Can any religion tell me that our universe is finite or infinite?

Can any religion tell me that our universe is finite or infinite? And we have one universe or multiverses?
Atri Nunez
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Every Star is a sun with it's own universe has nothing to do with God..

Jody Land

no, this is the realm of science

Rodney Vasquez

We dont know yet!

Diana Buckner

I am asking if it is mentioned in some religious text?

Atri Nunez 3 years

Atri Nunez Not that I recall!

Diana Buckner 3 years

The universe is finite according to Islam

Anis Calvert

Which verses

Atri Nunez 3 years

he is wrong it is expanding so it is infinite


Sultan Nieves 3 years

According to the holy text of marvel and dc it is.

Pica York

I dont know maybe smoke a joint & tell us what you think latter !

Aaron Orozco

Or better ayavaska or mushrooms:)

Valera Sherman 3 years

It’s finite, but in terms of human mind perception it’s infinite.

Valera Sherman

universe is infinite

Suraj Cisneros

The multiverse is infinite.

Lusjean Means

Universe is finite but jannah is infinite

Asif Hamlin


Sultan Nieves

Religion was made by men that didn't even know that they were ona planet in a solar system in galaxy let alone a universe. Some try to dishonestly use science to fit their agenda like creationists.

Soi Norris

If religion was manmade can you explain to me how did Quran mentioned black holes 1400 years ago, advantages in alcohol, ozone layer as a protection, mountains having a larger part beneath land(recently discovered),sun and moon revolution in orbit, moon a reflected light, whole verse on embryology, the creation of the universe big bang theory, internal waves (recently discovered),kaba at golden mean point of earth, existence of alien, iron comes from meteors, skin pain receptors, function of forebrain(cerebrum) Quran is full of several such facts

Dungeon Kirkpatrick 3 years

Quran is outdated and scientifically debunked. All most all of what you mention is not in Quran. There is no knowledge of black holes, no ozone layer mentioned, larger part of mountains was known before Quran, Quran is a geocentric book that says the Sun and moon orbits earth. reflection of light was known way before Quran, embryology is Quran is scientifically debunked. The is no big bang either, creation is the notion of something coming from nothing, its a theistic debunked belief. Internal waves ?? Please specify.... The center of a sphere is not on its surface. There is no verse about aliens in Quran. Iron doesn't come from meteors... Are you serious? Pain receptors were known way before Quran, where is it mentioned? Functions of forebrain in Quran is also debunked and is from Greeks. You should read Quran again and go back to school. I have read Quran many times, also authentichadiths and sharia. Science is not your forte.

Soi Norris 3 years

You are only seeing what you want to see

Dungeon Kirkpatrick 3 years

Here in the verses thou or thee means you and space is reffered to heavens and i request you to ask questions (concerning the verses) politely otherwise I'll be all on me (i wasn't supposed to give you the verses if i knew for sure that you would disrespect them) About the astronomy: "God is the one who created the night, the day, the sun, and the moon. Each one is traveling in an orbit with its own motion." (21:33) Modern scientific knowledge has shown that our galaxy revolves on its own axis. The sun is located eccentrically and thus revolves in an orbit around the center of the galaxy. About the day and night cycle: "Has thou not seen how God merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night?" (21:29) "He coils the day upon the night and coils the night upon the day." (39:5) Astronauts have described the appearance of the Earth from space. The sun lights up half of the earth facing it and the other half is dark. As the earth rotates on its axis, the darker areas come to light, and the light areas merge into darkness. About the expanding universe: "The heaven, we have built it with power. Verily, we are expanding it." (51:47) The gradual expansion of the universe is one of the most important discoveries of modern times About the exploration of space: “O Assembly of Jinn (spirits) and men, if you can penetrate regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate them! You will not penetrate them save with a power." (55:33) This refers to man's entry into space and the exploration of the depths of the Earth. About the water cycle: "We sent down water from the sky in measure, and lodged it in the ground. And we certainly are able to withdraw it. Therewith for you, we gave rise to gardens of palm trees and vineyards." (23:18-19) "Has thou not seen that God sent water down from the sky and let it through sources into the ground? Then He caused sown fields of different colors to grow." (39:21) The water cycle as we know it today was described 500 years ago. Before that, many people believed that water from the ocean was thrust into soil which formed springs and underground reservoirs. It was also thought that moisture in soil condensed to form water. The Quran gave the correct view in an authoritative way 1400 years ago. About the mountains: "Have We not made the earth an expanse and the mountains stakes?" (78:6-7) Mountains as stakes are called because just like iceberg mountains have a large part beneath the land. Quran and modern science here are in agreement About the creation of life: “God created every animal from water." (24:45) "And We got every living thing out of water. Will they then not believe?" (21:30) Modern scientific data indicate that life is of aquatic origin and water is the major component of the living cell. Mankind did not know this in Muhammad's time These are some simple facts and the book contains every fact in it It for sure can't be a human Nor can it be any extraterrestrial species because the Quran contains all that is in the minds of people and no species could lie with this much perfection Quran is a perfect book there is no doubt in it

