Does anyone know of anything that will help with Crohns disease?

Gary Becker
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Stacy Law

Cbd oil

George Goldberg

GAPS diet along with supplementing. Probiotics, magnesium and an Omega are the 3 top ones you should take. Lots of water intake. Ground flaxseed and food grade diatomaceous earth are also godsends. Try including avocado and coconut into your daily diet.

Ang Barajas

Tumeric, ashwanda, bocapa, milk thistle, green tea = reduce oxidative cell stress with protandim!

Paula Bunch

Thc oil.

Denise Hammer

gluten free

Colleen Pate


Jessica Padilla

Try plant based for 3 weeks.

Jen Butcher

be careful with plant based unless cooked- raw is not good for Crohn's inflammatory bowel

Yehudis Grover

Raw organic Apple cider vinegar... Colloidal silver...

Grace Deleon

Diet and med marijuana.

Vickie Whitehead

Kombucha Tea.

Anita Hathaway

CBD. Your body needs cannabinoids! You may have a cannabinoid deficiency

Larae Doss

Hello gary, well yes I do! I healed myself from crohn's disease. I was diagnosed at 22 and almost died twice by the time I was 37. From then on it was time to get serious about healing. I am now very healthy and active, no meds for years. Exactly what kind of help are you looking for? Doctors, pain relief, eating advice, medication advice, supplements, etc? Regardless be careful with people giving you advice who have never had the disease, non professionals anyway. If that helps:) They do mean well, but It is truly hard to understand it if you don't know what its like, and its even harder to suggest how to feel better if you don't have experience with this silent disease. IMHO. I hope you are doing well.

Audrey Larkin

My mom was diagnosed in 1976. She suffered her whole life. Sadly she passed from throat cancer ( which is are the side affects of the crohns medications)

Kristen Hunt 3 years

Kristen Hunt oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear that kristen. Thank you for sharing here.

Audrey Larkin 3 years

I was diagnosed with chrohns at age 12 then added ulcerative colitis at 14 , by 16 had 3 blood transfusions at 17 was rushed to ER with barely no pulse, cold as ice, couldn't breathe and hurt to touch my skin, I was in congestive heart failure. 3 way iv straight to my heart and 4 pts blood later I was doing better. After 2 months in Riley hospital and endless tests, I went from 125lbs to over 300lbs and couldn't make it around school from Prednisone and 14 other meds I was on for almost 2yrs. I ended up having a total of 38 ulcers throughout my small and large intestine. I'm 37 and haven't taken any meds for these since I was 19. I control them with exercise and no stress, I've learned it's life what's done is done you can't change your past and you can only give 120% going forward no sense in making myself deathly sick over something God has challenged me with, I face it head on and do my best, no stress. When I stress I get sick

Brittney Ortiz 3 years

Brittney Ortiz thank you for sharing your story here, wow! So glad to still have you around! I have a crohns survival page, and have been around the block (so to speak), but I haven't heard of anyone having luck controlling crohns with exercise. Stress reduction absolutely! There are amazing energy healing tools for that, and mindset. But exercise is a new one. I exercise alot now, but not when I was sick years ago. Good for you!

Audrey Larkin 3 years

audrey anything you can share would be much appreciated. My brother suffers from a severe case of Crohn’s disease. He has been on all the different meds avail as well as prednisone, of course. He’s completed one trial study a couple years back and is currently in another trial; however, he has suddenly taken a turn for the worse once again. He will likely be admitted to the hospital again today (which happens somewhat frequently). He talked to his GI specialist this morning and was told for the last and final time that there is simply nothing further that they can do for him and that she can put a surgeon on standby for him to come in and have his colon removed. Since day 1 with this disease (about 8yrs ago now), he has been adamantly against having his colon removed, despite all of his suffering etc. He says he simply does not want to live that way. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has a choice at this point. I am scared for him... For both his physical and mental state. Any knowledge you can share on treatment or sustainability would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Kelley Bynum 3 years

Start listening success stories and testimonials, then connect with people and ask for a protocol. That’s how I helped my friend and it only took a month

Fred Swartz

fred, I'd like to know more about what your friend did

Audrey Larkin 3 years

We got her on anti-inflammatory protocol. It includes drinking anti-inflammatory water, taking anti-inflammatory liquid nutrition, taking 5-10 organic turmeric capsules and 4-5 probiotics a day.

Fred Swartz 3 years

Fred Swartz great advice in listening to success stories. I tell that to people I coach as well! Good advice!

