Can you put seeds straight into soil and grow? Without germination?

This may or may not be a dumb question. Can you put seeds straight into soil and grow? Without germination? Seed straight to dirt

Brandon Bravo
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LC Drezzman West

Would there be negative effects to my plant? How long is the difference "germination and not germinated seeds"

Brandon Bravo 3 years

You're better off germinating a tap root in a controlled situation. You'll probably get better germination rates with the proper tek. However, what works for some doesn't work for others.

LC Drezzman West 3 years

its about equal, Ive ran straight to soil and soaked in water then moved to a paper towel. Straight to soil is more fragile in the germination process.

Patrick Earl 3 years

So it will definitely grow? Im just experimenting.

Brandon Bravo 3 years


Patrick Earl 3 years
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Should only need to germinate in a paper towel if your unsure of the quality of the seeds if there from a breeder all good to pop it straight in

Brad Reynolds

I only ever put seeds straight into soil, and their permanent pots. No repotting, seeds have never failed to pop up within a week.

Ivan Zamora

Explain a little better, in sorry

Brandon Bravo 3 years

I use big pots that the plants stay in for their whole life cycle. I plant 1 seed in the middle of each pot, and they are all usually sprouted within a week. I'll start feeding them at around 4 weeks and found that they do way better than plants I start off in little pots and replant. I've never had a seed that didnt sprout in soil. It's what nature intended anyway.

Ivan Zamora 3 years

How deep do you plant it How wet is the soul Do you add anything

Johnny Ford 3 years

Only about 3cm deep. I poke my finger in till the very first joint in your finger. Drop the seed in, then cover back over, dont pack soil for tight over it, just cover it. Give it a littl water from a spray bottle and leave it alone. Within 7 days it will sprout. My current grow sprouted after 4 days. Dont add anything till at least week 4. Wait for at least 2 sets of branches. Use premium soil too.

Ivan Zamora 3 years

Ivan Zamora is this indoor or out door?

Jim Reaves 3 years
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Germination is the process a seed goes through when it sprouts, so it will germinate in soil or paper towel regardless. I prefer the paper towel method, same with morning glories.

Kristin Navarro

Me too

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

Yeah oldest trick in the book G

Brian Romero

Yes don't do it tho

Samson Chu

Usally but I have gg and Bubba planted in dirt but they still are not up. It's been since last month. I don't get it.

Susan Colon

Bad seeds, thats why i germinate first so i can toss the junk ones instead of planting them

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

If your soil is tight and heavy it can take a week for it to pop through anything after that the seed was junk

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

Jimmy Buckley thank you.

Susan Colon 3 years

Oh yeah! Make sure the soil is inert (no nutrients), keep it moist, and you'll be fine!

Dexter Benitez

Best way to do it

Oliver Coley

I can't tell if this is serious
How do you think 99% of plants are grown/sprouted???
By paper towel methods? Lol

Spencer Bledsoe

I think he just wants to be sure he gets the best outcome, no shame in asking questions.

Kristin Navarro 3 years

Did Jesus have papertowels??

Brandon Bravo 3 years

Jesus used wet-naps

Spencer Bledsoe 3 years

Wtf is a wet nap lmao

Brandon Bravo 3 years

Brandon Bravo you don't Know what a wet nap is? Where are you from?

Spencer Bledsoe 3 years

Doing anything else is a grade 3 science experiment and prone to failure at multiple points.

Peter Wood

You can only get failure the paper towel way if you leave them in their too long

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

Jimmy Buckley or its too hot, or too cold, or too dry, then you broke it transplanting, all things i have seen on this page.

Peter Wood 3 years

Peter Wood they break because they left them to long and if its in your house then the temp wont have any effect on it they will germ in 40°f-105°F no problem. Your supposed to get the paper towel damp then seeds in then the you put that in a zip lock bag so it cant get to dry its legit fool proof

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

As long as you dont leave them germinating longer than 2 days

Jimmy Buckley 3 years

Jimmy Buckley never ever had one of those problems when planted in properly conditioned soil, 100% if seeds are viable and the plant never gets touched for 3 or 4 weeks until ready for transplant. Simple is always better.

Peter Wood 3 years
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I just did that 2 weeks ago. Works like a charm.

Mitch Wyatt


Bruce Calderon

Yes that's how God made things work rain and sun usually does it on its own.

Ryan Mccracken

Well in nature it would fall into a bed of leaves with all kinds of micro organisms and trew the fall winter and spring the leaves decompose and make fresh soil for the seed to start the rain In the spring and the heat from the sun tell the seed it's time to grow it grows then reproduces and the cycle starts over

Seth Benoit 3 years

Yes, but my experience is that germinating them first has a higher success rate. Experiences may vary though.

Keegan Nash

I always do it that way and never had a fail. Make sure soil is moist. Make a hole with a pencil, drop in the seed and cover lightly, not too deep. Use a spray bottle and spray the surface as many times a day as needed to keep it from drying out. You don't want to disturb the surface. Should pop in a few days.

Tish Poole

Absolutely... Only way I do

DwaynaDee Lowery

Do you all do a seed soak? Haven't seen that topic around... New here

Paul Waller

Yes, I do. I follow Crop King Seeds’s germination method. I figure, if a company is willing to put it’s money on the line (they offer a seed replacement policy if you don’t get at least 80% germination rate and you follow their method), then the method they are advising must be legit. So far I’ve had a 90+% germination rate following their method.

Keegan Nash 3 years

Keegan Nash super fantastic. Thank you!

Paul Waller 3 years

Paul Waller my pleasure. Happy growing.

Keegan Nash 3 years

Been doing it for years

Moyes Haines

Just dont let your soil dry out. It will kill little starts.

Carla Elliott


Damien Hammond

The only way I do it

Damien Hammond

Yes, sprinkle beneficial microbes around them and use little water.

David Ferris

Absolutely. I do it all of the time. Works better than germinating

John Ferrell