Can i use a standard juicer as opposed to a masticating juicer?

Can i use a standard juicer as apposed to a masticating juicer if thats all i can afford for now? I understand that the masticating one holds more nutrients right? Also and hardcore anti inflammatory juicing recipes out there that any of you guys could recomend? I Have been treating myself for breast cancer for the last year and also using black salve which inflammation as you know is a part of the issue. Please only relevant advice thanks i find that my posts always end up as long winded debates that have nothing to do with the questionThanks in advance

Nnena Hood
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anti inflammatory... collards and blackberries, in black or green tea

Tom Klein

I believe any juicer is better than nothing

Jennifer Valentin

My ND. Oncologist would tell me that "anything that you're doing now is better than what u weren't doing before". Buy a juicer that u can afford! I've always used a Jack Lalanne Juicer. Almost 11 years survivor of stage 4, in bone and mesentery, NH Lymphoma, treated holistically and naturally with anN. D. Oncologist, which I found here:

Joan Schroeder

Aicok masticating juicer on Amazon is about 100 dollars, any juicer is better than none

Laura Combs

I bought the Aicok last october. It works well.

Michelle Rainey 3 years

I have that one too and I'm quite pleased with it

Michelle Lester 3 years

I love mine

Laura Combs 3 years

Nutrabullet....and you're done...

Edmund Wells

Nutrabullet is not a juicer.

Char Thayer 3 years

its a smoothie machine.... Even better

Edmund Wells 3 years

I use nutribullet too - that way you get the whole fruit and or veg

Gemma Bartley 3 years

No a juicer is best way. İts never been advisable to use a nutribullet to juice doesnt do the samw as juicing attall. İ need advice one which juicer is best and best juicing recipes thanks

Nnena Hood 3 years

Nnena Hood here is my green juice recipe. I also do several carrot/apple juices a day. Everything needs to be organic!


Char Thayer 3 years
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It is better than nothing plus the pulp adds to fiber to clear bowels. Try to avoid wi fi areas and turn your off when not in use. No deodorant with aluminum.

Gary Ballard

Vitamix sir is not a juicer, and it does damage to the cells because of its power. But in answer to the original question, absolutely. Any juicing is better than no juicing. So work with what you got to do the best you can at the time.

Millie Tompkins

A Nutribullet is all you need.

Frank Robison

Yep. My fancy juicer never comes out of hiding anymore. Got tired of cleaning it.

Lin Webster 3 years

Not one person said weed, I almost can't believe it.

About juicers, I think with a centrifugal juicer, you have to drink the juice sooner. With a masticating juicer the juice will keep for a few days.

Alan Betts

if you want the ultimate anti inflammatory then add DMSO to your drink

NeilSuzi Babcock