Can anyone suggest me best supplement for RA Currently i takes tumeric, omega3 and d3

Im in bad flare for 5 months.. Still check up in hospital but RA negative.. Not in meds yet.. Can anyone suggest me best supplement?? Currently i takes tumeric, omega3 and d3..

Suraya Hinton
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What do you eat usually? What country are you in?

Daria Russell

I on aip diet, from malaysia..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

Suri Hati hello from Penang

Daria Russell 3 years

I found that the alkaline balancing tea works well for me when I am on a flare - mulberry leaves, pandan leaves, lemongrass and fragrant screw pine leaves.

Daria Russell 3 years

Hi.. Im stay in n9.. Pandan leave sound great, easy to find.. I will try.. Tq Daria Russell..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

Vitamin D is good. Also No processed foods and all organic if possible.

Pauline Andersen

Tq pauline..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

Boswellia ginger

Nilüfer Denton


Suraya Hinton 3 years

1/4 baking soda with water 2 times daily

Andrew Blackmon


Suraya Hinton 3 years

Just wondering how much water? 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda?

Jodi Chaney 3 years

Really andrew? How does that help I will try that

Diane Santos 3 years

Juicing - Cucumber + Celery every morning on empty stomach. Pineapple alone anytime you want. These work well for me when I got flares.

Sou Patterson


Suraya Hinton 3 years

Suri Hati Most welcome! Don't forget to eliminate sugar, dairy, oils, gluten and nightshades. These are the inflammatory foods. I've been on a vegan diet for almost 3 yrs now without meds. Meds made me worse when I first diagnosed with this crippling disease. Hope you'll feel better soon. If you need anything to ask just PM me

Sou Patterson 3 years

Wow.. Great to hear you good without meds.. I am on Aip diet for 1 month.. My body feel better but still flare.. Hope i can find good thing to control flare..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

U should be taking at least anti-inflammatory

Joe Hardy

You poor thing, that is a very long time for a flare! You need to be on meds to at least get on top of this flare and control your arthritis for the future. I wish you a less painful arthritis journey!

Tania Conklin

Yes.. My right finger deform a bit.. Still doc cant decide to put me on med until they find RA positive.. Im worried about my body, still find best way to fight flare..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

You can have RA and be seronegative. I dont understand why the doctor wants you to test positive before you start on meds.

Kimberly Broussard 3 years

I'm seronegative and on meds. Not having the RA show up in your blood work doesn't mean you don't have RA. I find it hard to understand that your finger is deformed and your doc is still trying to decide what meds to put you on? You probably should change doctors before you have more damage to your body. Sorry but this is just crazy- you are in so much pain and some damage with no meds. Please change docs.

Tania Conklin 3 years

Yes.. I got frustrated too.. I show my ankle turn black bcause of bad flare n my hand got pigmented too.. But nothing action.. The doc test my blood working for 3rd time, and the appointment will be this 15 mei.. If nothing happen i think i should really find another doc.. This waiting make me crazy suffer..

Suraya Hinton 3 years

Im lucky to find this group.. I learn a lot.. I keep learning n reading.. My pain is tolerable than before with diet n lifestyle change..

Suraya Hinton 3 years
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Willow bark

Valentina Cooke

Cannabis oil

Mary Block

How often do you take it, how much and what strength? I just don’t want to fail by not doing it right.

Betty Hanna 3 years

Lazurus Naturals, cbd oil, I order online. Take it everyday/night. 2-3 drops (NOT droppersful)

Mary Block 3 years

I began using isagenix and was able to reset my body. I used it for about 6 months until I wasn’t able to afford it. During that time I was off all meds. It’s been 5 months since I’ve used the isagenix system and have only had a few bad days. I was able to up my vitaminD, magnesium, and take two aleve every now and then.

DaveyLynn Vann

Interesting! Tq

Suraya Hinton 3 years

I was in bad flare recently for 4 months and interestingly if only stopped when I stopped the DMARD meds because they obviously weren’t working. I’m not really a big supplement person because honestly I don’t remember to take them but when I do it’s anti-inflammatory foods: Green tea, blueberries, avocados. Do what works for you but I like the foods the best.

Cindy Eastman

Yes.. I think anti inflamantory work for me too.. Feel better day by day with diet changing.. Tq for ur sharing..

Suraya Hinton 3 years