Does anyone use compression gloves for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Does anyone use compression gloves?
Nicole Naquin
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Hi - if you use Search this group option on the left of the page you will find previous discussion/comment on gloves

Susu Wilkins

Yup.... Imak compression gloves are awesome. Game changer.

Tonjia Blanchard

What do they do and why game changer

Tammy Mckenzie

They work almost instantly. They reduce the swelling in the hand joints, which in turn reduces the pain. They are also very lightweight, not thick and bulky like others. I've purchased them for my brother, and for my sister-in-law (not a couple, different family), and they both love them. My SIL said she wore them at night and the next morning she could hold a coffee cup by its handle, which she hadn't been able to do in over a year. You can clearly see the swelling go down. I can go from a tight wedding ring, to wearing the gloves for an hour, and the ring is spinning after.

Tonjia Blanchard 3 years

Tonjia Blanchard where do you get them

Tammy Mckenzie 3 years

Tammy Mckenzie I know Walgreens sells them. They are located near the senior assistive stuff, and not by the leg braces/wraps. You can also get them on Amazon. Go one size down from what you think you'd be.

Tonjia Blanchard 3 years

Tonjia Blanchard ty going to see if they have some this am do you only wear at night

Tammy Mckenzie 3 years

Tammy Mckenzie no, they can be worn any time. That example is just one from her, but I wear them at work a lot when I'm typing ... Or when it's hot and the swelling is worse.

Tonjia Blanchard 3 years
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I get mine from Amazon. I use them to sleep.

Rhona Rodrigues


Kathleen Shipman 3 years

I have trouble with my left hand and wrist. Do you think the gloves would help my wrist as well??

Susie Becker

When my wrists hurt bad I use the gloves and wrist brace to bed

Kathleen Shipman 3 years

Kathleen Shipman as do I

Rhona Rodrigues 3 years

Yes! I have compression gloves, and ankle and knee sleeves and wrist braces and toe compression sleeves too. I love them all.

Katie Magee

I use essential oils like peppermint, frankencense, etc. On my swollen hands and then put the compression gloves on while I sleep. Seems to help.

Donna Stanley

Yes I love them... I give myself massage with coconut oil or essential oils and then put the gloves on to sleep or during the day and my hands feel much better.

Evelyn Kemp

I read the previous post from someone and bought lmak gloves from Amazon and tried it. It was nightmare for me. I have brand new one except that I just tried them on, that I can give it away since it cost money to return it. PM me if anyone wants it. I can mail it to you.
I forgot that since I started having RA symptoms, I can’t put my hands in anything tight like holding socks after laundry.

Akiko Hubbard

Why can't you use them? Are we not supposed too?

Nicole Naquin 3 years

I was just saying it doesn’t work for me. Confined space like compression gloves, my hands and fingers are way more painful than without.

Akiko Hubbard 3 years

Akiko Hubbard yes - painful to get them on and then to get them off !

Susu Wilkins 3 years

Susu Wilkins I thought I am the only one feeling that way!

Akiko Hubbard 3 years

I do ... Ankle, Wrist and I have 2 splinter rings. I use as needed, the weather and stress affects my inflammation.

Zulema Rossi

I'm seriously considering it! I worry that they'll be too hot though

Shanan Light

Yes!!!! Bought on amazon. I wear them anytime my hands or wrists are hurting me.

Janet Knox

what is the purpose of compression gloves?

Valerie Cook 3 years

Valerie Cook it helps alleviate swelling which helps alleviate pain.

Janet Knox 3 years

Do you have the link to the kind you bought on amazon?

Susie Becker 3 years

Susie Becker

Rhona Rodrigues 3 years

Rhona Rodrigues thank you so much. Appreciate the help.

Susie Becker 3 years
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My partner tried some last night and said they helped except that they were so painful to take off in the morning. Is that usual or could they be too tight?

Valerie Head

It's normal. They have to be tight to compress. It can be quite painful to remove in the morning

Kathleen Shipman 3 years

Thanks Kathleen

Valerie Head 3 years


Barbara Cormier