Does anyone with Arthritis have a high level of vitamin b12 on blood test?

Anyone here have a high level of vitamin b12 on blood test?

Kanwal Lara
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Never. Mine is always low. Do you take b12 supplements?

Gail Mitchell

I was taking b complex

Kanwal Lara 3 years

Mine are low

Melissa Stern

it may mean you are not utilising b12 properly and it is pooling in blood.

Nilüfer Denton

I did. Need a better form of b12. Don't use that crap under your tongue.

Amy Bruno

No, but I had high level of B 1 - still waiting for naturopath to give opinion on this. He was checking around since he’d never seen that!

Debbie Arredondo

Yes, my B12 was high at my last blood test in Jan. My naturopath didn't seem concerned but it bothered me. I was taking elemental iron bisulphate 20 mg iron supplements with copper, vitaminC, folate and B12 to help with anemia. It helped with my anemia but B12 went up pretty high. So now I take the supplement intermittantly and will see what the next blood test in a few weeks shows.

Marlene Sykes

What was your level

Kanwal Lara 3 years


Marlene Sykes 3 years

Marlene Sykes oh ok I thought that was still considered in the normal range

Kanwal Lara 3 years

Kanwal Lara not in the blood test that I took, but I know different labs have different ranges.

Marlene Sykes 3 years

Mind are lower side, 380. I need to boost up with supplements.

Donna Stanley

Always low

Soumella Trujillo

I did
High vit. B12, folate, vit. D
Which means that l have mutation disorder

Huda Hughes


Huda Hughes 3 years

Me too and I have a mutated gene. Oh the joys of what life throws at you.

Adrianna Jacobs 3 years

Adrianna Jacobs God bless you So how did you manage it? I am still waiting for my doctor appointment

Huda Hughes 3 years

Huda Hughes but it seems like your b12 is still in the normal range?

Kanwal Lara 3 years

Low here

Denise Stephenson

B12 or MMA?

Ashley Munoz


Kanwal Lara 3 years

Kanwal Lara it’s common for b-12 to be high if you are supplementing. Your MMA should show how your body is using it.

Ashley Munoz 3 years

Ashley Munoz it was just a regular blood test and my iron came out really low and b12 a little high

Kanwal Lara 3 years

low b12

Jeanne Silva

Mine was 275, extremely low

Erica Barrera

I do! Why? Is it RA related?

Shirley Alexander

I take no supplements for b12 but was abnormally high. Is that bad?

Shirley Alexander

I don’t know if it’s RA related but mine was elevated. I think it’s not good when it’s elevated. What was yours?

Kanwal Lara 3 years

Kanwal Lara mine was 1158. Normal range is 243-894.

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Shirley Alexander did they say why or was the doctor concerned

Kanwal Lara 3 years

Kanwal Lara no mention or concerns on b12 result.

Shirley Alexander 3 years

Kanwal Lara that’s why I wasn’t worried

Shirley Alexander 3 years
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Very low b12

Patricia Mccullough