was the case. Im having my regular blood test. Tomorrow and ive made an appt with my dr to see if inflammation has gone down and see what my iron levels say... Im guessing that could the reason why im tired.

Jovana Hicks
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More than likely low iron. If it's really low still you could ask for an infusion. An injection can leave a permanent mark if not done well. Also, when you take iron supplements or eat iron rich food take it with some whole food vitamin c like lemon juice or camu camu powder to enhance absorption and away from calcium as it hinders absorption.

Bee Welch

Yeh my dr suggesed doing an infusion. I was taking iron tablets but he told me it wasnt necessary.

Jovana Hicks 3 years

My iron lever get very low as well! And I am so weak and exhausted with it. I sleep all the time and it's hard to wake up

Becca Polk 3 years

Methotrexate actually helped lower my fatigue. Could be iron (as stated above), a vit B-12 deficiency or even a hormonal imbalance.

Jane Todd

I had a very low b12, so my dr put me on a supplement for that. The methotrexate does make me feel more lethargic for a short time, so I take it on Friday eve. Overall, I'm starting to see an increase in my energy level during the week though.

Traci Alston 3 years

Methotrexate did cause me severe fatigue. Yes.

Joyce Gallegos

Yes, I had to stop it because I was so fatigued I couldn't function for 2 days after my dose. It doesn't work for everyone. I'm on Arava now and it works well for me.

Tanya Nicholas

I was on Arava too but im one of the 1 in 1000 people that got an allergic reaction to it so had to stop.

Jovana Hicks 3 years

Same here! MTX gave me severe fatigue, a year after taking Arava I have severe Gastritis and Duodenitis.

Romana Berry 3 years

Romy C Oma, I had fairly severe GI tract problems (from GERD, everything between, to prolapse). It is fairly easy to cause it to go away. It is caused because our immune system's reaction to ingested food sensitivities cause a cytokine storm, and the cytokines are attracted to our intestinal lining because of the high cell turnover. Study antiinflammatory diet and elimination/challenge. Most people start by eliminating gluten, dairy, excess sugar, eating whole foods, and watch carefully the reaction to foods eaten.

Jim Boucher 3 years

I take probiotics and im slowly cutting out breads..... Which is hard being marries to an Italian but i do believe that probiotics help alot

Jovana Hicks 3 years

Thanks! I am adjusting my diet and have eliminated most gluten, sugar and carbs. Eating lots of veggies in form of smoothies!

Romana Berry 3 years
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Yes but you should also be on folic acid that will help too. I also took mine at nite that also helped me

Joanne Yang

yeh im on folic acid too... And yep i take mine at night too as suggested by the dr.

Jovana Hicks 3 years

I had to stop it I could hardly function for about 2 days after. I used to call them my wading through treacle days

Joline Hinson

Read medical meduim

Carla Barnard

I used to feel really tired the day after I took it. But now I am also on LDN and I don't feel any fatigue know. I have energy since I started the new med.

Elizabeth Huffman

whats LDN

Jovana Hicks 3 years

Low dose naltrexone

Elizabeth Huffman 3 years

ok thanks. Never heard of it

Jovana Hicks 3 years

Yea it is new but i am trying everything

Elizabeth Huffman 3 years

I just started it a couple weeks ago and I'm having difficulty sleeping. Is that a side effect?

Jennifer Burgos

I believe it is. My mum was taking it for another issue and she had insomnia from it.

Jovana Hicks 3 years

I, too, am taking it and suffer from insomnia.

Renona Hughes 3 years

It's common for methotrexate to cause fatigue. It's important to take the active form of folic acid - methylfolate. It's more available for the body to absorb. There is something called. Anemia of chronic disease. That's what is the cause for a lot of RA people's iron deficiency. It's to do with chronic inflammation. Sometimes it's hard to now what is worse the pain or the fatigue

Dianne Collier 3 years

wow makes sense... Thanks for sharing.

Jovana Hicks 3 years

I take methotrexate for RA/Lupus but I also have chronic severe anemia. I have to have iron infusions about every six months and also take B12 shots monthly, vitamin D supplements daily along with folic acid. The hematologist said that the anemia is from the chronic inflammation which causes the red blood cells to be small and sometimes immature.

LaDonna Reagan

what were your levels and did they detect it in a normal blood test?

Jovana Hicks 3 years

Methotrexate help with fatigue at first then it made me feel really fatigued. I stopped it soon after that.

Michelle Wilcox

Yes it does ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels.

Sandra Pitts

Shilijat is amazing

Gary Henderson

It can take about three months to really notice a difference mine worked fine until I had hysterectomy which was a big reason why my iron was low but after that methotrexate stopped working for me

Melissa Gentry

Methotrexate makes me zombie like tired. It's a fatigue that is like no other. I could fall asleep on the kitchen floor... My vit D level is good. My Vit B 12 is slightly low but Dr said it wouldn't cause this type of fatigue.

Tiffany Coleman

i feel like im getting like that. Its like i have a nap and then 5 minutes later i nees another one.... İts horrible. Seeing the dr next friday after i get my blood test results back.... And hopefuly its just low iron and hopefuly it can be easily fixed...... Fingers crossed it can be as easy as that.

Jovana Hicks 3 years