Can anyone recommend some good essential oil brands that can be bought on Amazon?

Can anyone recommend some good essential oil brands that can be bought on Amazon? I don't want to get something fake. I want real essential oils. Thank you!

Megan Willard
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I would only trust Edens Garden or Plant Therapy from Amazon. Those two are top notch reputable companies, and they ship from the company, not from amazon shelves.

Shonda Burrell

Edens Garden for sure! If you buy 50 dollars worth, it's free shipping!

Mary Jacob 3 years

PT has free shipping!

Stephanie Stevens 3 years

Plant Therapy. Go organic if you can. Buy directly from manufacturer, not from amazon(click the available from and choose direct shipping from pt). Or buy directly from plant therapy/website. Edens Garden can be good but there are complaints of declined quality. I bought their black spruce. Seems good but have nothing to compare it to.

Nancy Smiley

I buy Plant Therapy

Stephanie Vogt

I've purchased now brand
Edens garden
Plant therap

Lewis Sexton

People can purchase pure essential oils and bottle kits then adulterate them and resell them as if new. I would never buy from Amazon.

Sasha Gates

Young living

Michelle Skinner

Noooo! Don't buy off amazon!

Sarah Compton

Young living is what we love and trust. They are 100% pure and not diluted. When i got them and i compared to the ones i had before i was amazed. Worth the money

Aniko Parra

But NEVER buy from amazon!

Jennifer Darden 3 years

Plant therapy or Eden's Garden! Both can be bought with free shipping straight from the sites as well.

Tracie Castillo

I love Edens Garden

Suzan Starr 3 years


Catherine Easley

Essential oils aren't oily, that's how you can tell!

Jacque Eubanks

edens garden

Destiny Ward

ALKA-WHITE mouthwash with coconut oil and essential oils.


Lewis Morales

Young living is food grade. I buy the lemon one cause I love hot tea and its cheaper then buying real lemons .

Sarah Crouch

Twenty lemons is equivalent to around one drop of eo xx

Paula Underwood 3 years

Plant therapy

Tera Coley

Plant therapy

Tina Landis

doTERRA is what we use, sustainable and testingis provided for each bottle.. But I wouldn't buy off Amazon. They can be re-capped after being messed with and you wouldn't know.

Lynn Goddard

Ameo clinical grade oils is what I would recommend

Bev Bonds

Besides the whole YL & DT schmeel they are great and all but not everyone can afford to join.
For those of us that just want to buy a great oil without having to join or buy a big amount at once- Skip Amazon.
I found
Oils to be excellent based on my research.
I love their spices and resins too!

Christina Winkler

Plant therapy! You can even go to their site use a discount code and pay with Amazon. I do that bc I get the extra off Vs with Amazon you don't. Also I LOVE their oils! I have Germ Fighter on right now (thieves type blend)

Stephanie Stevens

Edens Garden essential oils are great.

Suzan Starr

Plant therapy hands down best!

Kayla Dowdy

Not all available on Amazon. But I highly recommend purchasing directly to avoid any risks of purchasing adulterated essential oils.

I hear great things about these companies:
Plant Therapy
Mountain Rose Herbs
Edens Garden
New Directions Aromatics
Bulk Apothecary

Also you may find this useful:

Michelle Erickson

I have used a few oils from Melaleuca (samples from a friend) I don't represent an I am not affiliated with their company. I also enjoyed using a few common essential oils from NOW.

Michelle Erickson 3 years

Snow lotus

Elizabeth Kinney

I go with ameo now. They are the only clinical grade oils you can can get your hands on. Still love doterra. I know the former vp who used to be woth YL. He moved to ameo bc of many reasons transparency a big one and thats a big reason i started using ameo. Transparency is key

Shavona Marquez

Is ameo an mlm too?

Michelle Erickson 3 years

Idk i know you dont have to hace an auto order and you can buy retail and pay $20bucks one time for wholesale. Plus they gice you a % back everttime you buy. Ive gotten alot of oils free this way.

Shavona Marquez 3 years

Sounds a lot like one. Thanks for sharing

Michelle Erickson 3 years

edensgarden to plant guru etc.. They are all iso batched and there are TONS OF THERAPEUTIC bulk on line.. The MLM mind control days are done... Anyone can get direct

Karen Stapleton

I know some people who run a profitable business that helps them thrive. They are able to get free items and their friends usually join under them and work together. It's not all bad.

Michelle Erickson 3 years


Rebbecca Ritchie

Neals yard is totally organic and sustainably sourced.

Marie Villegas


Gail Acevedo

I messaged you

Kimberly Robbins

I have used aura cacia for decades now

Celia Peterson

Forever living essential oils

Harish Laird

Eden's Garden

Meghan Hobbs

Buy directly from Eden's Garden. I've been using their oils for years and they are very good quality and affordable.

Nicole Long

Sam Van Hassel

Megan Willard


Rebecca Reyna

I purchase from bulkapothocary

Jodi Patterson

Thank you everyone!!

Megan Willard

You won't get real on Amazon. We use dōTERRA, and it's not lawful for people to sell their dōTERRA on Amazon.

Kimberly Barlow

Young Living is the same. But there are others out there. They are not the only good ones.

Hyla Dahl 3 years

You can get doTERRA's oils on Amazon for almost the same price as wholesale, only difference is you don't get free oils and products that way.

Tawnia Robison

no one has to be CERTIFIED.. OR TRAINED. That govt male patriarchical money making schemes. You are responsible for educating and there are classes of oils not that we need certification govt slaves.. YOU should be calling them as we do... And they do have lots on line direct.. Heirloom is better some call therapeutic as it is above organic and gmo/conventional seeds and the processing methods... Are you eating non gmo foods. Raw vegan.. Organics have #9 stickers..

Karen Stapleton

NOW essential oils have a certified organic line, they are sold on amazon and at whole foods. NOW has high standards and their oils are high purity with third party testing.

Erin Edwards

What she said

Sarah Gabriel 3 years

Plan Therapy

Whitney Sweeney

Definitely Plant Therapy! They also have free shipping on their website.

Pam Moore

Eden's Garden.

Ginna Yu

Plant therapy!!!

Erica Vernon

Young living if you want to take using oils seriously...

Lucy Burt

You should look into Edens Garden for oils, the quality, outsourcing is just as "serious" as YL, and the prices and sizes will amaze you. You will never buy from YL again

Katie Lane 3 years


Amy Jensen

plant therapy

Brittany Wilkes

BUTTERFLY EXPRESS!!! Super economical. Especially if you can manage to swing the big (one-time) order needed to get their wholesale price for life. Totally worth it for us, but we use oils a LOT. Good luck!

Alisa Crosby

Plant therapy is great, but buy direct from them... Free shipping.

Nicole Quick