Did anyone else have a root canal prior to becoming diagnosed with rheumatoid Arthritis?

I've read two articles now on root canals and the link to rheumatoid arthritis. Here's the kicker... I had a very complicated root canal about one year before I began having my first RA symptoms. The tooth has never 'felt right' since the procedure. In addition, I ran into a lady I haven't seen in years the other day... We began to catch up and she told me she was diagnosed with RA years ago and found a great holistic doctor. He told her to have all of her old mercury fillings replaced and to remove the tooth she had a root canal performed on so she did and then did a major detox and she said she has been symptom free of RA for years now (she did not know I had read an article on the link between root canals and RA... She just knew I had been diagnosed and was telling me what had worked for her). Wondering... Did anyone else have a root canal prior to becoming symptomatic/diagnosed?

Donna Sosa
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Yes, I have had 3 root canals. The last one I had gave me a lot of troubler. For 2 yrs, I went to the dentist complaining about it. My gums were irritated, bleeding and I couldn't chew on that tooth. Then last November, a new dentist finally discovered I had a fractured root and I had to get the tooth pulled. My RA was diagnosed around same tine. Unfortunately, no resolve of RA as I just recently started meds.

Amy Bruno

Hi donna. There is information available that they are a factor in breast cancer. I also know many pple who had dental work including root canals & soon after were diagnosed with RA. My thoughts are that dental work can act as a trigger to manifest the disease if it is silently brewing inside .

Ria Terry

No root canals but I do have silver filings

Jennifer Burrell

Same here

Virginie Morgan 3 years

Could you send me the links? I've never heard of such a thing, but it's an interesting idea. I'm a medical student. The only dental work I've ever had done was braces because RA in the jaw messed the growth up when I was very young.

Cecilie Johns

Look at Dr. Winston Price's

Cynthia Cornelius 3 years

Work or the Winston Price Foundation.

Cynthia Cornelius 3 years

Gerson Institute and Tyler Tolman also have info on this on their websites

Kristen Frost 3 years

I also had a problem root canal

Nilüfer Denton

I had a mercury filling repaired and my dentist didn't use any protective measures. I swallowed some pieces. A few months later I developed symptoms

Cathy Key

Me too!

Ann Rowell 3 years

Annie Hemmesch DeWinter It makes you wonder doesn't it? I also wonder about the flu shot I got two weeks before symptoms. So confusing

Cathy Key 3 years

My problems started about a year and a half after my root canal. I had my right hip replaced last December, my left rotator cuff and bicep operated on this past May and now I have to have the other hip replaced and my other rotator cuff fixed. Plus being diagnosed with a pretty severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. My whole life has changed since last year. I'm seriously thinking about getting the root canal tooth pulled just to see what happens.

Sandra Herron

Please if you do get these pulled look at getting a very experienced Dentist.

Patricia Morales 3 years

Patricia Oh I will!

Sandra Herron 3 years

Wow! I am floored by these responses. My next question is... Have any of you had the root canal tooth pulled and what were the results from it? I'm seriously thinking of having mine removed.

Donna Sosa

Yes, I had the bad root canal pulled a few months ago. No change in symptoms. Was on no meds and just had to start them.

Amy Bruno 3 years

Had mine pulled, no change

Michele Shaw 3 years

Nope, I have excellent dental health. Decades of no cavities or any other type of issue.

Yoli Cisneros


Jaimie Torres

No and only have white fillings!

Janet Bird

No root canal. I have 2-cavities and that is all. No other issues

Amy Looney

No root canals but I do have teeth implants could that cause problems?

Kathleen Oliver

Many root canals so there is a connection

Susan Carlson

As with amy, any new work white filings only. Any work that might disturb the mercury in amalgam is a time to consider removal.

Andy Yates

Well Hummm! I have had terrible teeth since I was a very young. I've probably had10 root canals done, maybe more. Every tooth in my mouth has had at least a filing. I had ten teeth removed two years ago; some had root canals and crowns, or very large fillings at one time and at least two had fractured at some point in time. I now have two bridges, hopefully to be replaced with implants one day. I know RA can cause gum recession. I have always brushed and flossed my teeth. The hygienist can't scrape anything off my teeth because they are so clean. So I'm all up in the air about the cause of my RA. I don't really care what caused RA, I just live my life to the fullest, my hope is in Jesus Christ!!

JoLisa Hogan

What do you do if you have multiple root canals? What replaces them?

Marlene Conrad

My partner (who has RA) has had a few fillings and a root canal and also suffers from trigeminal neuralgia. Would love to know if there’s a link between the two, and possibly to mercury in the fillings

Thomas Engle

I had one.

Joy Foreman


Danielle Burgos

30 days after I had deep cleanings, one day one side, then another day, the other side. RA appeared. I know it is related to that. All those toxins were released. Our gums are not meant to dig way under and clean.

Joyce Gallegos

joyce i absolutely agree

Ria Terry 3 years

Yes.. I had two very sensitive root fillings for seven years.. I was constantly told this was okay even when when discharged at the base of my tooth every month or so ... Finally got these removed with no specialist or antibiotic care... But then two weeks later I had travelling inflammation all places which was diagnosed as Palindromic Rheumatism very long healing story from then on and after five years this went on to develop into rheumatoid arthritis. My mouth is full of mercury fillings but I don't want to disturb anything!!
I 100% Believe that route feelings have been the cause of all my problems

Patricia Morales

I did, 1 and had nothing since.

Barbara Rogers

I definitely believe in the link, based on my own experience.

Bronnie Sullivan

No root canals or fillings for me, but maybe I'm an exception.

Jennifer Keene