Do the patients with rheumatoid Arthritis feel always depressed

Do you feel depressed, as if there's nothing to look forward to in life except more pain... Please share how you cope..

Pranati Lunsford
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I used to. I've done some serious work with myself and now the future looks bright again.

Cecilie Johns

Please share...

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

I suppose that one day I decided that I wouldn't let my illness define me or limit me. I wasted my entire childhood being super careful because I was sick. I didn't want that anymore. So I read a lot of self help books, found my passion (medicine), did yoga, physical therapy, worked on my diet - anything I could think of. And it's working. It doesn't mean I don't have horrible days. It's just not so often.

Cecilie Johns 3 years

Read this it's soooo good!


Simonne Mccoy 3 years

Yep alot x

Jo Ellen Sellers

So how do you get over it...

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

I look forward to that plan this is all for.... U see stories of someone changing someones life in their 70's or a big surprise that makes it all worth it .... I'm 48 so I am hoping it shows up soon.... Lol and I live for my children....

JoAnna Sharpe 3 years

And I studied Mindfulness for 2 yrs... A huge difference.... I am not on any antidepressants and can handle those tough days

JoAnna Sharpe 3 years

A struggle. LDN has helped me so much with the depression and anxiety. Also breathwork. Really working on not thinking, which is a tough one but necessary when every thought, no matter how positive, still takes you to a dark place. At my most depressed, I think colors, not thoughts, when I am lying in pain. I also repeat positive words to myself. Compile a list. Mine are: Safe, protected, watched over, loved, cared for... Whatever I feel I need I try to call in and imagine. Be as sweet and kind to yourself as possible. Find things to be grateful for and list them. And when it gets unbearable, change something. A tiny walk, even around the house, or a few stretches, or a little personal connection. Anything that's different from what you're currently doing.

Badria Mcknight


Maxine Reynolds 3 years

I used to, not anymore. The minute my outlook and my strategies changed, the better I felt internally and externally.

Yoli Cisneros

How ... Please share

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

Honestly, the shift started in my mind. The day I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, the day I decided to stop grieving what I could do and just focus on a new strategy for myself. That included dietary changes, hot yoga, self-care (Epsom salt soaks, meditation, spiritual retreat.. Etc), supplements..

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

Thanks for sharing... İm going through a major low... And knowing ppl have overcome it... Helps

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

No prob. You can overcome this.

Yoli Cisneros 3 years

Pranati we've all been to that low. I have a wording: "In order to be able to lift yourself, you have to go down!" You have to accept what you have and then you can move forward. Yes we suffer, but at least we have this kind of support group that helps. It helped me a lot! x

Di Di Mcbride 3 years

I open my bible and ask God for his help to get me through this. Plus In but YL Joy oils on my heart and always does the trick

Elizabeth Huffman

It helps me to relate to what's clean pain, what's dirty pain, and what can I control. What I mean by clean pain is the physical reaction to damage in an area. Dirty pain is the reactive pain that occurs for example: Thoughts that my next walk will be too long, worry about pain, or pain radiating beyond physical damage due to bracing because the body is valiantly, though foolishly trying to protect itself more. It's important to manage dirty pain because the mind body interprets both emotional and physical pain through the same process meaning emotional pain can reduce tolerance for physical pain and vice versa.

I can control dirty pain through body scans, mindfulness techniques, stretching, and focusing on other meaningful tasks. A really great resource for this is The Mindfulness Solution by Robert SiegeI.

I manage clean pain with physical fitness tactics, foam rolling and naproxen. It also really helps to develop a skill/task/hobby/job/school that's challenging but not focused on my physical wellness.

Jon Donaldson

I finally had to just forget about him and how he was making me feel and just start living my life again. I started once again hanging out with friends attending more family events. Just surrounded myself with positive people and people that love for me. I stop trying to seek for his attention. And I kept telling myself I'm a good loving person and I am not going to let my life pass me by. I finally realized that it was him with the problem and not me.

War Dennison

I learned from another ailment I have that I will not let it control my life. I will control my life. At least I try to.

Nita Scott

Nope never depressed I do what I can within in my limits, I work full time, mother, wife and have just passed and completed diploma in counselling and psychotherapy, I make sure I rest when my body tells me, it is hard but I've had this for last 15 years and on meds to stop it progressing.

Tasha Stovall

I'm trying to get used to this new 'normal' !

Teresa Bartley

I use yoga and biofeedback and an antidepressant. And, I know that I will have days that are more difficult and I need to be gentle with myself. But I also make the most of the good days by spending time outside or with friends or doing something that makes me happy. You have to find ways to balance the good with the not so good days.

Lori Nava

When my pain is bad.. Usually only because I ate something I shouldn't or just exhausted myself that's only when I get depressed

Abby Connell

I struggled with depression the first 1-2 years, but then realized I had better make the best of the life I had and instead of focusing on pain and what I couldn't do (which was the source of my depression) I just started finding things I could do and tried not to think about the disease/pain, it helped me a lot and now I've had it for 30 year.

Lisa Harrington


Fern Henry

I pray - Talk to God - Wait - I keep moving forward in pain which is why I have no quality of life - It's hard to be doing stuff in pain - Lately I'm just glad to be doing what I'm doing - I have a broken foot so I'm pretty limited

Karla Campbell

You are inspiring

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

Yes get very depressed but don't take any meds, just have to try to get through as my family don't understand how RA affects me

Susan Walters

My struggle since diagnosis in July has been anxiety and I am just starting to get a handle on it. What's helped me is focusing just on the current day instead of what the future might bring. All anyone has in life is now, the future isn't promised to any of us. I keep some post it notes with some positive thoughts by my desk so I can read them and try to change my thought patterns. Also a list of simple things I love to remind me to do them, like warm baths, walking, favourite tea.

Megan Hamlin

Laugh, find something to get your seven chuckles in. I have been a survivor for some years now. Too many to count, since I stopped counting. But if you let it control you, than it controls you. You have to learn to laugh, love, and live. Don't be depressed when you can laugh.

Kristofer Kiser

Agree have figured out reading helps me best...

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

I had a cousin say she stayed depressed, she asked me if i was ever depressed and at the time the answer was no. That was several years ago. Now i have r a and stay depressed. I never knew what depression was. Its hell in a handbag and somebody beating you with that handbag. Im going back to bed.

John Kruse

I do sometimes when I am hurting bad and can't do anything

Lisa Ott

Been there

Mo Morgan Nicholas

How did you overcome it

Pranati Lunsford 3 years

Pranati Lunsford diet

Mo Morgan Nicholas 3 years