Dungeon Kirkpatrick 3 years

Black holes, pulsars and nuetron stars all are there Sky as a protection is mentioned which protects us against uv rays and destroy meteors falling from space before landing and does not let the earth freeze into space Larger part of mountains beneath the land is something that is recently discovered and it cannot be known by digging It never says sun and moon revolve around sun this is a clean lie It says that sun and moon both have their own orbits Okay reflection of moon was known i agree Embryology in Quran is debunked unjustly by unjust people they are not scientific and no good reason they have they say that Islam mentioned a stage where a zygote in the womb is a clot of blood but in arabic the word means a leech like clot Some verses are on big bang you haven't read them a verse says that heaven(space) and the earth were once united and the expansion of the universe is mentioned Internal waves Holy Quran verse 24:40 Or [they are] like darknesses within an unfathomable sea which is covered by waves, upon which are waves, over which are clouds - darknesses, some of them upon others. When one puts out his hand [therein], he can hardly see it. And he to whom Allah has not granted light - for him there is no light. Waves upon which are waves?? There is a golden ratio wich has a numerical value 1.618 it is seen in nature and at several places on earth in some music in manmade structures flower petals and when calculated the poles of the earth mecca comes to be the centre Holy Quran verse 16:49 And to Allah prostrates whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth of creatures, and the angels [as well], and they are not arrogant. Creatures on the earth and the heavens(space)?? NO? HOLY QURAN VERSE 42:29 And of his signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and what He has dispersed throughout them of creatures. And He, for gathering them when He wills, is competent. Creatures that he spreaded throughout earth and heavens(space) Some of the iron was formed on earth (due to supernovae explosion) and some was in asteroids(due to supernovae explosion) and some of these asteroids fall on earth as meteorites I do not agree pain receptors were discovered most people at that time believed that pain was only because of the brain itself Function of forebrain is not debunked by anyone except by you and people as yourself the verse says to seize a man if he did not stop by forehead Seizing a man from forehead is being referred to the forebrain here and the frontol lobe of it maintains body posture and balance You say you have read Quran many times but the truth is clear here and you doesn't even realize how stupid you sound to a Wise person

Dungeon Kirkpatrick 3 years
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Quran mentioned the universe to be ever expanding

Dungeon Kirkpatrick

You should ask cosmologists and astrophysicists. Asking religion this question is akin to going to your hairdresser for a proctology exam. The hairdresser may know where your ass is, but you wouldn't let them insert anything unless qualified to do so.

Craig Cano

Multiverses, and it's called Cosmos... But there are the spheres and realms where there aren't any disharmonies.

Drago Carrillo

Hinduism can

Sivanandan Rhoades

Ok, and what does the Hinduism say, finite or infinite?, I don’t know the first one...

Drago Carrillo 3 years

Brahman is unknowable and cannot be describes. Hinduism also talks about destruction and renewal. The Universe is Finite and their may be multi Universes. Hindu scriptures were written by people so they said the best they could understand.

Rebecca Peck 3 years

To the human mind the Universe is Infinite.

Rebecca Peck 3 years

No one knows...

Pradip Gold

No one knows yet.

Rebecca Peck

There is a popular saying in India 'you are not born into this world, the world is born into you' , the second notion is the fastest object is your mind - in short what you see and feel may not be as it is...

Raj Fish

Actually Hinduism does

Charles Hewitt