Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the panic attacks?

I am having the worst panic attacks and I don’t know how to stop them. I received good news on my cancer but my panic has increased like crazy. I take Ativan for panic attacks but they are becoming more frequent. I really dont want to lose my mind and Im tired of fear all of the time. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the panic attacks? Thank you.

Mark Cope
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My mom use to get those alot it got so bad that she didnt leave her house idk how she prevented it tho hope you feel better and get these to stop iv had a couple myself and its not a good feeling

Dana Lockhart

Exercise is very helpful I do yoga

Robert Lindsey

It is not easy to take control of them, but it can be done. Unfortunately it takes patience and experimentation which sucks while dealing with the panic. You can try to talk to someone. Adjust medications (dosage, type, secondary, etc...) I found Paroxetine works for me, it is same as Paxil I believe. It takes a while to build up in your system. And I take Lorazepam for break through panic every now and then. I have not taken the Lorazepam for over a year now. So the Paroxetine is working. Add a relaxing routine to your day or a couple of them each day. Take time out for some Chamomile tea. Make it a ritual as rituals can help calm you down. If you want to stay away from adding medications, try some other herbs through research on line, but always check with your doctors to determine interactions with drugs and therapies you may be taking. Breathing exercises. Listening to calming music, even listening to any kind of music as music can affect your mood. Try different scents as they have profound impact on your physche and can take you to a relaxing place in your mind. Build a puzzle or models. Sometimes the concentration will take you out of the anxiety. Do you have any hobbies that will help, fishing, walks in nature, finding a quiet place to watch the sun set or rise, stand out in the rain. Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, stretching. İt does not have to be strenuous to work. Sometimes the simplest change to your day can help. A friend of mine turned to rebuilding carburetors. Good old fashioned standard naturally aspirated carburetors. Sometimes for friends, but sometimes he just picks them up from junkers and rebuilds them for fun. While he is doing it, his has no panic at all and it lasts for a couple of days.

Richard Fields

Slowly breath in breath out and focus on something that makes you the happiest... Praying, I hope I help!

Vogt Drew

Theanine (100 mg) twice a day 45 mins before meals.

Paul Mcneill

Have you ever heard of or tried CBD oil? I've battled anxiety and depression for forever, and since starting it a few weeks ago, I'm off all meds and feel great!

Liz Stroud

Yes, great idea!

Richard Fields 3 years

I used "Tapping" to help control anxiety before surgery. It's a simple technique that worked for me and others have reported it working for them. YouTube has videos demonstrating and explaining the technique.

Greg Kenny

Get the book, “Hope And Help for your nerves” by Dr Claire Weeks

Jim Dorsey

Take a deep breath and reflect on all the positive things in your life. Talk with a friend who understands you. Don't overthink.

John Cordero

Unfortunately with anxiety that’s easier said than done, no one wants to feel anxious but at least for me it’s uncontrable on my own and saying to just change your attitude even though yes that would help isn’t always plausible when you’re in an anxious state of mind, anxiety is irrational

Andrina Maher 3 years


Barbie Higgins

If u aren't against meds, xanax has worked for years for me

Brian Crowder

When you find out let me know, I just use weed and ativan

Sharlene İvey

I had severe panic attacks in college. Like, I spent a month without leaving my house because of them. I got a book on biofeedback and learned that technique. It was extremely helpful. I still use biofeedback, tapping, essential oils (aromatherapy), grounding exercises and meditation. I don't take benzos and avoid alcohol. I suggest you buy a book on natural panic attack treatments or see a therapist who can help you learn them.

Laura Martin

U are right about the benzodiazepines .They are a highly addictive trap. It was just the first thing I was offered and it went from there. I will not recommend them any longer

Brian Crowder 3 years

I am not saying they are bad when prescribed and used correctly. I had a doctor put me on a very high dose 3x a day and it took me a long time to wean off safely under another physician's care. I realized I was going to be dealing with panic disorder for a long time so I went for the cognitive behavioral therapy route.

Laura Martin 3 years

Don't forget. NewN. C. laws require u to see a shrink to get benzodiazepines .And they rarely prescribe them

Brian Crowder 3 years

If your Dr was prescribing them before the new law took affect, he can still prescribe them

Brian Crowder 3 years

Mark Cope Feel free to message me & call

Jim Mccarthy

Ativan in my experience caused depression, I got switched to Xanax and that’s done wonders. I was fine throughout treatment but as soon as I was told I was in remission the panic attacks set in, which to me seems counterintuitive but I’m pretty sure I have ptsd. I wake up every morning in a panic, constantly have sweaty hands and feet, shaking like crazy I feel like I’m on the verge of a seizure. It was so debilitating, I spent weeks not being able to function and crying for hours upon hours nonstop. It’s been 3 months now and I’m slowly coming out of it. I still wake up with anxiety every morning without fail but the attacks during the day have slowed down. I hate taking medication which was an ironic side to being pumped full of drugs during chemo.. But having something you know can stop the attack makes all the difference. I was on Ativan for 7 months during treatment and it never seemed to do anything for me. See if you can try another medication, or if you’re in a State with medical marijuana that can also do wonders, or even cbd to take the edge off without the “high”

Andrina Maher

Counseling? Working through the fear? Accepting what will be. Live in the moment not the past or future. Easier said then done I know. Sending you some strength and comfort through this!

Lacey Doss

I live by the same principle. Took me awhile but now it's all I know

Brian Crowder 3 years

The best way to deal with the panicked attacks is to stay busy when you feel them starting. Or put on some uplifting music and try to relax and don't think of the attack. You have to learn to take control of the attacks and they will go away. Stay strong.

Connie Tracy

Another idea is to keep a journal and write down all of your thoughts. It helps when you see it on paper. It helped me a lot. You don't have to show it to anyone it is to help you work through the trauma.

Connie Tracy 3 years

cannabis oil will address the anxiety while reducing your chances of recurrence ,, I hope you feel better

Nick Lacy

Talk to your Dr about elavil.

Darlene Parrish

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil. Helped me tremendously with my anxiety and insomnia.

Fannie Lovett

When it comes to pain & anxiety, THC-CBD cannabis oil has helped me tremendously.

Brian Crowder

The only advice I can give you that doesn't include meds is to breathe. If you start feeling an anxiety attack starting, start breathing in and out slowly. Count to 10 as you inhale and 10 again as you exhale. If you can relax yourself the panic attacks are gone within 30 seconds. Fighting them makes them so much worse. Slowly in slowly out and concentrate on your breathing not the attack. Go outside if you can and get fresh air. Best of luck to you.

David Lyon

You need to ask your doctor for some kind of medication you have to watch Xanax it can mess up your mind they have to make sure that you're on the right dose

Karen Andersen


Keith Skaggs

Tell u from experience keith, Drs. Don't prescribe Valium any more than Xanax. Adivan& clonapin seem to be the Drs. Favorite these days.

Brian Crowder 3 years