Audrey Larkin 3 years

Non-inflammatory foods, Tumeric Golden paste, no gluten, dairy or sugar ideally and Whole Plant CBD oil. This is mine.

Jennifer Monroe

I found this in the Modern Essentials app. I am in no way suggesting taking oils orally I am just passing on the info I found. I hope this can be of some help


Zibby Rocha

Nutritional and Herbal Therapy for Crohn's Disease

People with Crohn's disease need to develop better diets, if they have not already. There is a link between a high fat, high sugar diet with low fruit and vegetable intake with that of Crohn's disease. Therefore:

Increase intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and decrease fat and sugar intake.

Include the good fats: Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Omega-3 oils provide anti-inflammatory action to help reduce symptoms of Crohn's and may help prevent reoccurrence.

Take a multi-vitamin/mineral daily to make up for any loss of essential nutrients due to the intestine's decreased inability to absorb.

Probiotics may be helpful in strengthening the digestive tract and improving absorption and decreasing symptoms of Crohn's.

The herb, Turmeric, has anti-inflammatory actions and helps decrease symptoms.

The Chinese herbal formula, Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan, can soothe inflammation and symptoms of Crohn's disease.

Regular consumption of Green Tea can also decrease inflammation and protect against cancer.

Claude Avila

I had crohn's, and healed from it. And although I do agree with some some of what you wrote, you've just described what a high population of the western world should do, so tons of people without this disease. Also what about stress.

Audrey Larkin 3 years

Indeed there are many factors behind this Challenge, as well there is karmic aspect and Nutritional behind this ailment, on a mental emotional Feeling Thought Level

Claude Avila 3 years

Crohn`s disease Over-reaction to a perceived threat. Always feeling like a victim and blaming anyone but self for any failure. "I want my Daddy!" On A Subconscious Level. Most are Not Even Aware of this.. Negative Thoughts Create Our Reality and Ailments... Only slower on a 3D World time based such as this Planet

Claude Avila 3 years

Authors Bob Flaws and Phillipe Sionneau in their book, The Treatment of Modern Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine, state that the treatment for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with Chinese medicine are basically the same. Damp and heat are often associated with Crohn’s disease and this traditional medicine concept is difficult to translate into a modern medical term. I explain it to my patients by comparing damp and heat to a compost heap just sitting there and brewing accumulating a subtle smouldering heat. The internal body somehow has developed an imbalance allowing this so called damp and heat to accumulate. The imbalance may have come about from irregular diet or exposure to a damp and heat environment. The damp and heat intensifies and then attacks the local area such as the intestines in Crohn’s disease. One traditional treatment strategy is to resolve damp and heat.

Damp and Cold can also be a factor in Crohn’s Disease.

Claude Avila

Black seed oil

Andrea Wolff

Crohn's Disease

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Crohn’s disease may be caused by constitutional deficiencies, invasion of the exterior pathogenic factors or an inappropriate diet. Constitutional deficiencies can be genetically induced tendencies, or could be due to improper diet during childhood such as too much fruit juice damaging the Spleen (TCM). In any case, Chrohn’s is well addressed with tonic herbal therapy, whereas, there are not many options or treatments available through modern western medicine.

Spleen Deficiency Causing Crohn’s Disease

According to TCM, the a proper Spleen function is necessary for healthy digestion and a diet high in raw or cold foods will injure the Spleen and Stomach

Liver Heat Contributing to Crohn’s Disease

Liver Qi contraints will cause Heat if not properly addressed in a timely manner. When the Liver heats up and becomes discontent, it tends to strike out at other organ systems. The Heat that is produced from Liver Qi Stagnation can combine with other pathogenic factors such as Internal Dampness to create more complex patterns of imbalance. One of the imbalances is referred to as the Liver Attacking the Large Intestine; this would cause digestive issues relating to bowel movements.

Damp-Heat Causing Crohn’s Disease

If Spleen Qi Deficiency goes unchecked, Internal Dampness will develop and can combine with the Heat produced by the Liver Qi Stagnation. Also, exterior pathogenic factors can develop in to Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine. Exterior invasion of Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine is characterized by an acute sudden onset of gastrointestinal distress; whereas, Damp-Heat originating from Spleen-Liver imbalances would be more chronic in nature. Indications of Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine would include diarrhea, presence of mucus and possibly blood in the stool, foul-smelling bowel movement (BM) with extreme urgency. There may be a burning sensation after the BM. Indications often include dark yellow urine, and abdominal fullness and pain. As Heat increases it will travel upwards causing irritability, increased thirst, and preference to drink iced water.

