Does anyone experience pain in their elbow with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Does anyone experience pain in their elbow with RA? In so much pain

Donna Esparza
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Yes!! Mine will turn so red and swollen too. I've had to make some special adjustments at work as well. My elbows resting on an armrest or table top could be excruciating.

Mary Albert

It's killing me, it's not swollen but hurts so bad I literally can't take this anymore just want to cry

Donna Esparza 3 years

You don't realize how much you use it until it hurts

Donna Esparza 3 years

You are so right! I haven't found much for relief other than making sure I don't put additional pressure on them. Or I'll use one of those mouse pads with the extra wrist cushion and rest my arm on those. It looks ridiculous, but it helps. I hope this is short lived for you!

Mary Albert 3 years

Unfortunately the only relief I have found is in taking prednisone for the flare ups. The elbows and shoulders are the worst. Hope u feel better soon

Robin Pope 3 years

Robin Pope thank you

Donna Esparza 3 years

My rheumatologist has taken me off Humaria and hopefully next Friday I'll be on something that works but for now on steroids and hating it no relief just nice to know that other people know what I'm going through

Donna Esparza

Uuugh, the elbows are one of the worst..... You can't wriggle your fingers without turning up the pain! Ice/heat/cry/ice/heat

Carina Rosa

My elbows are the worst and most damaged joints. About 5 years ago I had arthroscopic surgery on my left elbow because it was so damaged. The surgeon told me I needed a full joint replacement, but wouldn't do it because I was too young (31 at the time). I have a lot of trouble with my elbows

Nicole Richardson

I'm getting ready to have an elbow replacement on Monday... I had the arthroscopic surgery and it made it worse... I can't even lift a fork to my mouth

Marsell Harden 3 years

Yes!!! It affected my elbows so bad. Excruciating pain. No bueno.

Joy Caudill


Stephanie Woods


Paulina Larkin

Yea Ive been getting shots in my left elbow.

Cristina Knutson

During a flare I do

Amanda Jack

EVERY Single joint in my ENTIRE body

Sarah Ziegler

Thank you everyone

Donna Esparza


Alyssa Bruce

Yes in Both. It's like a burning sensation

Jo Hall Staton

Omg! Yes... An awkward place for pain and swelling.

Helena Rouse

My daughter does, her rheumatologist gave her some excersizes to try and get mobility back (won't straighten completely) not positive that it will in fact happen, but hopeful.

Deirdre Kirby

Of course. All joints are susceptible. I even had it in my jaws.

Susan Marshall

I experienced it in my jaws last night for the first time.

Sarah Ziegler 3 years

I've had it in my jaw too.

Joy Caudill 3 years

When I first got sick, it was everywhere. I was severe case. I learned about mercury connection. I had been slowly replacing my amalgam fillings but had 3 left. I immediately had them removed by a biological dentist who sent me to a family physician who treats holistically and I received Vit C IV to remove the mercury and two weeks later, all jaw pain was gone and never returned

Susan Marshall 3 years

Wow. That's interesting.

Joy Caudill 3 years

Joy Caudill me 2 xx

Martine Finn 3 years
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Yes getting ready for an elbow replacement on Monday... I'm in so much pain can't wait to get it over with

Marsell Harden

Good luck

Donna Esparza 3 years

I had wrist surgery that when RA kicked in

Barbara Browne 3 years

If you can find a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, acupuncture might be helpful?

Ashley Munoz

Yes. It will hit every joint at one time or another. I'm having shoulder issues and it's making all the joints below in horrible pain.

Cindy Heard

Yes but I am taking natural supplements helping in pain relief !

Barbara Browne

Yes! I do! It's only in one elbow and it can take me to my knees. The pain will come out of the blue sometimes. So odd! Prayers for you

Melissa Bonds

No, usually my hands, wrists, knees. Heat helps an peppermint essential oils rubbed in on the sore spot.

Kim Marks

Yes very much in my elbows

Bonnie Hanks