Can rheumatoid arthritis cause blisters?

Hello Ladies, I've been getting this blisters on my fingers every summer. Heat triggers this reaction on my skin, only on fingers. Does anyone know if this could be related with RA? TIA..

Melly Mendez
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Are they itchy? I use to get ones like that every summer and they would get very itchy.

Sari Kimble

Yes! In fact it begins with a lot of itchiness and after theres this little water blisters, no pain, just itchy.

Melly Mendez 3 years

I have exactly the same!!

Kate Archer 3 years

Oh wow! I've been having this for years and just diagnosed on Feb... I this there's a co-relation. Thank you both for answering my queston.

Melly Mendez 3 years

Mine went away when I started my diet change. Now that I have eliminated all the foods that cause flare ups, it's been years since I have had these.

Sari Kimble 3 years

My middle finger for a long time just a little patch about as big around as a dime

Debra Flood

Mine are just little water blisters. They don't grow that big.. Thank you For your response

Melly Mendez 3 years

Melly Mendez mine too

Debra Flood 3 years

In a little patch

Debra Flood 3 years

I would be interested to know this as I’m having the same on my palms and fingers with tiny blisters, I never thought to ask the group so thank you... I’d be interested if anyone has anymore information

Alison Hunter

I do too. What I have read is that they're thought to be caused by stress or an allergic reaction

Chandra Lambert 3 years

Dermatitis, I get them on my fingers as well.

Sophie Quintana

Are the two linked?

Alison Hunter 3 years

Alison Hunter well I’m not sure, with psoriatic arthritis it definitely is.

Sophie Quintana 3 years

It’s all an immune disorder so I would say so

Sophie Quintana 3 years


Alison Hunter 3 years

Psoriasis. I would have your doc check you for psoriatic arthritis.

Annette Costa

I get them on my fingers and wrists, I always thought it was jewelry allergy, but this makes more sense!!

Jessica Vann

I get itchy little blisters like that from sunblock

Cathy Key

Not linked to RA, but it sounds like and looks similar to something I suffer from

Sabrina Park

Thanks sabrina!

Melly Mendez 3 years

I get that on my abdomen. I’ve been told that there’s no correlation to my disease but I know that it flares when my body does. There’s something to it. Thank you for posting.

Julee Villegas

Omg I get those too! I was wondering if it's an RA thing! Itchy as heck!

Jen Elliot

Just a heat rash. Wash with mild hand soap and dry between your fingers well

Brenda Hoover

Wow... I get blister on my finger and the palm of my hand as well. I never thought about it. Maybe you're on to something.

Karen Mullins

I get this every summer for many years- dyshydrotic eczema. Steroid creams help

Valerie Ware

Thanks valerie, I only get them on summer time.

Melly Mendez 3 years

dyshidrotic eczema - I get this from consuming dairy. It can be caused by any allergies, or stress

Jaime Hendricks

Does anyone have these then they dry up and the skin peels so it almost looks wart like?? Like a hard circle where the bump was.

Nicole Case


Ana Conley 3 years

I get these all of the time and all seasons.. I assumed it was reactions to medication as they started shortly after I started RA treatments. My rheumy says its eczema, my GP says its side effects to meds.. I'm getting referred to a dermatologist to determine exactly what they are. Mine don't itch at all, just annoying and a little tender when the water blister is seen.


Mel Huffman

Thank you all for answering my question... I love this group.

Melly Mendez

It feels good to I'm know many of us share the same symptoms

Melly Mendez

I used to get them. Doctor said it was a form of eczema. Haven’t had any since I changed my diet.

Michelle Hastings

I’ve gotten these for years prior to RA and only during the summer. Then they dry and peel.

Ana Conley

Mine show up when I have a flare. I get them. İn my feet and they arevpuffy blister like bumps. I believe they are RA related....

Paivi Ferris