Can yogurt affect rheumatoid arthritis?

Most sites recommend getting off milk products. I have with one exception--yogurt. I was off it and whole grains for several weeks but lost a lot of weight and energy and felt that I was getting worse quickly. I try plain Greek yogurt with local, unprocessed honey and fresh fruits. Today I had blue berries. I felt feverish and fatigued by evening. I may have overdone it a little... But very little... Today.

How can I tell if yogurt affects my RA?

It has been my standard lunch for years so I hate to give it up, but I will if I must.

Thanks for your help.

Karen Hooper
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I have been off all dairy for 3 months. I will eventually try and add a little back in and see how it goes. I am following PP diet and the blood type diet. For my blood type, dairy isn't beneficial.

Carmen Yeager

I've been vegan for 3 months. I have felt so much better, I hardly take any pain medication now. I decided a few weeks ago to have some dairy and see how it would affect my Ra. Omg two days after I ate one slice of cheese pizza, I had an awful flare up. Dairy products definitely affect your RA. I suggest doing that, staying away from dairy for about two months and then one day eat some dairy and notice the change in how you feel. You will definitely be able to tell. Oh! By the ways there's non dairy yogurt! You can try that. I heard it's really delicious too.

Ruth Sylvester

May be a stupid question... But does almond and cashew milk fall under dairy?

Caren Comer 3 years

No it doesn't! It's non dairy.

Ruth Sylvester 3 years

No. I've been lactose intolerant most of my life and I can drink both without any pain.

Susan Kiser 3 years

Phew! But then I read to avoid nuts! I'm in a bad flair and can't figure out why and what to do..

Caren Comer 3 years

I think nuts are fine. I've been eating them and i feel perfectly okay. There's soy milk too!

Ruth Sylvester 3 years
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Does blood type affect diet or RA? I am A- and had associated issues with my second child.

Karen Hooper

You can find an app for your phone that is called: Best Food 4 Your Blood Type. It will show you which foods are best for each blood type. It breaks them into 13 categories and then shows you which are Most beneficial, Foods Allowed and Foods not Allowed. I am A+ and basically it's a vegan diet, or very close to one.

Carmen Yeager 3 years

Carmen Yeager thanks for the info. I Was not able to find the App

Felicia Nash 3 years

Felicia Nash Sorry, I have a Droid, maybe the app is hard to find if you are an IPhone user. You can get it in a pocket book for about $5.00. Author is: Dr PeterJ. D'Adamo.

Carmen Yeager 3 years

Ok. I need to find some alternative lunch foods. I like the almond and coconut milk. Maybe they'll have something I can substitute. Thank you!

Karen Hooper

I'm Med free 5 years and doing great... I'm dairy, coffee and rice free. I can eat sheep and goat cheese and grated pecorino which is just like Parmesan but from sheep, you can get it at the super market. Just read the label. Once in awhile I get it in my head that I can have a coffee or cheese.. Big mistake. It can turn me into a cripple over night ...

Karen Finley

Just curious do u have sero positive or negative RA??

Brandee Lake 3 years

Brandee Lake positive...

Karen Finley 3 years

Dry non dairy brands like Forager's Cashew Milk Unsweetened Plain Yogurt Anita's Coconut Yogurt. I recently discovered COYO which is paleo approved but can't seem to find a pint size of their yogurt. You can also occasionally have goats milk yogurt.

Michelle Lacy

They have a yogurt that is non dairy called So Delicious made by the Silk Company that makes Almond milk. Don't know if that helps but I eat it will no problems.

Peggy Maurer

Get off of the dairy. It's awful for us. There are plenty of dairy alternatives.

Candy Clayton

lol I rarely have any dairy.... I've tried all kinds of crap at this point... I think some of us are just different

Marie Hester

I think that the dairy & sugar affects me a lot. I'm trying to consume as little as possible. But I flare up right after.

Sandra Pitts

Hi karen I'd like to share my own experience with this RA, that I've had for two years now. When first diagnosed I read up on it and eliminated all the foods including dairy that was suggested. I lost a lot of weight, went from 53 kg to 41 and my pain was extreme. I went back to my normal eating habits as I was worried about the weight loss, and find that eliminating all the foods I was told to made no difference to my pain levels anyway. I finally went to a specialist told him I was also coughing a lot ,, which I thought was from the methatraxate. He did tests and find I had TB which caused a lot of weight loss. I carried on eating as I was but still no weight gain. I then looked at the GAPS diet. For the first 2 weeks you eat soups and foods made into liquid form. I also ate lots of coconut flour made crumpets for the carbs because I didn't want to loose more weight. Its a long story look at the diet and try it for yourself and adjust it to suit your needs like I did. This has helped me to gain weight because my body was able to absorb the nutrients from this way of eating. Also google how to put on weight. I have a list of food I eat for this. I can share more if you would like me to inbox you. To end my story the only thing I avoid mostly is wheat and wheat products like bread, instead have lots of fresh vegetables and fruits together with coconut flour crumpets and rice cakes. I eat yogurt and drink milk
I've since gradually put on weight still have more to add on, and I'm pain free. I only take 4 methatraxate on a Saturday now. A long story but Im hoping it helps you. We all have to find what works for us. All the best to you

Nicole Medrano

Would u share your recipe for the crumpets please. Thank u.

Glenda Louis 3 years

Yes, I would love a crumpet recipe of coconut flower. I'll check out the GAPS diet too. Thank you for your help. I'm glad you're doing better.

Karen Hooper 3 years

Yes I would love your recipe for coconut flour crumpets too

Janet Bird 3 years

Hi karen its only a pleasure. Here is the recipe I find on google. It was actually a pancake one but its more like crumpets so I call it that. Its a cup of coconut flour, 4 eggs and about a quarter cup of milk. You can use less flour, then you will use less milk. Mix the flour and eggs then slowly add the milk till you have the right mixture. Not too runny. I had to play around with it for a bit. Coconut flour is very flimsy to handle, you have to be gentle. Once mixed drop spoon fulls into some heated coconut oil in the pan, little holes will appear like for normal crumpets, then gentle turn them over. Please let me know how it goes .

Nicole Medrano 3 years

Hi glenda and janet here is the coconut crumpet recipe. Please let me know how it goes. I tried to send you both one each but can only do it like this.

Nicole Medrano 3 years
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Rice milk is good too.

Debra Bingham

This yogurt helps my yogurt cravings. It's made with coconut milk, and it's got the same consistency as Greek yogurt. Another perk is there's no sugar! It's sweetened only with fruit. All other coconut yogurt brands are gross, so don't bother unless it's coyo. I found it at some Whole Foods, and very snobby local groceries. Worth it to avoid dairy/sugar entirely but still get the yogurt taste and probiotics!

Amy Hale