Can it be painful while cancer tumors are dying?

When cancer tumors are dying can it be some what painful? Thanks in advance!
God bless!

Ashley Jean
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Not as painful, as when they grow. At least the one in. My skull was painful when they grew the ones in my lung and thyroid was more anorying not painful

Dan Galloway

dan what is your story on skull mets I've just be diagnosed with skull mets x

Natasha Grayson 3 years

I had brain cancer the pain of the skull growing and the tumer in my brain was painful but when it went away it was not painful

Dan Galloway 3 years

Ok thank u x

Natasha Grayson 3 years

dan how did your tumor go away?

Rosie Caldwell 3 years

I drank flore essece tea, like essiac tea, or caisse tea. Learned how to eat the good foods and avoid the poisen, food like substances the foods that fed cancer. And i did not give up took a long time from 09 to jan of 2017 kept getting rid of it and they kept growing back traced it to my tap water. Once i stoped drinking the city well water the cancer never came back

Dan Galloway 3 years
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awesome question i would like to know more about that. Cause im having new pains nothing like before its hard to

Dave Barr

A lot of toxins will be released and it will put some strain on your liver and kidneys. A coffee enema(may be needed daily) will help your liver to release the toxins.

Dawid Cordero

I would like know because me too ifaced such thing while is dying i felt painful

Jasp Ziegler