Can muslim women perform their duties in hijab?

Who say Hijab is hurdle... Many Muslim women perform their duties in Hijab.. Our Muslim women have no problem with Hijab so who are u to talk for their rights if they are happy with it..

Nisar Christiansen
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Fake photo..

Anil Mccullough

We have CO education.... I m in medical college... There are two types of girls with us some wear Hijab while some not wear it... They have freedom.... Those who wear Hijab follow ISLAM and they are OK with it.... I have watched reality... And they are real not fake... Because they are studying with me in the same class.(not talking about these pics, talking about my class mates)

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

Muslim women's always better as wife. Daughter, sister, in all relationships. Then other religions women.

Mazhar Bolden

Yup... Exactly

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

Dont do religion politics in women behavior

Sagar Grady 3 years

They dont really have a say in that do they.

James Woods 3 years

As if u have married women from every religion. Possible.

Sudipto Rossi 3 years

Since you control them...

Jeyaraj Cain 3 years
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How do muslim ladies give blow jobs?

Steve Meza

Hahaha... It's white ladies duties... Our women do it in Islamic way... Blow job is Haram in Islam.. Stick to it.. Blow ur girls... It's natural tooth paste

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

Muslim women just blow them selves up instead ....

Steven Connors 3 years

No !!!!Muslim woman dont do blow job dear. The pig do that for them.

Renaly Boykin 3 years

This is why they marry four. One for blow job, one for anal, one for 69 and one for miscellaneous

Sudipto Rossi 3 years

Ask them before u text. Cool......

Madan Mckinnon

I already asked them... Now what..

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

By show ur law book

Madan Mckinnon 3 years

It's annoying wearing it

Vestos Houston

So no need to wear it... But who want to wear it please let them to live in peace

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

In some countries controlled by a Muslim government they don't have a choice whether to wear it or not. It's forced upon them and that is wrong...

Robert Parsons 3 years

I'm sure if they had a choice..... A real choice some would choose to wear it and alot would choose not to wear it.

Robert Parsons

Yup they will b divided in 2 groups....

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

Are you a muslim women then who the hell are you to speak on behalf of one? I'm against the hijab ,


Fiona Coffman

You want to wear hijab go to the 52 Islamic nations that support that lifestyle not the infidel nations .


Fiona Coffman

I see you are a Nadia Ali and Mia Khalifa fan.

Sudipto Rossi

Ok so what... F**k off... They both cannot combat with ur legendary Sunny Leone..

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

i would believe only if muslim women posts the post like this.

Devine Redmond

And who are you to talk that man. You are some sort of advocate for them. Let them talking and find out. What does it matter if they whether wear hijab or not?

Jeyaraj Cain

It fucking depends upon the person. Who r u guys to judge here. Just stfu

Otaku Ransom

Exactly... They want freedom for our women... Like theirs...

Nisar Christiansen 3 years

Freedom is the matter of freeing or following ur mind urself. Not forcing others to foĺlow urmind

Otaku Ransom 3 years

Same to you dickhead..

Jeyaraj Cain

Hijab is not from Islam. Quran never mention Hijab as a women coverings but Hijab as a barrier like a curtain. You don't add stuff to the religion & say it is a religious obligation!

Abraham Bradshaw

must be a nurse

Akash Kramer

Muslim women "have no problem with hijab" because Muslims don't allow them to speak out against it.

Evan Mcneal

I liked that pilot girl

Madhav Huffman

Omg Fck ... I won't like then !

Madhav Huffman 3 years

You fucking asshole who say hijab will stop woman to fight for they freedom, who say hijab will stop to fuck your faith and your god and your miserable life and religion, go fucking have some education out of fucking Quran

Hisham Cline

Why fight?

Vestos Houston