Spleen - Kidney Deficiency Causing Crohn’s Disease

For those with a familial history of Crohn’s Disease, Ancestral Kidney Qi Deficiency is very common. Those with a genetic disposition to suffering with Crohn’s can also find relief with TCM utilizing tonic herbs, but may have to rely on tonic herbs throughout their life to experience ongoing wellness. One sign of Spleen and Kidney Deficiencies is abdominal pain that increases with cold but decreases with a BM. Other indications of Kidney Deficiency such as lower back soreness, impotence, ED, premature gray hair, or anxiety may also be present.

Qi and Blood Stagnation Causing Crohn’s Disease

Lastly, Qi and Blood Stagnation can cause sharp stabbing pain in the abdomen; this condition mimics acute appendicitis. Blood goes where Qi Goes, so if there is long standing Qi Stagnation, than Blood Stagnation will develop. Often, severe abdominal pain and fullness with a palpable mass in the right lower quadrant diarrhea, lack of appetite, muscle wasting, lethargy, dark purple tongue will be present with this pattern. Because the Liver controls the movement of Qi throughout the body, Liver Qi Stagnation can be the underlying cause. However, Internal Dampness can also cause Qi to stagnate. Chances are that both imbalances are present.

Claude Avila

Cbd oil.

Laurie Bridges

Cannabis. You're better off using the whole plant.

Kris Melendez

Cbd oil

Crystal Vaughan


Evamarie Kraft

Cbd oil is really good with that. Amazing testimonies. If you want to try it let me know. 100% organic, non gmo. 100% money back guarantee

Stacy Price

My daughter was diagnosed at 22. She healed herself, well, with Gods help. She used this colon cleanse, digestive enzymes, Slippery Elm powder and went off of dairy. This diagnosis changed her life. She eats clean, vegan, organic and all.
I believe all of Dr Schultz cleans are guaranteed to work or your $ back.


Whitney Seals

Is she gluten free as well?

Julie Newman 3 years

Julie Newman no, she’s not. She actually eats pretty good in the carb dept. We usually buy organic because of the Glyphosate issue. Gluten hasn’t been an issue. I know before she was diagnosed we thought she might be gluten sensitive but it turned out to not be the case

Whitney Seals 3 years


Adrienne Horner

Go on a grain free diet

Stanley Poe


Kristy Arthur

Aloe, una de gato and nettle

Heather Stanton

Juicing heal the gut probiotics

Tabetha Eastman

Yes!!! I read so many testimonies on it all the time!!

Jeannie Bowers

Juicing!! Ive had 22cm of intestines removed been on all the drugs now im pain free and drug free. Follow my YouTube channel crohns tv. 3years ago i thought i was dying i now feel great. Any questions just message me

Dean Mansfield

Roland Galloway

The whole 30 diet!

Becca Esposito

My dearest friend nearly lost her daughter because of complications with Crohn's ( was even on life support:(( this past winter however now she has recovered from that horrid depth of this illness and is even attending college! Using 100% natural product..... Msging you

Debbie Minor

I was diagnosed with Crohn's 22 years ago. Ditched all my meds two years ago, fruit has been key for me, currently on day 23 of a fruit only detox, no idea how long I'll do it for. Best of luck on your journey, healing is possible.

Lee Mcginnis

soft, low residue diet, rest and avoid stress

Dee Knight

See a local licensed acupuncturist

Ronni Spence

Keto diet - lots of healthy fats like olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, mega flora, a glass of warm water with lemon and sea salt before each meal. Huge dollop of coconut oil in your coffee or other warm drinks. NO SUGAR, CORN OR SOY PRODUCTS, PROCESSED MILK OR BREADS. Lots of greens and cruciferous veggies like asperigus. I eat 7 - 10 cups a day. Grass fed meat, only 4 oz a day.

No processed food include dressings and condiments.

Stephanie Means

Don't do this unless you want a lifetime of dysfunction.

Lee Mcginnis 3 years

Lee Mcginnis Nope I have no more migraines, no more pain from my hashimotos disease and my colesteral and pre diabetes are all gone. Now off all my meds and feeling better then ever. Everyone here at my job is on it and they are feeling the same and getting off meds. Veganism and doctors gave me a lifetime of dysfunction and now me and my daughters are doing the best we have in years.

Stephanie Means 3 years

try gluten free

Catherine Easley

Mannatech Ambrotose has helped people that I know.

Jan Crump