Can religions be united?

Great to know friends are discussing religious problems.
How can religions be united on single agenda? What can be the AGENDA? #
Malang Hooper
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By all religions accepting and realizing they are all flawed and need to be cast away the old teaching dogmatic bs. If you wanna believe in a god etc be agnostic/spiritual and if you wanna be atheist who cares be atheist.

Mike Sweeney

the agenda is always money

Joseph Andrews

I can’t argue with this nor are you wrong. I just view that as more a human nature issue opposed to a religious teaching issue no? I’m honestly just curious and interested in a more detailed statement concerning your view if you have the time.

Mike Sweeney 3 years

Mike Sweeney

Joseph Andrews 3 years

Ohhh I didn’t know evangelicals were considered religious. Thought that was common knowledge. Agreed than sir 100%

Mike Sweeney 3 years


Samraat Block

Growth of Man-Kind into more spiritual beings and not primitive in nature.

Kaleb Keith

You do realize religion does not equal spirituality correct?

Mike Sweeney 3 years

Not trying to be rude just a lot of people seem to misunderstand and misrepresent the two

Mike Sweeney 3 years


Kaleb Keith 3 years


Kaleb Keith 3 years


Kaleb Keith 3 years
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On how to make a person highly conscious in every aspects of life.

Rohit Berg

Hindudharma accepting the all paths.. Krishna bhagavan said to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kuruksetra that I have the same effection with the souls of who believes me and who don't believes me.
All paths leads to me
All Faith's leads to me
All dharmas leads to me
Whatever name chants that should be leads to me
Whoever not believer to me they are also leads to me
All the paths of God believers, Atheists and all the souls of different creatures are leads to me
Who can realise himself as a sole of God.. He can get mokha says Sri Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita
The regid religions who preaches our book is true and holy, only our God who's name in my book is true are the false and fake religions
Religion is regid
Dhama is way of life
Hindus practices Dharma not religion

Kantamani Felton

Respect nd tolerance

Hazrat Emerson



Michael Hilliard

This is the single agenda that can unite all religions:

" Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"
"וְאָֽהַבְתָּ֥ לְרֵעֲךָ֖ כָּמ֑וֹךָ"
" تْحِبّ قَرِيبَكْ زَيِ تْحِبّ حَالَكْ"
"Tu aimeras ton prochain comme toi-même"
"Amaras a tu projimo cómo a ti mismo"

Barak Grimes

Religions are like healing systems. They need to focus on the purpose for which they exist -- create a better world by making us better human beings.

John Hahn

It impossible to be all in one. The religious heads will not come on one page.. Hence no chance of it, if you think of it will be conscience. Adas.

Achaldas Farmer

Ban God.

Siva Adams