Does anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis have severe muscle pain in arms, hands, and legs?

Do any of you have severe muscle pain in your arms, hands, and legs? Or do you hurt mostly in joints?

Katy Darby
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My joints are my main problems but yes I do sometimes have severe muscle pain sometimes mainly in my upper arms

Dianne Collier

me too! I describe it as the feeling you get after a flu vaccination or being punched but the pain never stops or goes away.

Laura Ponce 3 years

Do u have fibromyalgia

JoAnna Sharpe

No. But I have Dermatomyositis as well as RA

Katy Darby 3 years

Have ur dr test u for affects the muscles.... Very painful

JoAnna Sharpe 3 years

Yep all the time

Natasha Compton

Yes. I currently have pain in the muscles in my upper arms as well.

Gayle Donaldson

Yes, although less since I started taking potassium and magnesium

Rowan Miranda

Fibro here... PAIN ALL OVER

Jose Maxwell

Yes, upper arms. Even when on meds that make the shoulders better, the muscles and tendons that run from the shoulders to b the elbows are still very sore. Heating pad and patches help me.

Ginger Dickens

Me too!! Tendons super sore in arms and hands!

Caren Comer 3 years

Yes! Thought I was the only one. Muscles in arms between shoulders and elbows.... İt's awful!

Arcy Orr

I get the same pain. The area between the shoulder and elbow. It is awful. Goes stiff and you can't use your arm.

Nicole Medrano 3 years

I have it too... Still determining if it's result of fibro or sleep apnea

Rachael Maher

I thought I was the only one too arcy Munoz. I'm having physical therapy right now. I'm hoping it will help.

Susan Pierson

I'd love to know if it helps you. I've been considering PT

Gayle Donaldson 3 years

I had cortisone injections first. It felt bettter for a few days. Been doing PT for about 4 weeks. It seems better. I still have a click in the right shoulder joint but its not as bad. I will be going for another couple weeks. Im hopeful.

Susan Pierson 3 years

I have muscle pain as well. I'm wondering if it's more than just RA.

Christy Mcdonald

I have a lot of muscle pain and spasms all the time. I don’t get it.

Mary Haas

Initially my first symptoms were muscle and bone pain. After a year my joint pain started all over my body.

Lochner Barrera

Both. I tried to step over a rail Yesteday that was about six inches tall and scraped my leg in the front. Couldnt even lift my leg that high. Pitiful.

John Kruse

Thanks for all the comments. It's very helpful. I also have Dermatomyositis, and I'm just wondering if that's what the muscle pain is from, or if RA causes muscle pain too. I have joint pain in multiple places. But the muscle pain seems to be the most unbearable.

Katy Darby


Jamie Frye

Yes. That is bc our muscles are trying to do a job that they were never meant to do, over compensating for joints that do not work.

Annette Rangel

I have leg muscle aching when I have sugar.... When I go off my eating program !!

Linda Mohr

Sometimes I have excruciating pain in the muscles in my arms too. Bio Freeze helps very much!

Dee Marcus

Muscles too

Lyn Zuniga

Yes, I also have fibromyalgia though.

Mimi Arnold

Synovial fluid is what Ra attacks. There is synovial fluid in your muscles. Between the fascia layers, Ra eats it, my Ra is in my tendons I have chronic tendonitis no joint pain.. I have even had tendons rupture .

Laurel Schaffer

Do you know anything about Bovine Tracheal Cartilage? I've never taken it, but doing some research.

Katy Darby 3 years

Here lately I have been dealing with muscle pain. The Dr wants to start me on Humira injections but i am scared of side effects.

Carmen Timmons

I’ve taken Humira for a year and it’s works well for me.

Sandra Pitts 3 years

Use Enbrel instead of Humira. Humira gave me back pain and stomach cramps and enbrel didn’t

Darlene Whitt 3 years

hurt mostly in joints

Cess Bourgeois


Mishu Craig

I've got a swollen leg it's quite painful SIM off to the docs tomorrow

Katrina Gipson

Yes it’s part of the flare up my doctor gave me a mild muscle relaxer.

Sandra Pitts

I've never had it before I started taking hydroxychloroquine

Katrina Gipson

Last 20 yrs mainly joints, now muscles around joints as well.

PK Liew Vazquez