Does anyone with rheumatoid arthritis feel like they're getting a sore throat all the time

Does anyone else feel like they're getting a sore throat all the time. At least a couple times a week every night around 5pm I will start to feel like I'm getting a sore throats then in the morning I'm fine.

Kathleen Oliver
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When I am about to flare, I get a sore throat. That is usually my first warning, I need to slow down and rest. I thought it had something to do with having hashimoto's, but not sure.

Kristen Boudreaux

What is considered a "flare"? Since I changed my diet my pain has changed. I will have inflammation and pain in certain area one day then the next morning it's gone from those areas and moved onto others. Not sure if that's good or bad. For the past week my wrist has been hurting really bad. I feel a sore throat so I hope that doesn't mean it's going to get worse

Kathleen Oliver 3 years

Since diet change, my RA has been good. My flares are from thyroid and fibromyalgia. It usually happens if I hurt myself, stress or over tired. My whole body will start to hurt. Feels like my body is a bruise and someone is poking it constantly, a throbbing pain. I just have to monitor diet and how much I am doing constantly. It could be you are getting a cold or you just need to take it easy. Hope you feel better

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Now that I'm reading what hashimotos is I'm scared I have that too

Kathleen Oliver 3 years

It is common once you have one autoimmune disease to get more. I have 5 now and trying really hard not to get anymore! I wish I had known about the importance of diet years ago, might have saved my thyroid. Read up on it, I learned a lot of why I did not feel well for so long.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Kristen Boudreaux I will read up on it. Great just what I need. I am going to my rheumatologist to get on meds. I think I just need to get my symptoms in check before I end up with permanent damage. It's just all so confusing I don't know what's bothering me.

Kathleen Oliver 3 years
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Yes I get a lot of sore throats and earaches!!

Janet Bird

Me too!

Rhonda Richey 3 years

I have been for a few wks now... Seems like late afternoon till i go to sleep and when i wake up in the am its gone... İ was also wondering the reason..

Tammy Pope

Yep all the time haven't figured out what is wrong, fine in morning then later sore throat, aching legs, joints hurt, swelling fingers

Jerry Orr

Reactivated Epstein Barr? Not sure if you've been tested. That was one of my first follow up tests after RA diagnosed and came back positive.

Alana Dugan

I am reading a book about that being the root cause

Carla Barnard 3 years

I've also read you can have inflammation in your vocal cords. In the last 18months I've laryngitis 4 times and only 1 of those times was I actually sick.

Alana Dugan 3 years

Alana Dugan What are you doing for the Epstein Barr? Have you read the Medical Medium book? I've been following his protocol and have been able to go off meds.

Melanie Scott 3 years

Melanie Scott I took acyclovir for a while and symptoms faded. Haven't re-checked lately by my new rheumatologist seems unconcerned. I have wanted to read Medical Medium - so awesome it helped get you off meds! I just had to start meds I made it about a year and started professing quick and already have damage in my wrists.

Alana Dugan 3 years

Alana Dugan Thanks for your response. I've been in a flare the last couple of weeks and have developed two rheumatoid nodules on my wrist. But I haven't been eating as well and I know diet is important in how I feel.

Melanie Scott 3 years
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Never experienced this

Michelle Womack

Been hoarse for 2 years

Carla Barnard

Yes and usually only on the left side. But I could nit pic this mess to death from reading tons of articles! After reading iv realized well I should be dead! Sometimes iv got to just stop! Regroup and realize if I get up tomorrow it's going to be a good day!

Fran Fournier

Yes. For a long time... Then it just stopped. ???

Joyce Gallegos

Me too! Wonder why

Diana Wade

Yeah, me too. Only on one side during a flare, but it's gone the last couple of days.

Marci Meier

I call it my fake sore throat. I think for me its related to reflux or indigestion. It never becomes anything and is gone by morning i did a diet change and the reflux got better and no more sore throats in the evenings.

Maria Carson

Thank you for mentioning the sore throat and someone else had mentioned ear aches. Last week I experienced both followed by a bunch of flare ups. I thought there was a connection. I love this fb group!

Linda Huber

I'm on remicade, so I think it's from that and just being rundown on and off... İf I don't get enough sleep or allergies are bad it comes and goes too

Rhonda Richey

Yes an also ear aches

Carmen Minor

Yes I get sore throat, earache and runny nose always feels like a cold coming on

Susan Walters

yes - frequent sore throat to the point where I have difficulty swallowing. Not medication related because I had this between the onset of symptoms and the start of medication. It seems to be related to fatigue and stress (and RA - of course).

Belinda Rasmussen

I always get this towards the evening especially if I'm worn down and didn't get enough sleep the night before!

TishaKyle Barajas

If you are taking methotrexate make sure you dont have a yeast infection in your throat. It can happen. I happened to me.. A round of diflucan and i was tons better

Lisa Drew

So sorry to hear that, this RA crap is crazy all over the board with symptoms and effects. Hoping someday soon they come up with one SIMPLE solution to cure it.

Linda Huber 3 years

BTW, I am happy that they gave you the diflucan. Stay well!!

Linda Huber 3 years