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I'm considering a fasting clinic for 28days, has anyone tried this?
Rowan Miranda
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I have done a 3 day fast through a Center but I have fasted on my own for 10 days. It’s intense and I have only done juice fasts never water. I always lose way too much weight and it is problematic for me.. I do feel better though.

Jessica Mcintosh

I got to 50hrs on water only but had to break the fast due to blood sugar - I have steroid induced Diabetes. So, I'm feeling that to get further safely I will need medical supervision. 10 days is amazing! Did you feel the benefits?

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Longest i made was an 8 day water fast on my own. If you can go to a clinic for 28 days that would be your easiest route and worth it.

Lesley Wynn

That's a lot of autophagy did you notice any improvement?

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Yes! Lasted for some time, but then i fell off the wagon and ate a few things i know better to eat. I needed to go longer. I think with autoimmune you need about 30 days I'm trying to work myself up to go longer.

Lesley Wynn 3 years

Let us know how it goes...

Adriana Pittman

I'm just hoping they'll have me and the waiting list isn't too long!

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Rowan Miranda fingers crossed for you

Adriana Pittman 3 years

Adriana Pittman Thank you!

Rowan Miranda 3 years

How?? One day with water only and I start getting a headache and very shaky. How can anyone go for more than 2 days?

Molly Ramey

The headache means you need electrolytes and may be part of a healing crisis. I've pushed through several killer migraines while fasting, licking pink salt off my hand helps. X

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Don't you get weak and shaky from no food? Or does the sea salt take care of that also?

Molly Ramey 3 years

I do feel like I need to rest, which seems obvious to me as I think healing can mean rest. But not shaky, that's likely due to low electrolytes x

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Rowan Miranda I'm in between contract jobs right now so I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Molly Ramey 3 years

When I am flairing - I Fast for at least 2 day - fresh veggie juice and water. I think a longer fast wld be amazing - my lifestyle just doesn’t allow for it ... I exercise 6 days a week and I intermittent fast daily ... I wld have to reduce the output to do a long fast.

Maria Roberson

Wow you are doing fab with the exercise! So pleased for you. I can barely hold my phone to type and have been like this for months so fasting seemed like a good option to me. It's certainly getting rid of the steroid weight from 3.5yrs of high dosage. But I want to get deeper healing rather than just weight loss and my pain really calms when I'm fasting.

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Yes, allowing the gut to heal! When I eat well, sleep well, and generally treat my body well - I feel like I don’t have RA. If I cheat the diet - i’m in a world of pain. .... Good luck - I hope you find relief.

Maria Roberson 3 years

I read about some clinics in Germany and Russia that do this. There is a documentary on Netflix - very inspiring. I researched a fewU. S. clinics but the cost is exorbitant. I think there are some FB groups too. Keep us posted if you decide to go through with fasting.

Jennifer Fuentes

It's a German clinic I've contacted. My family got together and discussed the safety of what I've been doing at home and have offered to pay for me to go and be medically supervised through it. X

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Is this the Gerson one? I've done 7 & 10 day ones and would defo like to give a longer one a go. PM me the dateless please x

Katy Foley 3 years

I do a monthly 60 hour reboot/fast to keep my pain low

Kary Grimm

I get to about 50hrs and have blood sugar issues but my pain decreases hugely at about 22hrs. Glad it works for you! X

Rowan Miranda 3 years

some diets and items on offer may be fantastic for some of us but as we are all different and are on different medications for all sorts of reasons, speaking to a doctor before you do any may be a good idea. Just to be on the safe side.

Pauline Andersen

I've lost faith in my doctors many years ago, I've removed myself from everything but my blood thinner months ago and I'm doing my own research. The clinic is run by doctors and nurses and was originally built by a man who healed his RA through fasting and went on to live a healthy life. I'm not buying into the nonsense my doctors tell me about choosing between uncontrollable RA and uncontrollable Diabetes. I want to get well, so I can't believe this stuff anymore! I've almost got my blood sugars back to normal, now I need to get some real healing. I guess we are all in different places and I totally get where you're coming from, I'm just done with that x

Rowan Miranda 3 years

Yes I agree with you rowan I was diagnosed one and half years ago and i did not want to take any of the medication that the hospital offered to me, i could not believe it would do me any good. The doctor was very determined to get me started on the medication. I didn't like that so i went home and read up on it all first. To make an informed choice. I did take the Vitamin D that they gave me and also i did all the exercise that were on offer in a 6 week session and i have continued with my own now attending the gym 2 x per week. Plus i looked up everything to do with the Gut health and i follow a diet of my own which is NO processed foods at all. All food i eat is organic even flour and butter etc to bake with. I take live yogurt to help my gut stay healthy. It is important to not have processed foods you have to be very strict. İt takes a few months to get it sorted. I have flare ups but they are not too bad and always go away up to now and i hope to continue to do things that are good for my repair of my gut. The gut is very important for your overall health. I do think that some items on the internet are not right so it is difficult to find good advice. I thought Turmeric was good until i read that it thins the blood if you take too much of it. So I am alway double checking things now. We all need to eat clean foods as the first good thing to do for ourselves. It is very difficult to find these foods. Most items in the supermarket are not good.

Pauline Andersen 3 years

Pauline Andersen that sounds really helpful for you pauline I gave in and took meds because I couldn't lift my own head and my baby ended up living with my dad, she goes to school in August. The meds have caused me so many problems including the steroid induced Diabetes and Cushings. I'm a mess, I can barely move my hands at all. I'm desperate and willing to do almost anything so I've been running ideas through my mum who is very clear headed. She agrees with the research on fasting but has been worried because I'm attempting it on my own... So, the clinic feels worth a try x

Rowan Miranda 3 years

rowan Yes it may be a very good thing for you to use a Clinic. I don't know much about them I only saw one lady saying she went to one in Florida somewhere and she was looking for other people who had the misfortune to go to it. I think she wanted to gather evidence from other users. Just make sure the clinic is a good one. There must be lots of good ones out there. Have you heard of functional practitioners? I am wondering if they may be able to help. I am going to look and see if these people are of any use. As i don't know much about them.

Pauline Andersen 3 years

The clinic we are looking at is a very good one, we've been having a really good look at quite a few. My family have told me to go to a decent one, they want to know in in good hands Do you think functional doctors are the same as integrated? (I think that's the word I read)

Rowan Miranda 3 years
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I thought any depriving body of food for more than 48 hours called starving?

Lilia Coker

I do a 60 hr water wash fast monthly to reset my body and it helps a lot. If I feel inflamed or eat trigger foods I fast 24hrs.

Sara Cotton