Can I give my 4 months baby Gv and white capsule she is having body rashes?

Loveth Maddox
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Sorry just to be clear will the child drink the Gv?

Amenze Poe

Drinking sb said is good

Loveth Maddox 3 years

Wow. I never new oh

Amenze Poe 3 years

Pls dont yry it

Maureen Bryant 3 years

No I won't oh

Amenze Poe 3 years

Buy tribotan baby for her use it to rub de affected part

Chukwuzorom Warner

I have used it

Loveth Maddox 3 years

Buy pritin syrup and cefuroxime syrup use morin and nite 2.5 ml for five days

Chukwuzorom Warner 3 years

Use along wit tribotan baby cream

Chukwuzorom Warner 3 years

Baby tribotan is fyn

Nogie Ohara

I have used tribotan, skineal, and funbact A but it is still coming out more and more

Loveth Maddox 3 years

Den use Medysten. İ use it very helpful u can also buy native soap from Yoruba women

Nogie Ohara 3 years

Loveth Maddox buy original vista plus u will see d result within 2days

Adanna Landry 3 years

Use advotan cream it will clear it

Zuleihat Hahn

Give the baby ampicilin syrup

Love Andersen

She has taken more than 4 bottles of ampicline

Loveth Maddox 3 years

No..... Use baby tribotan on the rashes.

Egbuonu Herrera

No i hv a soap for it chat me. Only 1500

Ikechukwu Corley

No use share butter and coconut oil

Ogochukwu Samuel

Mix White Capsule With Original vagas cream nd apple it on the baby, every thing we clear

Blessing Naquin

I keep hearing of Vegas... Is it sold in Pharmacies... Can u show me what it looks like... Went for immunization and someone was selling Vegas cream in not so decent container... And one soap like that.. Sonrise... Have never used lotion on my baby... It's been ori and coconut oil, and my baby is just k. I just decided to get the Vegas cream but am scared to drop it even on my own skin cos it doesn't look so good. Might snap it and show you much later. .. Pls say sth Thanks

Sylvia Denton 3 years

Buy Agnesia is very good

Iternoria Duran

Agnes... What?

Loveth Maddox 3 years

No original one now

Loveth Maddox 3 years


Nabila Mcclure 3 years


Loveth Maddox 3 years

Use vista plus original one it works wonder

Adanna Landry

Baby Tribotan pls

Mangyarya Major

U can go for mupiderm, my baby rashes vanish within two days

Alagbo Rushing