Does exercising help people with Rheumatoid Arthritis decrease the pain?

This may be a stupid question but here it goes.. If you exercise when you're in absolute pain, does it help decrease the pain the next day? Yesterday I went grocery shopping even though my pain was really bad, but today I feel good.

Callie Clemons
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I find that light exercise definitely helps. Just don’t overdo it

Suzy Mckenzie

Depends on the kind of exercise. I do normal walking and it does help with my pain sometimes. But on a good day before I was disgnosed - I tried zumba gold and there I was on the bed for days with a flare. So don't overdo it. Know your body !! Lil everyday.

Sneha Kurtz

Be careful..

Lallitca Harvey

I sometimes feel better after swimming. I hobbled over to the pool using my cane the other day and felt wonderful while I was in the pool but when I got home I realized It didn't really make a difference. I was still in serious pain. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. At least it felt nice while I was in there.

Teresa Zavala

I feel the exact same way about swimming. I cant actually swim, but I do some sort of dog paddle thing. It is frustrating as I used to be a good swimmer. This whole disease is so frustrating.

Kristine Busby 3 years

Yes! I find that if I am sore from exercising then my joint pain is significantly reduced. It's almost as if my body can't deal with both pains at once so instead it chooses to focus on sore muscles instead of joints.

Yesenia Fritz

It depends on the toll it takes in your joints.

Maggie Jewell

Exercise reduces inflammation and pain for sure! In fact, I finally have my pain from an 8 to a manageable 3 or 4 and started cross fit because I ready that “extreme” workouts help the most... My SED rate went from 73 to 19 and I can’t wait to see what it is next month!

Mindy Atkins

This^^. It has to be an extreme workout for me too.

Yesenia Fritz 3 years

My legs have been hurting so bad this week I can hardly walk without my cane or braces on. My knees ankle and feet are killing me. Were you ever in that bad of pain? How did you push through? I'm so frustrated with this.

Teresa Zavala 3 years

When I'm that bad I usually try to walk around my cul de sac to stay moving. Then lots of massaging so things stay warm and loose. I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain.

Yesenia Fritz 3 years

teresa Page 100%! I was in a wheelchair!!!! But I didn’t do this over night... And as u know, every day is different. Like today my left ankle can’t take any pressure... Yesterday it was fine.

Mindy Atkins 3 years

Teresa Zavala same here. Havent been able to do any excercise for few years... Just found out that you cand get 5 free sessions with sport physio if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness is Oz. Just got me referral and cant wait to get back into it....

Paivi Ferris 3 years
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I workout pretty hard most days during the week. A little less on weekends, as i’m With my kids. The better my conditioning - the least RA affects me.

Maria Roberson

Yes it did for me - we need to keep moving, but of course everyone's different

Kay Moyer

Yes, something light. Walking and stretching is what works best for me

Veronica Donahue

I had to take off work my knee swelled up so bad from bumping it on the floor doing hip exercises.

Daisy Goldsmith

I had to stop exercising and cancelled my membership last March as every time I went to the gym the next day(or same day) the pain was really bad.
Only after my pain is gone that I will go back to exercising.

Dani Henley

How can you all exercise? I walk a couple stairs and my muscles are screaming and I’m exhausted!

Lisa Cody

It’s a strange disease isn’t it? If I don’t exercise all the time - that’s when i’m in pain.

Maria Roberson 3 years

Not over what I would consider “level 7” pain. I try to push myself when my pain is moderate and it typically does really help lubricate certain joints. Particularly walking with excellent shoes or gentle yoga. I’m sadly not as active as I’d like to be

Rachel Mills

I know my pt told me to force my knee straight with mild exercises. I don’t know. If I should push myself or just rest it out.

Daisy Goldsmith

Yes, for me exercise helps a lot. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Annette Costa

For me the first mile is always awful but by the time I’m done I feel limber the rest of the day. Unless I nap. Then I get all stuff again.

KC Bennett Koch

I noticed that too. How weird is that, right?!?

Maggie Jewell 3 years

some exercise does help -our muscles get too stiff otherwise

Beverley Kemp

I cycle.. The more I cycle the more I repair

Sherry Blanton

i just bought a new mtn bike today! Stoked to ride more again, the mma i was doing wasn't a good fit for my body (dealing with long term injuries from it) but riding feels sooooo good!

Maria Roberson 3 years

I’ve been doing more cycling since January. Even if it hurts, by time I finish I feel better.. This week have been told I’m in remission.. Keep going!

Sherry Blanton 3 years

Sherry Blanton tonight is bikram hot yoga followed by roller pole (pole dancing with roller skates on! ), tomorrow is mtn biking and rock climbing and Sunday is stand-up paddle boarding ... İ play roller derby too, i refuse to let this disease define me!

Maria Roberson 3 years

fabulous.. Love the spirit.. Keep it going

Sherry Blanton 3 years

People with RA do better with MORE movement... Not less.... So yes excercise can definitely help if you dont overdue it.

Mary Kerns

Yes! I noticed that as well!!

Darcy Gates

Is good to keep doing things, the minute you give in to pain, and sit and do nothing it will control you. Your muscle freezes. Do not limit yourself, your stronger than u think. Find a new way to do things u like. But do them.

Martha Weaver

Yes. Motion is lotion. If you stop moving.. İt's over.

Robyn Mooney

same for me. İf i have to take care of my pain... My pain will take GOOD care of me! So i choose to walk a little bit everyday, a lit of household cores in the morning and this make me fit for work. I rarely take painkillers.

Nirmala Warner

Yes the more I move the better I feel

Lynne Bass

If I am not swelled up then exercise is good. But if I am swelled up nothing but rest helps.

Daisy Goldsmith