Terms of use

Users will visit the Sorcev.com site, using their content and accepting the following terms of use as a member.

1. Changing the terms of use

Sorcev.com has the right to bring the usage conditions in accordance with the conditions here. We ask that the users are obliged to follow the amendments contained in the conditions of use and that they should carry out the checks at certain intervals. The use of pages after a change in the terms of use means that they are accepted by the users. The current terms and conditions of use are posted on the website as stated in the Sorcev.com usage agreement.

2. Changes to the website and its contents

a) Sorcev.com website and its contents are free to make any changes without prior notice. Users will see the changes made when they visit the site. Changes on the site are in no way contrary to the portraits of family and children. Changes are made to make Sorcev.com easier to use.

b) Sorcerv.com always strives to be perfect and functional by updating its online services, so lakin has no obligation to do this.

c) Sorcev.com does not have to make efforts to ensure that its services are continuously available. But we strive to ensure that our users get to us.

3. Age restriction

Users begin using the site and agree that they are at least 8 years old. Sorcev.com asks users who are under 8 years of age not to use their pages without parental and parental supervision. The information provided on the internet is always on OyunKolu.com and is not compatible with children. For this reason, we ask families not to leave their children alone while surfing the internet.

4. Fees

a) All online web services of Sorcev.com are completely free.

b) Depending on the internet connection you are using, the internet connection charges are calculated according to the internet tariff you selected (eg internet tariffs depending on the time or the downloaded data) (detailed information about this subject can be obtained from your internet server). We ask parents to raise awareness and inform their children about these issues.

5. Copyrights
a) The content of the content being published in Sorcev.com belongs to Sorcev.com company, its licensees and producers.

b) The design, design and layout elements of Sorcev.com are also protected by copyright laws.

6. Data protection

In terms of Sorcev.com, the protection of personal data is very important. It is by no means used outside of us to analyze such user information.

7. Registration

a) Signing up for Sorcev.com is completely free and is not binding.

c) To subscribe to Sorcev.com, to comment on games, to mark favorite games. Sorcev.com is not responsible for the contents of comments made by users within Sorcev.com. Comments are created by the users themselves.

d) Sorcev.com membership can be terminated when requested by the user. It is enough to write down what you want to terminate your membership in the communication section. Members may also automatically terminate their membership in this address. The Account (user account) is deleted with all your personal information. Click to go to the contact page.

e) In case of violation of the stated rules by users, Sorcev.com memberships are blocked and deleted.

8. Use of communication functions

a) The use of the communication functions in Sorcev.com may only be carried out for specific purposes.

b) Unwanted mass mailings (Spam) or comments are strictly prohibited. Statements that are against the law, threatening elements, insults or frauds. To ridicule users with their origin, religion, gender, age or other characteristics, to try to suppress them.

9. Use of Sorcev.com account

a) Membership from Sorcev.com can only be used by Sorcev.com member. An account can not be used by more than one person.

b) Membership information (user name, mail address, user password, etc.) is not allowed to be given to third parties.

c) In the event of a violation of these rules, immediate deletion of membership shall be effected.

10. Limitation of liability

a) Users do not have compensation rights.

b) Sorcev.com does not guarantee that the website or its contents can be accessed without interruption at all times. It may be the case that failures or breaks occur in the case of maintenance, safety or capacity adjustment. In such cases, OMCT will not accept any responsibility.

c) The Sociologist is not responsible for any breaks or failures that are not attributable to us.

d) Automatic links or links for third parties can be displayed in the web pages. Controversial and incorrect information may be involved in the content of these websites. In these cases, the inclusion of these links does not mean that Sorcev.com supports these web sites or their services. Sorcev.com is not responsible for the content and materials contained in the third party's liability. All commercial relationships that users perform within their web sites are entirely between themselves and the publisher. Sorcev.com can not be held responsible for damages or compensation for damages to the publisher.

11. Final issues

a) apply the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

b) I Sorcev.co the content and use of the website for checking the conformity to cities outside of the Republic of Turkey is not responsible or provide. Visiting is prohibited where broadcast content is prohibited. If users visiting the website from outside the Republic of Turkey, this fully realized in his own person the person himself is responsible for the administration and application of local laws.

c) If the general administrative rules contained herein are invalid or invalid, other rules will not be affected.

This agreement is valid for visitors who visited Sorcev.com site and its content and who have been registered without any problems by agreeing to the terms of use stated in October 2015 or those who have already registered with an earlier date that these rules of use approve.

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