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Since I cannot take my RA meds anymore, I thought I would try these. Gluten free and vegan. Hoping it will help when having a bad flare.

Kristen Boudreaux
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I would LOVE to try that! My CBD topical emu oil for my hands works wonders as does my CBD oil.

Staci Leon

I have a cannabis salve for my hands it helps a lot. I feel good today, so am going to wait for a high pain day to help me sleep - pain free at night!

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

I have much less pain lately. I don't use any pain meds anymore. Only symptoms I have of RA are stiff fingers and tender thumbs. Not too shabby for not taking any meds at all.

Staci Leon 3 years

Staci Leon That is so great! I went into a flare going off my RA meds. The diet is helping though. Sometimes, I am not sure which disease is causing the pain.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

I understand. My success has been to deal with the T1 Diabetes first. The Hashimotos is treated so I do nothing but take a pill. I find that cutting back out inflammatory foods, so far dairy, nuts, grains, eggs, seeds, caffeine and sugar, has helped me very much. I don't know if I will stay on this long term. I will eat some eggs April 30th and see how it goes. I do think the pain is a universal thing for autoimmune diseases. RA is the worst of them all though.

Staci Leon 3 years

My only issues are one finger and sore feet. New dr I saw last week wanted me on mtx and plaquenil. I said no. I agreed to take the plaquenil so he doubled the dosage. He also laughed at me when I mentioned diet changes. Excuse my language but he was a 90 year old douche bag! He told me in a few years I would need handicap assisant devices.

Amy Bruno 3 years
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Start with a small portion and work your way up. Everyones body reacts differently. Some strains will actually intensify the pain, while others will not only dull the pain but put you in a much better mood and help you sleep well. If you can try find out the strain that they use and record your results. Also try to use products that have a one to one ratio of CBD/THC. Early studies are showing that those are the most beneficial. You can look up apps like Leafly, to help educate yourself on the different types of strains and their benefits.

Scott Daly

Thanks so much Scott Daly, I thought when I try it, I will half it. The guy helping me at the counter had an autoimmune disease, so had a lot of input. Definately new to this.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Try stay away from the sugar treats. Look into the pill and oil tinctures, which go below your tongue. They are absorbed faster and more efficiently into the bloodstream. Taken orally, your stomach destroys a good portion of the cannabinoids before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Scott Daly 3 years

Scott Daly good to know. I got a syringe too. That way I could inject a little in some food. You are right on the sugars. If it works, I might look into making my own edibles.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Tell us more!!! I have been trying to do research

Taylor Goldman 3 years

Where do you buy it? If it's not just hemp oil but THC as well, I probably can't get it here or have it shipped here as pot is completely illegal in the Dominican Republic, this might be the only thing that makes me miss the USA!

Lisa Harrington 3 years
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I'd love to get ahold of these!

Ashley Munoz

I could get them in Atlanta with a prescription...

Ashley Munoz

- so I just read the GA laws and am somewhat pissed I don't qualify - even with a history of migraines and RA and allergy to NSAIDS.

Ashley Munoz 3 years

I can't get cbd oil in Louisiana because arthritis isn't in the list of approved conditions ... Wtf

Danielle Burgos 3 years

I can get cbd in GA but nothing beyond that.

Ashley Munoz 3 years

Ashley Munoz that is terrible, I would have thought RA would be in the list.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

When I'm in pain I take niacinamide every 6 hours and drink organic green juice all day. It works for me

Susan Kiser

if you are in the USA click on your state to see legal status of all cannabis products

Susu Wilkins