Does anyone with rheumatoid arthritis have a joint that just remains in a constant flare?

Does anyone else have a joint that just remains in a constant flare? No matter what you do... For me, it's the top knuckle of my middle finger... Always in pain.

KMarie Langley
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My left pointer finger middle knuckle. I can at least move it now thanks to steroids and diet change but I never use it anymore.

Kara Collins

yup 3 fingers end joints on both hands always hurting

Sandra Dowdy

Do you have osteoarthritis? Isn't that a sign of osteoarthritis?

Lisa Harrington

I know for me my rheumatologist was surprised my RA blood work was positive. I think he thought it was osteoarthritis. I had to look up what flares were when everyone was talking about them because mine has just been a constant pain in my finger (and some foot pain and back pain).

Kara Collins 3 years

I was told in the spring that I was "high risk" for osteoarthritis. I'll ask them to look into it again... Thank you.

KMarie Langley 3 years

My fingers swell on the bottom two joints, but not the top one.

Lisa Harrington 3 years

I have flares in other joints on occassion (I'm taking MTX) but this one just remains constant.

KMarie Langley 3 years

Kara Collins-I have back pain in my whole back-constantly. Are you on meds? If not, what do you use for the back pain?

Mj Anthony Acevedo 3 years

I do as well left hand though

Mary Sellers

Same spot, same hand!!

Mary Quinones

Oh wow!!

KMarie Langley 3 years

Me too!!!

Heather Winslow 3 years

Mine is my index finger, but more tendon pain.

Virginie Morgan

Don't mind the manicure from my 8 year old. She is the most gentle with my hands.

KMarie Langley

My Rheumatologist told me that the first knuckle gets osteoarthritis but not RA.

Nita Scott

Very interesting!

KMarie Langley 3 years

My rheumatologist says no joint is exempt from RA and over the years it would affect more and more joints. That was about twenty years ago and unfortunately he was very right.

Angie Watts 3 years

It would be nice if all the rheumatologists would get together and at least agree on the facts.

Nita Scott 3 years

Yes, I have similar problem with stiffness in joints of my fingers. Any solutions with free drugs ?

Prakash Raines

I've heard those joints are OA too and others (middle and knuckle) are RA but I'd have it x-ray or sonogram to see

Michelle Womack

Yes! I need to have this checked, for sure. Thank you!

KMarie Langley 3 years

That is where mine first started and still bothers me when I’m not on prednisone.

Raeleene Salas

My little fingers are worse
But my hands are continually stiff


Cheryl Vaughan

I can relate very well. My ring finger is like this, and a doc said that it could be a nodule. I have swelling my pinky which is different and very odd. Even though I had to up my meds for months now, the swelling and pain is there. Argh!

Donna Stanley

I have five joints that seem to be in permanent flare mode: Both knees, left ankle, right wrist and right elbow.

Angie Watts

Yes my right pointer finger always hurts more than the rest. Ugh

Jenna Jarvis

I'm 72 and recently last year started developing red inflammed firnger joint nodules on matching fingers both hands. Diagnosis RA this summer, and went vegan compliant giving up dairy, wheat, glutens, grains, and had immediate remission and one can barely see where the nodules were. Previously they looked like large red peas had been inserted on both sides of my finger joints (nearest the nails). I cannot advise enough trying a plant based diet for a couple of weeks eating approved veggies, fruits if you want to see if that removes the inflammation. Just my experience, but the pain and burning was so great and it's gone! Good luck and at least you would have the information. I never want to go through that pain, fatigue, unable to rest in bed or sleep, so that is why I keep suggesting this ....

Antonia Purcell

You’re one of the lucky ones.

Virginie Morgan 3 years

Virginie Morgan Please forgive me if my post sounds boastful; not my intent. Only meant to offer possible hope to those suffering from this terrible disease. I understand others can suffer much more misery than some of us, but I am so grateful to be pain-free after thinking I was literally going to die, that I just wanted to help. So sorry if my comments in any way caused you pain. Love and peace

Antonia Purcell 3 years

Antonia Purcell oh not at all. I’m thankful that you are one of the lucky ones. I’m not giving up quite yet.

Virginie Morgan 3 years

Virginie Morgan Good luck and appreciated your comment

Antonia Purcell 3 years

My left pinkie. I take a pic with the chapstick every once in a while to compare.


Sunny Hatch

Yes, both my birdie fingers. Looking at having an injection in both done

Kayleen Piper

Getting there.

Eloise Prather

Antonia Purcell-that is wonderdul. Can you share what you ate for each meal? What fruits, veggies, etc?

Mj Anthony Acevedo

Mj Anthony Acevedo Acevedo On this group's left hand list I clicked on files and scrolled down to simple elimination diet and read that. Very helpful beginning. I think I googled lots of tries like "vegan AIP compliant list" and found different things. Sorry, don't remember exactly. Not very computer savvy.

Antonia Purcell

AIP is Auto Immune Protocol if you didn't know (like I didn't).

Antonia Purcell