Can the patient with Rheumatoid arthritis eat any fruit and brown bread and brown sugar?

Hello everyone...
I have several questions.. Plz help me.
1) How do u guys control ur anger... İ just get angry to my husband for no reason... İ think its bcoz i cannot do simple tasks myself or bcozz of pain in my wrist..
2) Which fruits can i eat? Can i eat mangoes amd lychees? I take tbsp of soaked chia seed with plain water.. anyone here got help with via seeds? What other seeds can i use?
3) what about brown bread and brown sugar? Are these two problematic for anyone? I dont know brown bread is one of the reason of my pain in wrist..
4) lastly plz share some easy smoothies recipe?
Thanks in advance for the help

Zara Dale
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hi zara - Both sugar and grains can be problematical for some people. 

Susu Wilkins

I recently introduced organic mangoes ti my diet and it didn't go well, my knuckles blew up a bit, just enough to let warn not to eat it yet. I cut all sugars, get it through strawberries, blue berries or blackberries. I just discover that 72% organic dark chocolate with raspberries from trader joe's my body can handle it, this is a good send

Any Barry

Thanku.... But what sweetener u use for the tea? I can drink green tea without sugar but not the black tea..

Zara Dale 3 years

Zara Dale oddly I don't use anything yet just my dark chocolate. Not sure if honey is ok. Every on e in a while I would allowed my self a iced Starbuck drink, but I would choose the skinny version made coconut milk

Any Barry 3 years

Zara Dale I use Stevia

Trish Morris 3 years

Trish Morris i will try stevia

Zara Burks 3 years

I meditate. May be that's how i am able to control my anger. Plus my husband helps soooo much that i feel greatful for him being there for me. Can't be angry on such person. If i feel too iritated because of excruciating pain. I tell him. That i m feeling irritated. So forgive meif i snap.
I take every fruit. In moderation. Recently started mangoes too. But was ok. Moderation....
So far have been able to eat our Indian bread. Sugar is a problem.

Roohi Kern

Thanku.. My husband is also very helpful for me.. I am reallg blessed to have such a nice husband.. But still I became angry.. And plz tell me whats that indian bread? Do u mean chapati? I take chapati of whole grain but dont know its gluten free or not... I am still looking for the gluten free floor. Sorry for long msg

Zara Dale 3 years

In India Bread is Gluten free. Chapati shud be made of Bajra or Jawar. Since Wheat is considered to be inflammatory.

Roohi Kern 3 years

Mangoes are a big no no for me. I had a very bad flare up as soon as I ate some recently. Listen to your body especially when your wrists flare up so you know what foods are aggravating them

Nahida Nance

What do you mean by “brown bread”?

Patricia Tapia

Its a bran bread... Whol grain bread

Zara Burks 3 years

Zara Burks but not gluten free? You may want to switch.

Patricia Tapia 3 years

Its whole grain bread... And I dont know whether it's gluten free or not.. Still looking for the gluten free bread.

Zara Dale 3 years

Zara Dale Udi’s bread is all I can eat.

Patricia Tapia 3 years

Meditation helps me with anger.
Tropical fruits are high is sugars. I’d stick to organic berries! Very high in antioxidants

Lucinda Gallo


Zara Dale 3 years

I think brown sugar is just the white sugar with added molasis. NO white sugar, or brown, for me,

Ginny Cordova

So what u use for ur tea or coffee?

Zara Dale 3 years

I mean what sweetener?

Zara Dale 3 years

I went through a phase a while back where I would get angry and didn’t understand where it was coming from. For example my boyfriend was helping me with the dishes or cutting and I noticed because it wasn’t done on my timing I would get frustrated, but really mad! It wasn’t making sense to me, after all he was helping! I went sat outside and just started crying. I realized that my anger was more because I was upset at my body for failing me, and angry that I couldn’t do the things I used to do so independently and now had to rely on somebody else. Angry because I had been working so hard for the past 2 yrs and I could walk, but not run. Angry that I had these toxins in my body, angry because nobody understood. I found when I released this emotion I had clarity on why I really was so angry, and it wasn’t directed at my boyfriend anymore. We talked it out, through tears and my anger subsided. I also have been practicing Qigong which helps you work through these emotions through breathing techniques and movement. In this practice/Qigong(Chinese medicine) they say anger is related to your liver being out of balance. Look it up on you tube. It has helped me tremendously in so may ways, inflammation, pain, my spirits and releasing emotional crap from our past and present day to day life. We are going through ALOT Of emotions day to day and have to find a way to release them. I hope this helps:) and any bread with gluten I would cut out and I don’t eat any sugar other then organic fruit.

Yvette Fink

So true ... You have given right words to our feelings. Our frustrations....

Roohi Kern 3 years

At least I’m not alone in the frustration and anger issues

Susie Becker 3 years

Thank u so much for such a nice reply... I will surely look for this thing on youtube.. Thanks again

Zara Dale 3 years

I do not eat any processed foods, only organic if you can get it. All meat i eat is organic. Salmon but NOT farmed. No bread, no potatoes and no tomatoes, no nightshade foods. I take cinnamon each day for help as an anti inflammatory. Also each day a 'Live' yogurt. If you need pain killers CBD oil is good. I take Vitamin D every day it helps to heal the gut which is where 70% of your immune system is. We all need to heal our guts.

Pauline Andersen

Thanku.. MHow do u take cinnamon? Amd what do u mean by live yogury? And cbd oil is not allowed im our country I thjnk so... And am also taking vitamin d with omega 3..

Zara Dale 3 years

Zara Dale I take a teaspoon of cinnamon with my porridge oats each morning and a teaspoon of honey. 'Live' yogurt is one that has the bugs in to aid your gut. As 70% of your gut is your immune system and we all have to have a healthy gut. If antibiotics are taken they kill everything in the gut, the good and bad bugs. We have to put back the bugs to maintain a healthy gut. Look up 'A healthy Gut' on line and see if you can find any good information.

Pauline Andersen 3 years

Thanku for the help

Zara Dale 3 years