Can Methotrexate and Plaquenil help to decrease the severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Hi everyone, I have been told by my rheumatologist that I need to take methotrexate and plaquenil. My inflammation is under control, no stiffness in the morning and I hardly get flares but my MRI results shows erosion and can cause deformities in future if it's not treated now.

Do I have to take these medicine to decrease the severity and complications of RA in future?

Humera Branch
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I’ll see my RA dr next Thursday & I want her to redo blood work too since I’m feeling better. Not 100% but better on ldn, Mobic & cbd stuff

Carol Cross

I take plaquenil an arava. I was on methotrexate but I stopped taking it. I just never felt good or had any energy when I was on it.

Kim Marks

kim, i am about to start Arava, what the side effects?

Kira Hyde 3 years

I unfortunely had a reaction to Arava after 3 days. I broke out in hives. The most common side effect is diarrhea and stomach upset along with hair loss. The dr gave me folic acid to take as well. Arava and my are same class of meds.

Amy Bruno 3 years

amy, thank you, dr didnt give me folic acid, what do you take now, i am not sure i canctake Arava since i gave Crohns disease and it upsets stomach

Kira Hyde 3 years

Well, this was recently so when I called to tell the dr, he advised me just take prednisone until I see him again. He had me 10mg then 5mg but today I had to call again and get my prednisone back up to 10mg.

Amy Bruno 3 years

Methotrexate didn't stop my destruction at all. So I stopped it as side effects worse than benefits must stress for me

Celeste Stahl

Me too. I stopped taking it

Eloise Prather 3 years

I'm kinda wishing I'd started meds years ago when first diagnosed. Don't know answers to your questions. Trying to figure this out too.

Patty Herndon

Plaquenil has been my savior, i could not do the metho as i was a hot mess on it.

Stacey Bray

I personally decided to take meds even though my RA doesn't sound as difficult to live with as most in here. Most of my pain now is from the joints that got ruined when I didn't know I had this, not from flares or stiffness .

Megan Nava

Same here. Although I am med free for now.

Paulina Larkin 3 years

Thanks for your responses! RA is so complicated.
Anyone got any positive results with methotrexate?

Humera Branch

It helps slow down progression, have headaches and see flashes eyes, am on pregizone as well, it has been helpful everyone experiences different side effects

Leanne Durham 3 years

I’m not on methotrexate but yes I’ve heard some do well on methotrexate. I’m learning that each person is different and it really is just trial and error. Good luck!

Virginie Morgan 3 years

Methotrexate originally was cancer drug. It has mega serious side effects, including liver cancer. One of my RA buddies battles one right now due to having taken it.

Seija Bowers 3 years

So far, positive for me. Less stiffness today after 5 weeks. Diarrhea or side effect but pharmacist recommended an over the counter anti-diarrhea pill that works great.

Carolyn Kaplan 3 years

That's a hard question but for my self i have had RA for 2 years never took medication i have no

Francine Cassidy

Sorry about that, i have no erosion yet and i do not want to take medication i try to eat well did elimination diet if you do this i don't think it will get worse or deformities if there is no inflammation or flares but i'm not a doctor just my opinion, good luck take care

Francine Cassidy 3 years

The methotrexate injection helps me a lot with the plaquenil. I’m seropositive. Inflammation markers are up according to labs but I feel pretty good this week. Or it could be that love hate relationship that I have to have every so often! Nope it’s nota man it’s prednisone

Fran Fournier

When I was diagnosed with RA in 2015, my first rheumy forced me to take MTX & prednisone. I took it for three months. I felt worse than before I took those medications. Everything I ate at that time make my joints swollen and painful! Before I was diagnosed with this crippling disease, I've taken too many drugs such as painkillers and antibiotics! End up I'm having a leaky gut... DRUGS ARE SUCKS!!!!

Sou Patterson

It took me 6 months for meds to make a difference (methotrexate n plaquenil). Once I was pain free I started reducing with Rheumatologist advice 6 months later flaring again! I have brain fog, fatigue, hot sweats, no memory and am pain free again! X

Elaine Bourgeois

I have started Methotrexate again, made me sick first time. Also on Plaquenil. Also Predisone which is destroying my body. Almost off predisone now. Still on Metho and plaquenil. Las check up was really good but have had such pains in my legs and ankles these last two weeks. I have given up bread and I have felt better. Next item, Sugar!. This is not fun.

Carol Castro

MTX had it under control for the first few years. Now I am 6 weeks into triple therapy adding plaquenil and sulfasalazine. Still waiting for improvement.

Alissa Walter

I thought I had it managed with diet and supplements, but after 6 months I relapsed into a full flare and have had to return to the meds.

Alissa Walter 3 years

Keeping the inflammation down or under control with a diet, does not mean that RA is under control. If it's not treated it will progress in the background.

Silke Whitlock

You are so right. Sometimes we must compromise

Zauna Donahue 3 years

I agree!

Christy Leonard 3 years

I'm on plaquenil and methotrexate. I believe everyone's body is different and what one person may tolerate, another cannot. I had tried to be a brave soul and warrior through the pain for years, but in my case and with the progression of this disease- meds are needed. Remember if one drug doesn't work- you can always try something else. You are your best advocate!

I also believe I am much better when I stick to eating foods from the garden/vegetables. I tend to stay away from dairy and wheat.

This is a great support group. Sending much love to you all on this crazy journey.

Christy Leonard

I take methotrexate 4 a week and folic acid, I wake up with my wrists in pain and still have pain in my hands, just found out I have osteopenia in my hips, the wrist pain is horrible

Jennifer Carlton

I refused for 2 years to take both those meds and now have permanent ankle joint damage. Take meds but also altering diet helps flares.

AnnMarie Serrano