Does Anyone with lung cancer have experience with medical Marijuana

Anyone have experience with medical Marijuana, my mom was given 1 to 2 months. And im wondering if its worth a try now. If its better along with treatment or if its success without any other treatments as well.

Shaylyn İvey
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its worth giving it a try from what they say helps with a lot of the side affects and myself had throat cancer and it sure did help and its not coming back so far and i do smoke and oil.

Pete Phillips

So you HAD throat cancer, no chemo or radiation and you're now NED?

Jeff Andrews 3 years

Also have to take into consideration everyone's body and story are going to be different. Just because it doesn't not help one person here and there does not discredit the science behind it. I have seen what chemo and radiation does to a cancer patient. There is nothing wrong with burning the candle at both ends.

Anna Durham

Everyone's body reacts differently to different treatments but every cancer cell shares the same way that it masks itself from our immune system, THC, THC9 and CBDs will NOT penetrate the coating that keeps our immune system from recognizing the mutation.

Jeff Andrews 3 years

I have not used it only because it is illegal in my state. But if it were I would try it.

Sandra Puckett